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Sourcing pig parts

Hi all,
I'm in Somerville looking for:
Guanciale & pork skin (to make cracklings).

Anyone have any suggestions if I fail at Dulock & Saveneur?

(based in Somerville)

Thank you!

Nov 10, 2013
betta in Greater Boston Area

April 2011 Openings and Closings

I went to one in NYC several years ago. I believe the chain started in Israel. The only thing I remember is the mocha at breakfast was almost 10 dollars and that the cup was shaped so that the piece of chocolate sat at the top and the heat from the coffee melted the chocolate and caused it to drip down into the coffee. For me, a bit to expensive and precious & I see no need to try it again.

Apr 16, 2011
betta in Greater Boston Area

Dinner spot for 20 -30 food scholars [Bloomington, IN]

Hi all,

A number of food scholars will be traveling to Bloomington, Indiana for a conference in early June.

Last year, the conference was in PA & we found a great schnitzel restaurant that was casual, byob, cheap & catered to vegetarians (and had fabulous food).

We are looking for the another spot for this year & we hear that the city has quite the food scene!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks,
Beth Forrest
Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts
Culinary Institute of America

Apr 07, 2010
betta in Great Lakes

One dinner away from Boston


I need to plan a celebratory dinner for my DC. We live in Somerville and I'm looking for a destination for a one-night away from Boston with an excellent dinner. Our go-to plan for this sort of thing is Portland, ME and having dinner at Fore Street, but does anyone have any other suggestions? We love Montreal, but it is too far for one night & I teach at the Culinary Institute of America, so am in the Hudson valley during the week. We also spent a dreadful two nights in the Berkshires (the B&B was horrible, dinner was fine).

Any suggestions? Where would you drive to spend one night away for a fabulous dinner?

Thanks very much!

Feb 19, 2010
betta in Greater Boston Area

Butcher Suggestions

Although it is a bit out to town, in Groton, MA, I would highly recommend Blood Farm in Groton, MA. It is a 5 generation family (The Bloods) who raise and butcher their own meat as well as animals from the local 4-H clubs.

Jan 16, 2010
betta in Greater Boston Area

Lunch for Trendologist

Hi all,

I have a friend who is a Food Trendologist, who is coming to Boston (from San Fran). I need to choose a place to take her on a Monday for lunch! Any suggestions? Background: We've had an amazing dinner at Lumiere, HATED WD-50 in NYC (the tasting menu), she loved Alinea. Food more important than atmosphere. But LUNCH? on a Monday? Cheap good, expensive okay. We plan on going to Rialto for great $1, east coast oysters that evening, before she flies back to the West Coast.


Mar 19, 2009
betta in Greater Boston Area

KO Prime

Was he ever at Toro? I thought he went from Eastern Standard right to KO Prime. Went there last week -- food was fabulous. $15.50 for a martini was not.

Sep 16, 2008
betta in Greater Boston Area

What's your favorite neighborhood spot?

My SO and I like to go to East Coast Grill. Tuna taco, veg plate & a couple of ribs.... always sit at the bar.

May 06, 2008
betta in Greater Boston Area

What's your favorite neighborhood spot?

As one of the former staff, I miss EAT too....

May 06, 2008
betta in Greater Boston Area

Rushed out of Ten Tables

I work in a restaurant (Somerville) and had the same problem last night. A two-top that wouldn't leave (they were lingering over water for 45 minutes!). Had a 6 top with reservations waiting. Sometimes, we will just tell them that we have another table waiting & can we offer them a table in the lounge area. Obviously, not a choice that TT has.

May 04, 2008
betta in Not About Food


Can anyone recommend a good place for Choucroute in/around Boston this weekend. I know of Sandrine's, but I think there is a festival, so I'm trying to avoid the crowds!


Apr 28, 2008
betta in Greater Boston Area

Gargoyles table v. bar

The Bento box is separate from the sake flight.
the sake is "Complementary" (meaning paired)
NOT "Complimentary" (meaning free)

Feb 06, 2008
betta in Greater Boston Area

Venison in Burlington, VT

I'm coming up from Boston to cook a "Vermont-product inspired Meal" for 8. Any other products that I should be sure to include?

Jan 08, 2008
betta in All New England Archive

Free food in Boston?

Fruit with the check at Vinny's at Night.

Jan 08, 2008
betta in Greater Boston Area

Venison in Burlington, VT


Can anyone recommend a place to purchase venison in Burlington, VT (or any game meat)? my partner and I are going up to cook a dinner there & thought a game dinner would be fun. Also, if there are any local products that I should include, please let me know!


Dec 28, 2007
betta in All New England Archive

Corporate training dinner spot for large group - thoughts??

Boston University;s Programs in Food and Wine has cooking demonstrations (hands-on for less people) for corporate groups -- includes dinner.

Sep 20, 2007
betta in Greater Boston Area

Gaslight report

I think they were supposed to open across the street (base of condo building) but the building is right up along the property line. The landlord who owns such adjacent property wasn't going to let the Franklin built a vent that they needed, since it technically crossed onto his property line.

Sep 14, 2007
betta in Greater Boston Area

Cooking classes for the home chef.

Yes, BU has both evening and Saturday classes.

Sep 12, 2007
betta in Greater Boston Area

Where to eat in Waltham tonight

Okay -- where is good in Waltham? Don't want to spend too much money but also don't want chain Mexican.


Aug 17, 2007
betta in Greater Boston Area

Suggestions on cooking classes?

