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Kebab restaurant with homemade bread in SF or East Bay?

Yes, I'm a big fan of their Fremont restaurant - didn't know about the new SF branch, will have to check it out. Their bread is delicious, if pretty different from what I'm after - an Afghani flatbread rather than a pillowy Iranian pita.

Kebab restaurant with homemade bread in SF or East Bay?

When I lived in Cochabamba, Bolivia, there was an Iranian kebab restaurant that made phenomenal kebabs. One of the best parts was the homemade bread rounds, which were baked fresh in a squat, wood-fired oven in the center of the restaurant.

Does anyone know of stellar kebab restaurants in the Bay Area that make their own bread? I've been on the search for many years and come up empty.

Alberta/Downtown recommendations? Not too heavy, not too pricy

Thanks for this - and my experience aligned closely with yours. Wasn't a fan of Toro Bravo - maybe with more folks to split things with it would have been fun, but it was not a great choice for a solo traveler. Ned Ludd was far and away the best meal of the trip - light, unique food in a gorgeous space. Pok Pok Noi was very tasty, though quite expensive for what it was. I was particularly impressed by the Bollywood Theater - a great mid-range option with stellar food and a fun atmosphere.

May 25, 2014
bellatrx in Metro Portland

Alberta/Downtown recommendations? Not too heavy, not too pricy

I'll be attending a meeting at the Oregon Convention Center for a week, staying in the Alberta Arts District (w/bike). I'm looking for recommendations in the Alberta district, downtown near(ish) the Convention Center, or en route.

There seems to be lots of discussion on these boards about can't-miss Portland places like Le Pigeon, OX, and Beast - but I fear those are by and large both too heavy for me and out of my price range. Instead, I'm looking for can't-miss places that have great food and are quintessentially Portland (perhaps w/flavors/ambiances not available in the SF Bay Area?) but are perhaps a little lighter - both on stomach and wallet. Places that have caught my eye are many food carts (of course), Grain and Gristle, Salt & Straw, and Grassa, but I've have had a little trouble finding a lot of good options.

- Any recommendations of not-to-be missed food carts in these general areas, other than the Khao Man Gai?
- Recommendations of other uncommonly Portland-y restaurants with lighter food, an informal vibe, and mains under $20 or so in this general area?
- Anything in this category outside of the downtown/Alberta circuit that is so good as to not be missed? (I will have that bike.)
- If I'm going to splurge once or twice, any recommendations? For what it's worth, the ones that caught my eye were Ned Ludd, Toro Bravo, and Andina).

Thank you, thank you!

May 17, 2014
bellatrx in Metro Portland

Favorite kombucha on tap in East Bay?

Does anyone have recommendations for cafes or grocery stores in Berkeley or Oakland that have particularly delicious homemade kombucha on tap?

Mexican Modern - Mision 19

Apologies if this information is contained elsewhere, but I can't find it.
Can anyone give me a sense of prices (for we low-budget twentysomethings) at Mision 19?
Also: are reservations mandatory?


Feb 21, 2012
bellatrx in Mexico

Catering near Point Isabel (Albany/Richmond)

Our non-profit is having a move-in party on Monday, November 14. We're looking for inexpensive, delicious catered food from someone who will deliver in the area (near the Richmond Costco).

Any recommendations? Something that will hold up well for a few hours (i.e. not burritos, not pizza) would be great. Mediterranean? Indian?

Thank you!

Drinks and dinner near the Hilton?

I am organizing a happy hour, to be followed by dinner, for a group of about 15 folks in downtown Portland. We'll be coming from the Hilton (6th and Taylor), so something near there would be ideal.

Any suggestions for a casual place with really good food that's not too pricy? It could be one place with good drinks and food, or a bar next to a separate restaurant where I could make a reservation.

Thanks folks!

Mar 28, 2011
bellatrx in Metro Portland

Vegetarian catering for offbeat Napa wedding

Sadly, Living Room Events' lowest budget range is roughly twice our budget...

