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Wien / Naschmarkt

Vielen Dank, Sturmi!

Wien / Naschmarkt

Speaking of Plachutta, who REALLY has the best tafelspitz in Wien?

I plan to spend some time out at Schoenbrunn and also looking up a nearby building which was home to some family members before 1938 (on Beckmangasse, not far from the Hietzing U-Bahn station). Would you recommend having a meal at the Plachutta in Hietzing while I'm nearby? Or would it be best, if choosing to dine at Plachutta, to visit their Innere Stadt location?

Wien / Naschmarkt

Thank you so much for this prompt and comprehensive response.

One question (I'll have more later - my trip is still five months from now!): what do you suggest with regard to restaurant reservations in Wien? Are they absolutely essential, or do most places accommodated "walk-in" guests?

Wien / Naschmarkt

I am eagerly planning my upcoming (early September) trip to Vienna. I was there as a student for two weeks back in 1988 (I came by train from Munich, where I was spending a year), staying in cheap hostel accommodations and eating on a student's budget. I am anxious to experience Vienna as an adult!

A special "danke schoen" to Sturmi for your helpful advice in earlier posts. I have already compiled quite a list of your suggestions. I am especially interested in traditional Viennese/Austrian cuisine and will definitely be heading for some of the "beisln."

I will be staying in an apartment on the Rechte Wienzeile (No. 9/VII/29, ecke Faulmanngasse), so naturally will be planning to visit the Naschmarkt often. I'm hoping to get some advice as to which of the stands are especially noteworthy and should not be missed.

Also, Gasthaus Ubl is fairly close to the apartment, so I'm hoping to get Sturmi's / anyone else's thoughts regarding that particular destination.

This is the first of several posts to come on the subject of Wien / Vienna. I will also be returning to Berlin, staying in an apartment in Mitte (Veteranenstrasse, near Prenzlauer Berg) and will be seeking advice for that city as well.

Vielen herzlichen Dank!