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Last week commuting to Houston...

I'm not sure where you're from (which may play into decisions and what you are used to) but I would go with Brennan's or Hugo's mostly because these two are not easily found in other cities.

Apr 05, 2011
montroseguys23 in Houston

New to Houston staying in the Northwest (Willowbrook) area

An interesting, quality place in the NW area is d'Vine Wine Bar on 290 at Skinner. (Just past Barker-Cypress). While it has wine bar in the name, they have very good food, in an nice sophisticated space.

Feb 16, 2011
montroseguys23 in Houston

Kanomwan - Telephone Thai

This is a bit of a shock. We always enjoyed talking to him about his month-long trips back home to Thailand. He was certainly the face of the restaurant, such that we called him "Mr. Kanomwan". RIP, Mr. Kanomwan.

Jun 08, 2010
montroseguys23 in Houston

2 Meals in Houston - Staying at Hotel Za Za

Definitely Hugo's either brunch or Sunday dinner. Either one would be a nice meal. Anvil is two blocks away, and now open for Sunday brunch, so you could sample their great cocktails on the same visit. Let us know where you end up (Hugo's, Reef or Stella Sola) and the experiences.

Stella Sola
1001 Studewood, Houston, TX 77008

Jun 02, 2010
montroseguys23 in Houston

Manolo's Cuban Cafe - Houston

I tried it a couple of months ago. I was not "wowed" but can't say that I wouldn't return for a second try.

The service was extremely slow for a modestly busy lunch. My ropa vieja was cold in the middle, which screamed "microwaved" i sent it back for more heat. I went with a Puerto Rican friend, and his steak was just ok, he said.

It was ok, but did not send me away with raving comments (obviously). I have had better experiences at Congas on Richmond, near Gessner.

Feb 11, 2010
montroseguys23 in Houston

Houston - Help with Dining Recommendations!

Expense account? and eating at the Bar? Then Mockingbird Bistro is where you want to go. It's just as good as Mark's and eating at the bar is nice. I don't see it mentioned anywhere above, but it gives you a very similar experience as Mark's and you can enjoy putting it on the expense account. (Mark's is very good too, but for the bar thing, I'd do Mockingbird)

Feb 11, 2010
montroseguys23 in Houston

Restaurants in Magnolia, TX

As you can tell, there won't be much in Magnolia. One CH suggested a short trip to the Woodlands, but if you go the other direction to Cypress (far NW Houston) there is a new restaurant/wine bar called D'Vine Wine Bar at highway 290 and Skinner. I stumbled across it last week, as they had just opened and thought it was fantastic. I hope the folks in the area support this new gem.

Jan 05, 2010
montroseguys23 in Texas

Why do chains avoid Houston?

I'm a fan of Der Weinerschnitzel. Their chili dogs are simple, tasty and they have the best buns. I would think they could do quite well in Houston, and I have even driven to Beaumont and Victoria to bring back a dozen. I will never understand anyone who likes JCI. I recently had two dogs from JCI, to retest, and give it one more try. They were the worst hot dogs I have ever had because they tasted like...nothing. Completely tasteless. Bring on Der Weinerschnitzel.

Dec 30, 2009
montroseguys23 in Houston

Sunday brunch in Houston

Hugo's would be great food and fun for all, including a 24-year old. Mockingbird would be great food, but more on the fine dining side, but I woudn't be my choice if I was looking for a fun, lively time.

Dec 07, 2009
montroseguys23 in Houston

Solo Dining in Houston

My experience is that Thai, Chinese & Vietnamese are difficult places to dine solo, as they tend to be more family or table oriented. I would suggest places with a generous bar space, and staff that know how to treat a diner at the bar. Hugo's, Glass Wall, So Vino come to mind. I'm only familiar with the more authentic Asian places. I'm sure the more trendy places may fit your need if others could comment. I tried Straits last night but did not find it an experience to recommend.

