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My fiance and I went there last night. The wine and oyster bar, located in the basement, are not open yet. They said they are likely to open just before the holidays.

Until it opens, we are not going back.

The Treasury is just 100, 2.0.

We stopped in for a cocktail around 9 pm. We were seated in the cavernous room despite not having a reservation. (There were approximately 7 tables occupied in the big room).

The room is full of hits and misses. The hits: gorgeous chandeliers, mosaic columns and ambient lighting. Misses: they clearly didn't know which style/era they were going for. The booths were covered in cheap vinyl and the the ones int he center had cheap Ikea-looking wooden backs with square metal posts between them. The stools were right out of someone's suburban kitchen.

Then there's the dozen televisions blaring football. It's so incongrous, and who wants to watch football when sipping a chapagne cocktail in their little black dress? The tvs aren't only annoying and inappropriate, but they are bright, killing the ambience. The music is loud and obnoxious club music. Not sophisticated or interesting, just the same stuff you'd hear at any club. (We are 30 year old professionals who just got back from Paris where we had a great night at Buddha Bar, which has equally loud but much more interesting and creative music). You have to speak loudly to be heard by the person next to you.

The male bartenders get to wear a shirt and tie but the female servers are dressed like they are selling a lot more than drinks--super short dresses, bare legs, heels. It's not only inapproriate and sexist, but it's just tacky and gauche. What is with the phenomenon in Edmonton of the barely clad server (I'm talking to you 100, Chop, Treasury, Joey's and Earls). Go to any other big city and you don't get a side of desperation with your champagne.

Also, I asked our very nice server if they had to dress this way and--surprise!--they do. They women are also forced to wear heels and get in trouble if they change into flats. This despite them having ot carry heavy trays up and down a flight of stairs (the kitchen is upstairs). She said they hate it and it's dangerous and painful and it's very sexist, but they don't have a choice. That alone is enough to make us never go back there. This is not a 1970s Playboy Club, but that's exactly what they are going for.

The cocktails list is creative and extensive and, for once, their martinis are actual martinis, not just cocktails in a glass. They use Moet and Chandon in their champagne cocktails and they are a steal at $13 a glass. I asked if you could just get a glass of Moet but our server wasn't sure what the price would be. The champagne cocktail we ordered (Champagne Julep) was great--well mixed and cold, although the champagne was a bit flat. The gin fizz was horrible, all simple syrup and no gin, and served with a browning lime wedge.

The crowd was mixed, but it was early. As we were leaving, the packs of desperate women and cocky men started to arrive--same crowd as 100. We weren't that surprised after having looked at their website which features a video of women removing clothing--and their cocktail list also has half dressed women pictured throughout (it's incredibly tacky).

We opted not to stay for dinner, being put off by the sexist double standards for the servers there and also wanting to escape the thumping club music.

When we left, we walked down the stairs and our exit was prevented by velvet red ropes. It was funny. The bouncer looked embarassed and unclipped the rope to let us leave. The extensive set up of red carpet and ropes outside doesn't a red carpet club make. For that, you need hip music, servers with clothing and to turn off the damn football.

This place really duplicates 100, with 100 being better. It isn't a supper club or adult or anything it claims--it's just another meat market spot. It's target isn't sophisticated professionals, but desperate singles. And the bottle service? That's so ten years ago. It's funny that they pride themselves on it, especialy as in Edmonton the bottle must be locked so there is no point to it other than pretention.

I lived in NY for eight years and travel extensively. We just returned from Paris where we prefered the intimacy and sophistication of champagne bars M and Flute to the be-seen atmosphere of Buddha Bar (although we did enjoy BB).

Sep 11, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces


Has anyone checked out The Treasury on Jasper Ave yet?

My fiance and I were excited about the addition of a "supper club" and wine/oyster bar to Edmonton and were planning to go tonight. I was also going to make reservations for dinner there next week for his birthday.

We just got back from NYC and Paris where we hit the sophisticated supper clubs and speakeasys and were hoping this place would be comparable.

However, after looking at their website, I'm REALLYhesitant. The video and photos show nothing but women removing their clothing and the whole vibe of the site is neither classy nor aimed at adults. It's a big turn off.

It comes off as just another 100--targeting businessmen and the desperately dressed women who flirt with them for free drinks.

