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I'm new to Southern cooking. What's your go-to brand for grits? I keep reading about "real" grits being stone-ground grits, but all I can find at my local Winn-Dixie are quick grits. Surely there's some good quick grits out there.

2112 Belle Chasse Hwy, Gretna, LA 70053

May 28, 2011
CidadedoCabo in General Topics

death of the croissant in new orleans

Time to switch to La Boulangerie.

La Boulangerie
4526 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Apr 24, 2011
CidadedoCabo in New Orleans

Favorite Menu Items at Atchafalaya

I second the shrimp and grits. Perfectly cooked shrimp swimming in spicy sauce served alongside very rich and creamy grits. Absolutely fabulous.

Apr 24, 2011
CidadedoCabo in New Orleans

French Quarter Fest Feast

I just had the goat cheese crepes, and they were fantastic! I also had the duck po boy from Jacques Imo's and it was absolutely delicious.

Apr 09, 2011
CidadedoCabo in New Orleans

French Quarter Fest Feast

Anyone have suggestions for what to eat at this year's FQ fest? I just had the Audubon's crawfish bread (tasty albeit exceptionally salty), Crabby Jack's Shrimp and Alligator Sausage Cheesecake (VERY rich; it's like a mac and cheese where the "mac" is replaced with bread crumbs), and The Original New Orleans Po Boys' Shrimp and Okra Stew (I rate this as okay). I've tried Boucherie's Roast Beef Po Boy before (and it is a steal at $5) as well as Bad Bart's Black Jambalaya (super filling and so rich in flavor). I've got only two more days of eating left, and I want to make the most of it.

Crabby Jacks
428 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70121

8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

Apr 08, 2011
CidadedoCabo in New Orleans

Asian market?

I'm looking to buy Asian staples, like fish sauce, rice paper, rice noodles, shao xing wine, etc. Is there an Asian market in NO?

Apr 05, 2011
CidadedoCabo in New Orleans

Cape Town: My Current Favourites

Parking is difficult to find and the place is rather dodgy. To get around the problem, just arrive early (around 9am)! DO NOT PARK IN LOADING ZONES! Sometimes, the cops will drop in and issue plenty of fines. Also, an additional tip: keep away from the quiches (they ALL have soggy crusts) and stay away from the stand selling cookies in the back. They look great, but taste terrible.

Chourizo in Cape Town

Anyone know of where to source some good Portuguese chourizo in the Cape Town area? Maybe somewhere in the Southern Suburbs?

Cape Town Butcher?

I live in Rondebosch and I'm looking to buy tripe. Where can I find some good, fresh tripe or other cuts of meat that generic supermarkets don't offer?

Cheese Tour in Wine Country

I don't drink wine, but I'd love to take a tour through wine country in South Africa. Does anyone know if it's possible to do a cheese tour in the Western Cape? If yes, are there any cheese makers you recommend I visit?

African Food in Cape Town

For a real Africa vibe, go to Mzoli's in Gugulethu.