Nov 28, 2009
montroseguys23 in Houston

Solo Dining in Houston

A little more info on what part of the city you will be visiting, or what type of food you enjoy would help..... please advise

Nov 18, 2009
montroseguys23 in Houston

Best Pork Chop in Houston?

I went on something of a pork chop survey about 8 months ago, trying 8-10 places. Hands down, the best chop was at Ibiza (in midtown). Super thick, tasty, and juicy. I even had it twice and it was great both times.

Nov 13, 2009
montroseguys23 in Houston

2 days in Houston: Seeking Best steak and Mexican Food

Steak: Either Vic & Anthony's or Pappas Brothers. Mexican (Interior): Definitely Hugo's.

Oct 19, 2009
montroseguys23 in Houston

Three Recs for Fun/Trendy Restaurants for one at Bar

Visiting SF for work and will have at least 3 dinners to explore fun, inventive restaurants where a nice spot at the bar for one would be a great experience. Staying near Union Square, but within the central urban area would be fine (not just a few blocks from hotel). No need for any Asian or fusion experience, as home as plenty of that to offer, simply fun, festive places to watch the local crowd, not a tourist crowd. Price point can be simple mom & pop to upscale and pricey.

Houston for two days - What should I not miss?

I would suggest Hugo's and a cocktail before or after at Anvil Bar & Refuge (classic cocktails/craft brews) two blocks away...a good way to hit two great Houston places on one night.

Beyond Hugo's, Mark's and Mockingbird Bistro are both great, but similar in their "finer dining" atmosphere. Feast is a bit more edgy, with more European-hearty fare. Hugo's and Feast are both open Sunday and Monday. Some places may not be open those nights.

Let us know where you go.

Sep 26, 2009
montroseguys23 in Houston

4 Days in Seattle; Restaurants for Dinner for 1 at Bar

Just as a follow-up, in case anyone was following: I went to Palace Kitchen and thought it was horrible. Food, service, the space...all bad. I went to Spur and thought it was ok, but basically just good bar food, not a good dining experience. Matt's in the Market for lunch was nice, but had more of a casual diner feel. Not memorable. The only really good food experience of my Seattle trip was at Anchovies & Olives. Great food, classy place, etc.

Palace Kitchen was my first night's stop. Three days later I saw Tom Douglas at Moshi Moshi sushi in Ballard. My friends (locals) begged me to go tell him what I thought of PK, but I stayed respectful and polite. Thanks for the input. Love your city, despite the less-than-great food experience. Also, met your Top Chef person Robin at Tavern Law.

4 Days in Seattle; Restaurants for Dinner for 1 at Bar

Could I get some feedback on some great restaurant experiences in Downtown, Belltown areas where a guy can have a nice dinner at the bar? Tend to enjoy good upscale places, but not stuffy. In other words, lively, either trendy or traditional, but fun. I intend to stop by WIld Ginger, but haven't been to Seattle in 6 years, so need the latest cool places for an interesting dinner but at the bar. Thanks.

Houston- Coming down from NYC. Your advice please!

I would second the nomination of the Tacambaro truck (literally a truck) behind the Canino's Market. In fact, you could get a Houston taste of three things on your list, on Airline, just south of loop 610.

Go to El Bolillo for pastries, empananas and 100 other kinds of breads
Walk across the street to the Canino's market (go toward the back for the more interesting stuff) after browsing, find the Tacambaro (red) taco truck for the Mojella tacos...

For a relaxed but nicer meal: I'd suggest Hugo's for authentic Mexican cuisine, or Glass Wall

Dec 12, 2008
montroseguys23 in Houston

Classic Reubens in Houston?

I think the ruben at Spec's in Midtown is good. It's not the "piled high" type, but it's not thin either. Since I also love the grilled cheese at Specs, it made me think they would likely grill the ruben in the same way, upon request, which might give you what you want in a customized way.

Aug 04, 2008
montroseguys23 in Houston

Traveling to Houston from NY - need reco's

I would suggest for the more fun upsacle, dinner at Hugos, Westheimer and Mandel, then drinks at Poison Girl a block or two west and across the street. These are both unique, local places, and in the heart of as much urban activity as Houston has.