Boston University also has a number of classes -- both hands-on & demonstration. The hands-on are limited to 16 people & the kitchen space is huge. All of the instructors are amazing -- they've had Micahel Leviton from Lumiere, Bill Bradley who used to teach at the CIA, Kevin Crawley from Coriander...

Aug 10, 2007
betta in Greater Boston Area

Cooking School to take a Class

Yes, Boston University's Programs in Food and Wine just posted their cl.asses on line.
They have hands-on classes (Latino with Carlos Rodriguez from Orinoco, breadbaking AT ClearFlour, Fall New England with Michael Leviton at Lumiere). They also have demonstration classes with some big names -- Jacques Pepin, Mary Ann Esposito, Ana Sortun, etc. etc.

Aug 10, 2007
betta in Greater Boston Area

Cambridge Culinary Institute

Boston University also holds classes.

They just posted the classes & with some good area chefs -- Carlos from Orinoco Kitchen, Michael from Lumiere, and a day at ClearFlour to name a few.

Aug 05, 2007
betta in Greater Boston Area

Dinner at Gargoyles on the Square

Actually, the lot directly behind GG is free after 6:00.
Just give your license number to the host/hostess.

Aug 05, 2007
betta in Greater Boston Area

Capone Foods -- what do you get?

I like the Argentine empanadas and chimmichurri sauce, for when I don't have to cook. Also made great grilled pizza with the dough & sauce.

Jul 29, 2007
betta in Greater Boston Area

LA chound: how's my food list?

If you are in the North End, definitely stop into Neptune for oysters (great selection of East Coast oysters). Or, stop into East Coast Grill & get some oysters, followed by the vegetarian plate with some bones on the side. (also makes a good brunch).

Jul 23, 2007
betta in Greater Boston Area

Gargoyles on the Square review (long)

I work at Gargoyles & I can confirm that they use a blow torch.

Jul 18, 2007
betta in Greater Boston Area

One Day in Santa Barbara

Hi All!
Back from Santa Barbara -- THANKS for all the great tips!
Here is the lowdown on where we ate & what we thought of it....
Day 1: Lunch at La SuperRica -- Fantabulous! We went late, around 2:15, so there were only 2 couples in front of us. We had the marinated pork (#4), the beans, cheese & chorizo & the guac & the #1 (steak of some sort). Everything was fantastic, except the steak, which was fine, but nothing special. I tried to go back for every meal, but my boyfriend insisted that we try other places....

For dinner, we had reservations at the Wine Cask, but in the late afternoon, we happened across Stella Mare's. Looking at both menus, it was a tough call, but we ended up eating at SM. It just spoke to us a bit more, I think because it was an unexpected find.

Course #1: Foie Gras -- quite good. It was a tad overcooked, but still lovely.
Course #2: Grilled artichoke with a roasted garlic/mustard aioli. Totally yummy
Course #3: Me: Grilled Mahi with a champagne cream sauce. very good (large portion!).My boyfriend had the lamb chops, which were also very good.
Course #4: Homemade (or restaurant made) Ding-dong. We don't normally get dessert, but this was nice -- not too sweet.
Best of all, our waiter, Bill, who lived in CA his entire life, summered in a small beachfront community, in a small town in Connecticut -- the very place that I summered with my parents! We were destined to go there.

The next day for lunch, we went to Brophy's. Lovely views, but we were really dissapointed with the food. The beer boiled shrimp were good, but my main (grilled tuna) was bland. Even the french fries served with it were tasteless. Perhaps we ordered incorrectly....

On our way back from the wedding in Santa Ynez, my boyfriend, his brother and I stopped at Cold Springs Tavern on Sunday afternoon. We had a great chat with Big Tom (maker of the tri-top sandwiches). Well worth the stop! My bf & his brother loved the music and it definitely felt that we had found the secret jewel! The sandwich was exquisite! Big Tom had been a bouncer, the night before, at the Maverick Saloon, where many of us went to, after the wedding was over, so he recognized us from "Andy & Tina's wedding".

Thanks again -- it was a fantastic, fantasic trip.

May 18, 2007
betta in California

One Day in Santa Barbara

My boyfriend and I are definitely "sit at the bar" people! Thanks very much for the suggestion!

Apr 19, 2007
betta in California

One Day in Santa Barbara

Hi All,

I'm flying in from Boston and I only have 1 day in Santa Barbara. Any suggestions for a restaurant that typifies "California Cuisine"? Dives are totally fine with me if the food is good.

Restaurants that I have really enjoyed in the past:
Au Pied du Cochon (Montreal)
L'Express (Montreal)
Duckfat (Portland, Maine)
No. 9 Park (Boston)
Lumiere (just outside Boston)
Topolobampo (Chicago)
Redd (Napa)
Taylor's Refresher (Napa)
Magnolia Grill (Durham, NC)

Thanks VERY much. We've had a week of rain, so I'm very excited to see the sun.

Apr 18, 2007
betta in California

Who was the chef at Gargoyles?

It was Neal Palmer, who went to work for a catering company.
Next it was Pete Sultenfuss, who went to work at Eastern Standard but is now chef at Green Street.
Next it was ??? Ryan, a cranky fellow who had worked with Neal Palmer then at Dedo.
Then it was Jay Walker, who left to work down in CT and from there, I'm not sure.
(I work there and worked with all of them!)

Mar 06, 2007
betta in Greater Boston Area