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Appetizing in Midtown ?

I will be in NYC for two days but will not have time to make it to the Upper West Side or Lower East Side. Are there are appetizing shops in midtown that Chows can recommend ?

Dec 04, 2011
scott h. in Manhattan

Bergamot - outstanding!

We went to Bergamot for Mothers Day after reading several reviews and looking at their menu. I was dying to try the duck,duck,duck and the fiddleheads. We arrived for an evening rez and found only four or five tables occupied. Most of their rush had been for brunch. More disappointing was a "special" Mothers Day menu -five courses for $ 60pp. None of the dishes I was hoping to try. The five course meal turned out to be a three-course with an amusee bouche of one cockel and small scoop of sorbet. There was no mention of a special menu when making the rez through Open Table and the web site had a note in small font at the bottom of the website saying Mothers Day menu.

Everything we ordered was very good. A slow-roasted lamb leg was exceptional. My wife had the duck breast in an asian five-spice mix. There were five rather smallish slices. The service was more than one could ask for. Our waiter was friendly and knowledgeable and there was not a hint of being rushed. Servio both brought dishes to the table and came over to ask how everything was. Curiously, the bread service was one slice of very good (but I do not recall what type) freshly baked bread. We had to ask to for a second slice - come on, its bread, not caviar. I thought the price point of $ 60 was just a bit high for the value.

We will come back. They are starting a Sunday brunch thing that sounds intriguing as well as the $ 39 three-course. Wish them the best - it looks as though they are off toa good start.

118 Beacon St, Somerville, MA 02143

May 21, 2010
scott h. in Greater Boston Area

Elegant But Not Pretentious

CHOW's - Thank you all for the great suggestions. We'll let you know the outcome. And thanks especially to capeanne for the suggestions in how to better frame the question.

Scott H.

Apr 20, 2009
scott h. in Greater Boston Area

Elegant But Not Pretentious

Thank you for your reply. I am new to this. The preference would be French or Mediterranean either in Boston or burbs north or west. There will just be three of us - budget of $ 150 ish.

Apr 19, 2009
scott h. in Greater Boston Area

Elegant But Not Pretentious

CHOW's, We are looking for suggestions to celebrate our daughter's 20th birthday. She likes place you can dress up, so we would welcome your suggestions for a restaurant that is elegant but not pretentious.
Scott H.

Apr 19, 2009
scott h. in Greater Boston Area

Scramble- PHX

Let me be the first to report on Scramble. Its a delightful "breakfast place" that had (according to Dennis, the owner) "opened 34 days and 4 hours ago - but who's counting". The surprising thing is how professionally everything ran. The food choices were prepared quickly, were tasty and were very large portions for the price - good value. I had the southwest burrito twice (It was sooo good, I had it again when we went back a few days later). The salsa was some of the best we've ever tasted (but then we're from Boston so what do we know about salsa that doesn't come out of a jar). We were staying at the Hilton up the road and they recommended the place, even though they have a restaurant on the grounds - that speaks miles. They do a unique tea service - select and brew your own from 7 or 8 types of tea.

They have wi-fi there and two large screen TV's if you want to watch sports and the market. Let us CHOW's know your reaction when you go.

Apr 08, 2009
scott h. in Phoenix

Sedona recommendations?

We were in Sedona two weeks ago and went to Shugrue's on a recommendation. My advise - run the other way as fast as you can ! I looked at the menu at the B&B. It sounded reasonable steaks and seafood, reasonably priced. When we arrived, we learned how outdated the menu was. The least expensive entree was $ 27 for a portobello mushroom something. The steaks were all in the $ 35 range - comparable to a Boston prime steakhouse. The prices ranged up to an eye-popping $ 56 and $ 66 for a filet mignon/Australian lobster tail combo. But we figured, we're on vacation - so don't worry. The waiter was very abrupt - when we chose not to order wine, his reply was, I assume you want tap water ? I ordered a ribeye steak. Not only was the steak overcooked, but it wasn't even a ribeye. The kitchen substituted a strip steak of just average quality. When I informed the waiter, he shrugged and said, the chef is from Texas (as if that made a difference). He asked if I wanted something else (without an apology) and when he came back, he said the chef was sorry I didn't like my ribeye. I replied, I would have liked it much better if it was a ribeye, All three entrees (steak, pork tenderloin and scallops) came out plated identically - mashed potatoes and green beans with a carrot slice). Must have been a sale on green beans at the market. Even the potatoes, promoted as garlic mashed were plain potatoes with no flavor. My wife ordered a cup of coffee. $ 3.50 for dishwater-weak java. We passed on the four or five pedestrian-looking desserts. When I told the owner of the B&B, he said he had a similar experience with substitution of an end cut for the ordered filet mignon.

There are many great choices in Sedona. The following night, we ate at Dahl and DiLuca and had a spectacular meal. We also read (and heard) great things about Cafe Elota. Next time.

Apr 02, 2009
scott h. in Southwest