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Upscale Portuguese in Montreal?

Let us know what you think of your experience.... my last trip to helena left me with an upscale tab but a mid-range experience. Portus Calle for ambience and food range is my go-to upscale now.....

Belle et Boeuf

Did the solo lunch thing today and just another run-of-the-mill, upscale burger joint. They did try harder, flat screens, good service staff and presence, but meh burger. Had the $14.95 "Beeeef" with fries and coleslaw, toppings were melted jack cheese with crumbled nachos, along with a few sliced jalapenos. Burger was pretty well done, dried out IMHO. Could have used a choice on cooking, maybe medium-rare would have fit the bill.

Also a PBR draft, total of $25 all in. One visit is all for me at this one..... Wish them luck......

Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

my bad.... spell check on vacation a little early..... would say very much impressed......

Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

Did the Danji thing at lunch today and came away suitably umpressed. Appetizer of 6 (!!) fried dumplongs and bowl of Beef Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap. 4 side dishes were included tho potato salad was not my favorite. Tea kettle of cold(!!) water helped too. Nice atmosphere, music videos on large screens, loud music would interfere with conversation, but otherwise, worth a return visit. All in, $18 for one.....

Sorrento help please!!!

My fondest memories of trips to Sorrento, for a nice, elegant dinner were at Don Alfonso in Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi, about 10 km from Sorrento.


A world-class location and a world-class dinner event. Make your reservations early!!

May 04, 2014
JohnnyGe in Italy

Openings & Closings April, May, June 2014

Not a new one bur a significant change... Il Boccalini in St. Laurent is now BYOB, and is it every BUSY!! Saturday night a reservation night for sure! Table d'hote at $25-$35 so a nice dinner for 2 for $75 all in was acceptable. Great vibe and good Italian fare.

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

And not even WAY up..... that'll teach me not to scan before I type....

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

La Queue de Poisson anyone?? Opening April Fool's..... in Verdun chez former Mas Cuisine.

Best Calgary restaurants?

Don't forget to check out Rouge in Inglewood

Jan 30, 2014
JohnnyGe in Prairie Provinces

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

That'll teach me just to do a "drive-by" report....Shock to see though.

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

Looks like Caffe Italia on St. Laurent in Little Italy all papered over. A shame... Great espresso joint!

West Island Italian Restaurants for a Rehearsal Dinner?

As compared to???? In Riccardo's range for pasta and pizza, and pretty heftier portions on meats reflect the price difference. And remember the wine bill. Cheapest wine at Riccardo's is $30 per, while a good SAQ can be had for $15. To each their own.........

Lunch for 50 at ville st. Laurent or Cartierville

Check out Vivaldi's in Perrefonds, on Gouin west of the 13. BYOB and very responsive to dietary considerations. Also very reasonable.


West Island Italian Restaurants for a Rehearsal Dinner?

I would second Vivaldi's as a good BYOB spot on the West Island.

Best quality/price sushi in the Greater Montreal?

My yens are at Kyoto on Decarie in Ville St. Laurent.....

Cassoulet in YYC?

Fleur de Sel??

Dec 23, 2013
JohnnyGe in Prairie Provinces

Prepared Christmas Dinner delivery to your door in Montreal 2013

One last one.... was shopping at Adonis last night and they has a poster up for a all the trimmings turkey available for Xmas delivery at $119. FYI only as I haven't checked the product out. Good luck!

Bier Markt anyone?

Didn't make brunch. Too much of a pain finding parking given the mounds of snow. Will wait for Montreal snow team to clear out before I attempt a visit.

Bier Markt anyone?

Any CH'ers done the Bier Markt thing ywt? Checked out their mobile site and some pretty interesting choices. Might try out the Brunch on this snowy Sunday morning.....


One more vote for PouletBronzé....

Where do you get your grass fed organic meat ?

Morgan Farms my go-to place...


Authentic Sushi with Japanese Chef

Good, not great, sushi, served by Korean chef. Stil looking.......

Authentic Sushi with Japanese Chef

Hey Gloriaa,

Thought I'd respond to you as you started taking me down the discrimination road. What I was trying to get across was my perception that a professionally-trained (aka apprenticed) sushi chef would be greatly appreciated, and yes, I stereotyped such a chef as Japanese. My apologies if I offended anyone (Porker? eatwell?). So let me rephrase the question.....

Is there an authentic, apprenticed, and social sushi chef in town serving nigiri that would knock my Montreal socks off? And yes, I've been to the Ginza, Vancouver, NY and Missisauga, thank you!

Authentic Sushi with Japanese Chef


Authentic Sushi with Japanese Chef

On the subject of fish and Montreal, where o where might I find a sushi bar staffed with Japanese sushi chef(s) on the island??? Most sushi chefs I run into are Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, but alas no Japanese.

Journal de Montreal Feature - Fish mislabeling

Interesting article in this morning's (October 6th) Journal about the games being played with fish identification in both fishmonger's as well as restaurant facilities. Reporters identified a number of establishments, particulary sushi joints, where Red Tuna, is being substituted with Bigeye Tuna. Seems the only way to confirm the real identity of your fish product is DNA testing, which is time-consuming and expensive according to the reporters. And our fod agencies seem much more interested in shellfish inspection that in identifying and challenging mislabeled fish products. And a standard excuse the retailers/restaurants give is that their fish orders come in labeled as the real thing and, alas, you get tilapia or pangasius instead of snapper or sole.


Wineries in Tuscany/Siena

We did Castelo di Fonterutoli located about 20 minutes north of Sienna. Great time, had lunch at the outdoor covered restaurant, toook the wine tour to vist the 150+year old wine cellars, and finally did the wine tasting. A very enjoyable and enlightnening afternoon in Tuscan wine country. The Mazzei family have done a great job catering to visitors and made our visit fun.

Via Ottone III di Sassonia n°5, Loc. Fonterutoli
I-53011 Castellina in Chianti (SI)



Aug 13, 2013
JohnnyGe in Italy

Cronut in YYC

Has anyone seen these babies being served in Calgary? Just wonderin......

Jul 30, 2013
JohnnyGe in Prairie Provinces

Montepertuso (Positano)

Don't want to confuse you even further but my wife and I really enjoyed Il Ritrivo last summer. Great service, views from the outside terrace are fabulous, and the food would definitely fit the veg regime. Of your two restaurants, my suggestion would be La Terra, very rustic and passable service. Do enjoy Monterpertuso, it definitely was a highlight of our week on the Amalfi!

Jun 29, 2013
JohnnyGe in Italy

Flooded restaurants YYC

How did River Cafe fare??? Prince's Island did not look very hospitable.....

Jun 24, 2013
JohnnyGe in Prairie Provinces