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Lemon Hart 151 still avail anywhere?

Try Gosling's Black Seal 151, NH state stores carry it.

Aug 23, 2011
artspring in Greater Boston Area

Bulk Olives?

I'm looking for a source of bulk olives or a place with an extensive olive bar. When I lived outside of Cincinnati, Jungle Jim's World of Food had an olive bar with 25+ varieties. Is there anything that resembles that in New Hampshire or Central VT? If I get really desperate, I'll even drive to Boston.

Yankee Smokehouse in Ossipee, NH?

I guess it all depends on taste. I've eaten BBQ all over the country in over 100 places. While Yankee Smokehouse doesn't compare to some of the little hole-in-the-wall places in the deep south, for us Northerners, it ain't half bad. And I've been going there for over 20 years.
They have the meatiest (is that a word?) spare ribs I've ever had. And yes, you DO have to gnaw at them a bit. But that's the way I like them. And until pigtrip's review, I've never heard anyone say anything bad about their beans. The brisket is so-so, the pulled pork (which is actually thin sliced) is my wife's (a southerner) favorite.
BBQ is a matter of taste. Many years ago, I went out to Chicago and a bunch of friends took me to a rib joint which they all swear was the greatest ever (and I've heard the same from other Chicagoans). I have since forgotten the name of this place but in my opinion, the ribs were just horrible! It was like eating semi-commercial barbeque sauce flavored strained baby food. It tasted as if the meat had been boiled for a couple hours before they put them on the grill/smoker. UGH!
So, give Yankee Smokehouse a chance. There's nowhere else up in that area to eat and you certainly won't go away hungry. BTW: In the summer, it is impossible to get in after 5 PM.

Best food all over New England?

Gusanos is actually decent Mexican (and I've had very good Mexican, traveling extensively in the SW/Texas/Ca). The Little Red Baron (its full name) is about a 10- minute drive away but after about 4 visits, each time hoping for something better in the way of food (they do make a decent Margarita), I've given up. There may be worse refried beans in North America but I doubt it.