But this could be just bad marketing--has anyone actually tried it out yet?


Sep 10, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

Violation of Dietary Restrictions Played for Comedy at ORIGINAL JOE'S EDMONTON

They were REALLY amazing about taking care of things so I am 100% confident it's probably the safest place to eat now.

Aug 31, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

Violation of Dietary Restrictions Played for Comedy at ORIGINAL JOE'S EDMONTON

I just received an e-mail from the head office, who I notified after the incident. I have never been so impressed with a company before! Not only did were they efficient in taking care of the incident--within four hours!--but they were sincerely apologetic.

Amongst other remedies, they have now modified their kitchen policy and will have every item double checked by the manager so this doesn't happen again.

The food at OJ's is fine, but their attention to this matter and commitment to it not happening again is just outstanding.

And, I must say, I am surprised--being a chain I didn't think they'd really care or, at most, would offer a half-hearted sorry and gift certificate. The fact that they are this committed to customer service and food quality speaks volumes about their company.

We're making this our new number one take-out spot in the area.

Aug 31, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

Violation of Dietary Restrictions Played for Comedy at ORIGINAL JOE'S EDMONTON

My fiance and I have lived down the street from Joe's on 109th St. for a year. As busy professionals we get take out 3-5 times a week from neighborhod restaurants. However, we have never been to Joe's, hearing not very good things about it.

The other night, we decided to give it a try. We were impressed by the diverse menu, vegetarian options and half-price wine Thursday. We decided to make it a regular place and were excited to have another dining option within walking distance, liking but being tired of Kyoto/DaCapo/Highlevel.

The next day, we got take-out from this location for lunch. We ordered a club sandwich (no bacon) and a turkey wrap (no bacon). We emphasized to the server that we could not have bacon and she was very friendly and receptive. We also ordered four sides. When we got home, two of our sides was missing--unfortunately, that's not the problem.

Three bites into the wrap, I bit into a huge piece of bacon. The same thing happened to my fiance with his meal. Having not eaten bacon in over twelve years, it was upsetting. Most of the bacon in the wrap is finely chopped, so I had obviously eaten a few bites of the bacon before I discovered it.

We called the manager to alert him because we did not want this to happen to other diners. He could not have cared less and he laughed at us for being concerned about the bacon in the dish. I also informed him about the missing sides and he said "oh yeah I'll let the kitchen know."

When I said that I understand mistakes happen but that he seemed unconcerned that his restaurant had played loose with diners' serious dietary restrictions, he said "it's just bacon. I'll tell the kitchen! kay! bye!" and laughed more and hung up on me.

We were really shocked. We've had bacon accidentally put in our take-out or dine-in meals at other places (including at Red Ox Inn and Ruth's Chris), but we've never been laughed at when we notified the manager about it. Usually it's a quick "sorry" and they fix it--no big deal for them or for us. He can find our dietary choices amusing on his own time, but to be so blatant and dismissive about the error made us angry.

Further, he did nothing about the missing sides, which is just bad business.

Red Ox Inn
9420 91 Street, Edmonton, AB T6C 3P4, CA

Aug 31, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

4th and Vine, Edmonton

@ Cleo: Yes, we went once a long time ago and didn't like it at all. We recently returned to see a friend sing. The wine selection was considerably better. Still, not what I think of when I hear "wine bar," but decent if you happen to be in the area and need a glass. Don't go out of your way though.

Aug 31, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

4th and Vine, Edmonton

My fiance used to live across from 4th and Vine so it became a default stop for after-theatre drinks or a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

We were almost always dissapointed with our experience there. I think mostly b/c it is called a wine bar but, in actuality, it is just a restaurant. At a wine bar, I expect a thorough wine list, cretive wine flights and a few challenging wine choice options. But 4th and Vine is just a restaurant, and as a restaurant it's, imho, a lovely spot.

The wine list is traditional and pedestrian. The glasses are indeed all the same, which is dissapointing at a "wine bar." The flights rarely (if ever) changed and were dull, obvious choices.

I have never had an issue with the food--I find their mussels the best in Edmonton and our desserts were always fine. Also, the service we had is always very attentive and friendly, without being obstrusive. The service (and location) are what kept us coming back. But, as Dan said, it should in no way be called a wine bar.