Vegetarian catering for offbeat Napa wedding

My partner and I are getting married at a friend's house in Napa next year. We both grew up in Napa, and aren't looking for the vineyard destination wedding experience many come to the valley for. We are both foodies, though.

We're looking for a caterer who will work in Napa who is in line with our values: delicious organic, locally sourced, vegetarian food that is simple and yet still innovative. We're open to alternative options (catering through a restaurant or an individual chef, for example). I haven't seen a lot of traditional catering companies that really get what we're after.

Budget: ideally under $60/pp, with a little flex. 80 person wedding. September.

Any creative ideas or recommendations? Thank you!

French-influenced Southeast Asian menu

I am looking to put together a menu of Vietnamese, Khmer, and/or Lao food for a dinner party. I'm looking for dishes that have some aspect historically derived from or inspired by French cuisine.

There's the obvious banh mi and pho -- what other suggestions do Chowhounders have?

Nov 05, 2010
bellatrx in General Topics

Indian restaurant in Mountain View

A sleuthing puzzle for those of you familiar with South Bay Indian restaurants...

Back when I lived on the peninsula, I had a favorite Indian restaurant I liked to frequent. It was right on El Camino, on the south side of the street, tucked into the southeast corner of a nondescript strip mall. I believe it was only a few blocks east of Castro Street, though I could be slightly mistaken. Most defining feature: strangely colored lights that gave the whole restaurant a kind of surreal greenish tint.

I'm coming back into town for a few days and would love to go back. Does anyone know the name of this place?

Thanks so much!

Good place for Sichuan groceries in Berkeley/Oakland?

Does anyone know of an East Bay store (preferably in Oakland Chinatown) that carries Sichuanese groceries, such as Sichuanese dried chilies and Sichuanese bean paste?

Affordable food near Union Square

Boyfriend's work is paying for a night at the Grand Hyatt at Union Square, so we're migrating over from the East Bay this evening and pretending to be tourists for the night.

Any recommendations on quality places to eat dinner that are not crazy expensive? Thinking under $30 per person (though we are both very light eaters). Vietnamese, ramen, dim sum, pizzerias, and Persian/mediterranean sound great, but we're flexible. (No Indian -- sorry, Shalimar.)

Alternatively: is there something in the general area that is better than anything similar in the East Bay?

Tenderloin, Ferry Building, North Beach, SOMA are all ok, too.


Southeast Asian food in Berkeley or North Oakland?

I am wondering if anyone knows of any excellent Vietnamese, Lao, Thai or other southeast Asian restaurants in Berkeley or north Oakland. I have my favorite haunts down in Oakland (Binh Minh Quan, Chai Thai, Vientiane) but am wondering if there's anything closer to home (south Berkeley) that holds a candle to these places.

Thanks a bunch!

Good cheese on Peninsula?

I'm looking for a place with a good selection of cheeses (a la Cheese Board, though I know there's no replacement) on the Peninsula.


I'm looking for cheeses from Switzerland. Any favorites out there?

Korean recipes and restaurants in East Bay?

Hi Chowhounders,

So I've gotten hopelessly, maddeningly hooked on Dae Jang Geum -- very fun, but pathetically bad for my social life, work commitments, sleep patterns, etc. It makes me (of course) want to eat and cook.

I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for

(1) Recipes a la Dae Jang Geum -- any cookbook or website recommendations? Or even ways to figure out what to search for?

(2) Excellent Korean restaurants in the Bay Area (I know it's not going to be royal kitchen food, but what's out there?)

thanks so much!

Homemade frozen dumplings in East Bay?

Does anyone know how to properly cook the frozen dumplings from Yuen Hop? Is the meat in them pre-cooked? How long must they be boiled/steamed/sauteed?

(thanks from a dumpling novice!)

Best jiaozi/steamed dumplings a.k.a. potstickers?

Does anyone know how to properly cook the frozen dumplings from Yuen Hop? Is the meat in them pre-cooked? How long must they be boiled/steamed/sauteed?

(thanks from a dumpling novice!)