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Opening/Closings January to March 2014

OPG has closed once again. Bankruptcy notice on the front door. A shame......

Top 50 restaurants in Canada. ANJU tops in YYC?

Somewhat supprised to see ANJU make it as tops of the Calgary establishments. Nothing against the ANJU product, it is great, but is it arguably the best that YYC has to offer???

Jun 16, 2015
JohnnyGe in Prairie Provinces

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

Pretty lame excuse for a failed business venture that focused primarily on overpriced Italian pantry items.

Does anyone know where to find 'Nduja sausage

Bought some at Ca va Barder on Fleury West on the w/e. $80/kg

Montreal kitchen supply store in Little Italy | Quincaillerie Dante

Have you experienced Ares? I was wondering whether it would be worth heading out to their WI location for some small appliances and/or gadgets......

Seafood restaurant in Montreal

A definite pass on Delmo. Way past its prime and only passable fare. Milos +1

Montreal Oysterfest

FWIW, my only experience with the Oysterfest a couple of years ago had me swear off the event totally. Had the $60 VIP ticket, not worth the difference. You still had to endure the line-ups, some as long as 15-20 minutes just to get a couple of cobs of corn with a crustacean, or 3-4 oysters on a paper plate. No seating, scarce picnic tables, mostly standing among the crowd. Not my idea of a good time, and even the weather didn't cooperate.No return visit for me.....

Have you tried out Nicola Travaglini, Montreal's version of New York's Eataly

A couple of youtube videos on the NYC and Chicago Eataly facilities:


And you are correct: Travaglini not even close.....

Little Italy, St. Laurent blvd and Eataly Montreal

Over pasta, vino rosso and some grappa last night, some free-flowing thoughts about the current state of Little Italy. With the street-level space that is on the west side of the Main between St. Zotique and Dante, an interesting debate as to its potential use. A number of us have been to Eataly's operations in Italy as well as NYC and Chicago, and we started to wonder whether the idea of an Eataly Montreal would work.

Notwithstanding the current paranoia about too many restaurants in Montreal and parking in the 'hood, this idea sounded pretty interesting. At least after a few grappa.......

Any thoughts??

2 Days in Montreal - Foodie filled suggestions please?

Great suggestions, Cap, howver beg to differ on comparing Europea to Alinea. Not even close as Chef Achatz's continuous improvement to his hallmark gastronomy leaves any Montreal, or even Canadian, establishment in his dust.

Be that as it may, Europea as a stand-alone Montreal haute cuisine joint, is among the top of the local class.

Real Beijing Duck / Peking Duck - best place in Montreal?

Yes, since late fall of last year. I followed up on gabriellein83's advice and checked Wangli out last week for solo lunch. Great value, $7.99 lunch special with 3 Beijing Duck wraps (delicious), tofu and beef ball soup, a foursome of dumplings (complementary), small dish of spiced vegetables and a cup of green tea. Great value and great service as well. Definitely will return!

Hidden gems on Montreal's West Island

Katoreya was my go-to sushi joint on the WI until my last visit a couple of weeks ago. Service has definitely gone downhill, long wait for even the edamame appetizer (!!), portions have gotten a lot smaller and their beautiful presentations are, alas, no more. BYOB seems to be a last-gap attempt to stay relevant. They have lost me any way you look at them.....

Wolfhead smokers cold smoked salmon (*the best kind*)

My best recommendation would be Poissonerie Sherbrooke, 5121 Sherbrooke street West in Westmount. Availability of whole fillets should nor be a problem. Give them a call beforehand to get current pricing. 514-486-5246

Christmas turkey

My go-to turkey provider is Zinman's at 7010 St. Dominique near the JTM. Now's the time to drop in and place your 20-lb order!!

Help! What to do with 150 oysters left over from party last night?

I can probably take a few dozen off your hands. PM me directly.

Where to get oysters in bulk (a sack of 100 or so)

Nice one! For sure next time around.....

Where to get oysters in bulk (a sack of 100 or so)

next time....... Looks like a greay sounding band too! Will look them up. How did the fixings go over for the cajun feast? Leftovers??

Where to get oysters in bulk (a sack of 100 or so)

And there I was, waiting for the invite.......

RIP Magnan

Some sad news indeed as reported in the Openings and Closings posts of today. As of December 21st, La Taverne Magnan on Saint Patrick will close its doors. IMHO, a Montreal institution as few others have been. A special occasion restaurant for me and the family, over the uears, first as a tavern, then as a dining room upstairs and downstairs. And the Lobster and Oyster fests as well as the Roast Beef dinners over the Christmas and New Year's holidays. Soon to be just memories. Their Dix30 packaged foods operation will remain, and will probably expand to other locations in the metropolitan area in short order. A sad day for independent restaurant owners in Montreal, when the Magnan family gives the full service side of the business all up. Not the first, and definitely not the last....

Where to get oysters in bulk (a sack of 100 or so)

Did a trip to La Mer and the selection of bags of 100s is huge. From Malpeque choices to large Belons...And prices range from $60 to over $140. So enjoy!!

Upscale Portuguese in Montreal?

Let us know what you think of your experience.... my last trip to helena left me with an upscale tab but a mid-range experience. Portus Calle for ambience and food range is my go-to upscale now.....

Belle et Boeuf

Did the solo lunch thing today and just another run-of-the-mill, upscale burger joint. They did try harder, flat screens, good service staff and presence, but meh burger. Had the $14.95 "Beeeef" with fries and coleslaw, toppings were melted jack cheese with crumbled nachos, along with a few sliced jalapenos. Burger was pretty well done, dried out IMHO. Could have used a choice on cooking, maybe medium-rare would have fit the bill.

Also a PBR draft, total of $25 all in. One visit is all for me at this one..... Wish them luck......

Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

my bad.... spell check on vacation a little early..... would say very much impressed......

Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

Did the Danji thing at lunch today and came away suitably umpressed. Appetizer of 6 (!!) fried dumplongs and bowl of Beef Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap. 4 side dishes were included tho potato salad was not my favorite. Tea kettle of cold(!!) water helped too. Nice atmosphere, music videos on large screens, loud music would interfere with conversation, but otherwise, worth a return visit. All in, $18 for one.....

Sorrento help please!!!

My fondest memories of trips to Sorrento, for a nice, elegant dinner were at Don Alfonso in Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi, about 10 km from Sorrento.

A world-class location and a world-class dinner event. Make your reservations early!!

May 04, 2014
JohnnyGe in Italy

Openings & Closings April, May, June 2014

Not a new one bur a significant change... Il Boccalini in St. Laurent is now BYOB, and is it every BUSY!! Saturday night a reservation night for sure! Table d'hote at $25-$35 so a nice dinner for 2 for $75 all in was acceptable. Great vibe and good Italian fare.

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

And not even WAY up..... that'll teach me not to scan before I type....

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

La Queue de Poisson anyone?? Opening April Fool's..... in Verdun chez former Mas Cuisine.

Best Calgary restaurants?

Don't forget to check out Rouge in Inglewood

Jan 30, 2014
JohnnyGe in Prairie Provinces

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

That'll teach me just to do a "drive-by" report....Shock to see though.