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Bienvenue - Red Bank - Under new ownership?

Hey Chowhounds-

I was driving down Front Street the other day and passed the now closed Bienvenue only to see a large banner outside saying "Under New Management."

Does anyone know if they reopened or what the plans are?

Aug 22, 2010
GG1 in New Jersey

What should I have at L'atelier de Joel Robuchon

The drumstick like cuisse de grenouille together with the pomme puree! Unbelievable

Aug 21, 2010
GG1 in Manhattan

Best burger in Mon/OC?

Since someone mentioned the Delicious Orchards version for grilling at home, I'll recommend the patties from Carluccio's deli on Rt 9 north in Englishtown for summer grilling 2010. They have what they call a Peter Luger patty which is out of this world. (I heartily recommend their sausages for grilling as well, but that's a separate post).

Mar 13, 2010
GG1 in New Jersey

Bienvenue Restaurant French Cuisine Red Bank

When asked why the pommes de terres sarladaises were essentially looking like homefries that had been bulk prepared well in advance, I was informed, en francais, that this is because "this is the way Americans like them." Well, as the American half of a Franco-American couple with Southwestern French roots (or routes... haha), we're used to confit and P2T sarladaises prepared correctly. This is so remarkably poor, they can't even be given a bit of slack. Non, merci, je passe!

Aug 21, 2009
GG1 in New Jersey

Masala Kitchen, Marlboro, NJ

Just picked up some take-away from Masala Kitchen. As a combination of British ex-pats and discerning former Londoners, we're very particular about our Indian food (and have been enormously grateful over the past year to Neelam on Rt 35 in Holmdel for keeping us fed).

Masala Kitchen was very good - we appreciated the number of vegetarian options, particularly the paneer! Excellent paneer.

Jul 04, 2009
GG1 in New Jersey

crowne palace, middltwn or marlboro?

ARGH! RGR, you are my source for all food information and now I find that the chinese which will also be 5 minutes from my house is mediocre? Say it isn't so!

Apr 05, 2009
GG1 in New Jersey

Why is Peking Pavilion always so FULL?!?!?!

Interesting question - we've been to PP maybe three times in the past year since we're just down 33 from them, and last Friday we were wondering why we keep doing it. The place was *wedged* with people and although the bar makes a decent manhattan, beh... the food is overly sweet and just not that interesting. We're moving up to Colts Neck though soon and the Crown Palace on 79 will be a closer go to spot. Hopefully it's better!

Apr 05, 2009
GG1 in New Jersey