Maybe squeeze in a dessert or something at Mark's.

Jul 22, 2008
montroseguys23 in Houston

Top Chef Tours 20 Cities

19 stops and they can't make it to Houston, the 4th largest city in the US, with the most diverse dining (outside of NYC) crossroads of Central American, Vietnamese and "Texan" cuisines....

Oh well...

To-go in Houston

I would suggest Barnaby's (3 locations in Montrose area) for your big salads, burgers, and some nice simple entrees. Some a bit above $10, but solid food, and great for to-go.

Aladdin (Montrose/Westheimer) La Fende (Westheimer/Yupon) for Mediterrean; El Rey for Cuban and Mexican on Washington/Shepherd; La Flor Tacqueria on Washtington, about 3 blocks East for Tex-Mex.

Jun 25, 2008
montroseguys23 in Texas

Da Marco's or Catalan? {HOU}

DaMarco. Much more of a special feel than Catalan. Last time I was at DaMarco, I had lamb chops in a gin and blueberry sauce. Delicious. Also, DaMarco is probably a bit less noisy. The Catalan experience can be replicated at a half-dozen restaurants in houston. DaMarco is more unique (although unique can't be quantified).

I will celebrate a birthday dinner a week after you. Happy birthday and bien provecho.

May 30, 2008
montroseguys23 in Texas

Malaysia in Houston

Another option is Malay Bistro, 8282 Bellaire Blvd, in the shopping center with the Thai Spice. My partner is from Melaka, and thinks this is the best one of the Malay restaurants in Houston. Malay food is not at the top of my list, but I really liked the soups and tamarind fried fish at Malay Bistro.

Dec 10, 2007
montroseguys23 in Texas

Wine delivery in Houston?

Spec's should be your best bet, but if you should run into problems, let me know and I can be your "middle man". I just returned from a week in Toronto and enjoyed Canoe, Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar and Terroni.

Sep 18, 2007
montroseguys23 in Houston

Six nights in Toronto

Thanks. You guys have really come through! Apple, I tend to like modern, inventive and fusion restaurants (without being too trendy or pretentious) if that makes any sense. No particular ethnic cuisine..I live in a very ethnically-diverse city (some may not believe...Houston) where we have a huge population base of Vietnamese, Chinese, Southeast Asian South Asian as well as Central and South Americans, so I have all those cuisines covered in wonderful local places on a daily basis, therefore love to experience other cities' more local flavors or local stand-out spots. Thanks again.

Six nights in Toronto

Thanks, tjunmin....sounds like a great view and experience at Canoe. Hoping for a few more recs from my northern 'hound friends....

Six nights in Toronto

I will continue scanning the boards as I know there have been similar questions, but American visiting Toronto next month for 6 nights, staying at Sheraton near Univ. Toronto.

Intersted in a short list of downtown-area (walkable/transit) restaurants that are local "must tries" or new, inventive, interesting places. I will likely go for two nice, upscale dinners, and others would be more casual. For the upscale places, here's the catch....likely dining alone, so need a place where a "1-top at the bar" is an appropriate approach to dining.
Thanks...looks like Toronto has a great mix of dining options.

Reef (Hou)?

I tried Reef in mid-June, about a week after opening, so wanted to say the very start-up nature of the visit.
Food was good but not a homerun. Had snapper with kale, which I've read is their most popular dish.
Loud and trendy space....staff was not quite "on" at least on my visit.

Aug 21, 2007
montroseguys23 in Houston

houston 1 nite

While I do not necessarily disagree with any of the previous posts, on the casual/upscale side of dining, I would suggest two places that are inventive on food, very minimalist in decor and great food:
T'afia and Glass Wall. Both are in the price range you wanted. T'afia is in Midtown (Alabama/Travis) and Glass Wall is not far from Montrose (Heights...Studemont/10th or so).

Mar 14, 2007
montroseguys23 in Texas