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Best Deliveries in Cambridge

I recently moved to Cambridge and am living between Harvard and Central Squares. With winter coming on, I need suggestions for quality food that will be brought straight to my apartment. Any suggestions? I am interested in all kinds of food and would love to get a list of different options (Thai, Indian, Sushi, Pizza, etc.). The cheaper, the better.

Dec 10, 2010
david14 in Greater Boston Area


I just got back from a trip to Colombia. I would definitely recommend going to Andres Carne de Res, I think it is worth it to go to the original one in Chia - a bit of a taxi ride but definitely worthwhile. Unforgettable experience.
In Cartagena - El Bistro is great for lunch, quite cheap and very tasty. For trendy seafood you have 2 options : Don Juan - which according to locals is the best restaurant in Cartagena, the chef worked in 3-star restaurants in Spain. It is a beautiful restaurant, the food was quite good - extremely fresh seafood, perfectly cooked. We really liked La Perla - quite original, excellent seafood done Peruvian style.

Need eating suggestions for 3 week trip to Colombia

Excellent, thank you! I have already made reservations for Andres, in Chia as I heard it is the real deal. I am staying in a hotel a Colombian friend of mine booked for me called Virrey Park on Carrera 15. Thank you for the suggestions, I will comment on my way back.

Need eating suggestions for 3 week trip to Colombia

I am going on a trip to Colombia in about a week - will be in Bogota, Villa de Leyva, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Parque Tayrona, Medellin and Manizales. Would definitely appreciate suggestions on places to eat. Maybe one or two fancy places, but mostly local, authentic eating experiences. I speak Spanish fluently so out of the ordinary places are more than welcome. Thank you!

Specific Buenos Aires question

Never been to Mott. Standard is ok, it does serve typical Argentine food done up, so it may be a good option to try traditional dishes. You can look up restaurants in a local guide - if you speak Spanish.

Specific Buenos Aires question

If you want trendy and good, and do not mind paying a bit, I would actually recommend Osaka It is a Nobu - like restaurant, a mix of Peruvian and Japanese food. It is located in Palermo, the place is really nice and the food is fantastic. YOu need to make reservations a few days before. I don't really recommend Olsen, I haven't been there in about a year, but the past few times I went I was quite disappointed. It is definitely trendy, but the food is not great. Thymus is good, but if you can do try Osaka. For drinks, definitely go to Million, another great place is 878 (on Thames 878 in Palermo) - no sign outside but a great bar inside, and try Gran Bar Danzon - a great wine selection. Faena is nice to visit, crazy decorations by Philipe Starck, but definitely over the top. Alvear is kind of like the Waldorf Astoria, ultra luxurious old world, a bit over the top too.