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Birmingham Area Spots For A British Boyfriend Visiting First Time

Thanks so much Chrystan these are GREAT ideas, he's fascinated about Mexican food and Chuys has a great atmosphere. Also he cant wrap his mind around American bacon and also bacon served with pancakes and syrup!! LOL - he says they don't eat anything really sweet and savory together. But he loves sweets so he is gonna love it. On the other hand I cant give the "Full English Breakfast" any rave reviews. Maybe worth a try if you are in England, but just to say you had tried it. (Think beans - porknbeans type - on toast, with a grilled mushroom etc)

Yes I think Sonic is even gonna be a really cool experience for him, he loves things that he's seen on tv but never in person, so drive up and order from car will be cool.

All other suggestions I am taking down and they have ALL been very helpful. Really - and please keep them coming, he's flying in at 10 PM tonight and we will go to Buffalo Wild Wings - he loves chicken wings (dont get them in England really) and it's the only place I've found that's halfway decent and near my house that's open til 12 am. Plus, it's very "American"

He will be here a month so please any other thoughts?

Birmingham Area Spots For A British Boyfriend Visiting First Time

And where is this Maffiaoza's place guys? This sounds like something he would love - hows the atmosphere/decor?

Birmingham Area Spots For A British Boyfriend Visiting First Time

Yes I just got back from "Lovely Freeze Your Face Off London". We ate some very nice meals but was quite unimpressed with the quality overall. Not just London, England as well. It was just hit or miss and as you know - the bill is always a shock for an American! Soooo expensive!! And I was there during your record cold...just about died, I was crying it was so cold.

So yes you prob have all types of cuisine but for me, the price and cold made me understand why English like to be indoors. And I didnt say they dont have take out - they do not have the little white boxes with red writing you get in Chinese takeout here - him and all his friends discussed it quite at length. (Apparantly this is something they see all the time in American movies - another thing they had an hour long conversation over?? Red Solo/Dixie cups...they have never seen these and say they are in EVERY movie especially teenage type ones) LOL imagine my shock at not every having seen a Red Solo cup and not only that but being fascinated with it?? That was funny

Bless your heart - thanks for your concern over my welfare but we've known each other quite a long time.

Birmingham -- Anyone eating anything good these days?

Amen Jtboyd - Texas ain't even near the South. Southwest maybe. Much more Western than anything. Their BBQ is a different bird altogether.


Birmingham Area Spots For A British Boyfriend Visiting First Time

Ok, well my boyfriend from England will be here for a solid month and I would love some selections. I do want all levels of cuisine, he has never had American cuisine and is really psyched. He really is into the thought of American food. I know a lot of the higher end, downtown places - but looking for anything in between really, and not just "American" ALL cuisines. Just so you know we are in the Hoover area but would gladly drive to try all new things - he is absolutely in this dream about American and the food. (I know - hard to believe but those Europeans do exist lol)

Please give me your suggestions - nothing too big or too small. BBQ is obv a must have here in the South, how about some good steak houses, wing places, BEST burger joints, classic Americana, chains that are very good and American-ish, and he is fascinated with the Chinese takeout in the little white boxes?? Apparantley this is something they see much of on movies but do not have there. So again, anything goes!

Please Help - He will be here Monday til April 10th. So lots of suggestions needed - of course I will be cooking for him of course a lot so if there's a certain dish that is absolutely needed to be fed to him homecooked, mention it.

Thanks so much y'all!

Advice on Southern food festivals

I totally disagree on the Crawfish Boil - it's amazing this year (as in better than other years, for a crawfish boil that started in a guys back yard you wouldn't believe this weekend long festival pulls in some major bands). Plus I happen to love the crawfish and all the other food vendors out and about. Tons of em. I mean some of the musicians to name a few are: Weezer; Cee Lo Green; Stone Temple Pilots; Sublime; Nelly - etc etc.

Go to the website:

History is interesting and gives tons of info!

Why ham on Easter? [split from Home Cooking]

JungMann you also forgot that Jesus said that it is not what goes into a man that makes him clean/unclean but what comes out of his mouth. I think a lot of Christians consider that to be true