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Best Steak houses on long island?

The best steakhouse i've been to so far on long island has been
Brooks & Porter in Merrick, NY

lugers in Great Neck was pretty nasty for the reasons that the waitstaff sucked, the place was filthy (a waiter dropped a broccoli on the floor and looked around then kicked it under a chair that it fell near). (My steak came out wrong 2x (asked for rare - med rare, first time came out completely cold and purple, 2nd time came out well done, then they got it right)

mortons isn't anything special

i still want to try burton and doyles as I heard that the steaks there are amazing. anyone hear anything about them?

Best BBQ on long island?

What is the best BBQ place on Long island? i've been to many so far, and the best one i've come across is RUBY's in East Meadow.

anyone have any other good ones?