However, now that my fiance has moved in with me we will no longer be going to 4th and Vine unless we happen to be in the area. If you are into wine at all, it is very dissapointing. I do hope they ilsten to the criticism on this board and expand their wine list and update their wine flights. Edmonton has so few nice spaces like 4th and Vine and I'd love to be able to make it a regular spot.

For now, we will enjoy our wine at Moriarty's, Passo Tempo, and Jeffrey's. Any other recs appreciated.

Also, @Stepper, Passo Tempo (Bibo now), The Bothy, and a handfull of restaurants in Edmonton do have the right stems for wine. For me, it's not a huge issue, but I do think if one is using the title "wine bar," they should pay attention to details like that.

Aug 30, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

Skinny Legs & Cowgirls - new location

I have been to dinner twice at the new location. Both times it was an underwhelming experience.

Service is very friendly. Food is interesting & mostly well prepared, but it doesn't often rise above good. It is very overpriced. We certainly don't mind paying extra for local/organic foods or creative cuisine, but this is midrange fare @ extravagant prices. Wine list is serviceable although they were out of the wine we ordered & brought us another. They promised it was dry & crisp but it was as sweet as a riesling. Dissapointing. The decor recalls the ambiance of the previous incarnation of this restaurant. It's fun & simple, mirroring the food (and not the prices). However, the paper napkins undermine any attempt at being anything but a casual eatery & are, again, a sharp contrast to the prices. We'd make it a regular place if the prices matched the food/decor. We haven't been back, prefering Culina for similar ambience but much better food.

Aug 08, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

New and/or Overlooked Dining Gems in EDMONTON

Thanks so much!

@MrsCris: we are desperate for good Mexican food and are going to head there tonight.

@Cleo: I've tried most on your list except Cafe de Ville (my mom rec it too), Il Violino, Sage, Mexico Lindo, Padmani, Melting Pot and Sofra. That's a lot of new places to check out! Thanks so much. Oh, and re: Flavours, I agree w. you that it was hit and miss but now it's gone--replaced by a beer joint :( Also, I love PA's new makover--it was so overdue!

Re: Sage--I read in some reviews that it was very smoky due to poor ventilation--was that your experience?

Once again--thanks so much!

Melting Pot
2920 Calgary Trail, Edmonton, AB T6J, CA

Aug 07, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

Cupcakes in Edmonton?

Whimsical Cake Studio has the most divine cupcakes in Edmonton. They also have numerous frosting options and rotating, creative flavors.

@Trinyc: I have had cupcakes from Magnolia and I think WCS' cupcakes are MUCH better. I'd love to know what you think if you get a chance to try them!

Also, in NYC, I much prefer the cupcakes from Chickalicious. I think a lot of the hype at Magnolia is thanks to SATC

Aug 06, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

Restaurant Recommendations for Winnipeg Canada

Absolutely take them to the restaurant in the Fairmont, The Velvet Glove. My partner and I stayed at the Fairmont for a conference and he made reservations there for our anniversary--we were a bit amused by the name, but it looked beautiful. It turned out to be the right decision.

The food was well prepared and, while it featured classic flavour profiles, delicious. The room is beautiful and quiet, the music not obstrusive at all. The service was exceptional: attentive, knowledgeable and very helpful.

The wine list is also extensive and, although there is no sommelier, it is wide ranging enough that you will not need one.

The nicest part was that they gave us a corner booth and they covered it with rose petals and votive candles. It was really beautiful (and I say that as a jaded New Yorker!). They went out of their way to make the evening special, without being obstrusive or cheesy.

It was an elegant meal with gracious service and ambience.

Aug 06, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

New and/or Overlooked Dining Gems in EDMONTON

My partner and I just returned from NYC and are refreshed and excited by the culinary experiences we had there. Of course, few places rival NYC for experimentation and finesse, but I'm hoping you can help us find some.

We dine out regularly but have grown tired of our usual spots. I know there must be places out there that we have yet to discover. We are interested in both fine dining places and holes-in-the wall places.

Any suggestions to help us continue to explore and appreciate Edmonton's foodie scene much appreciated!

For your reference, places we frequently dine and, although like very much, have tired of: Culina Millcreek, Culina Highlands, Red Ox Inn, Ruth's Chris, Wildflower, Cafe Select, Urban Diner, Pub 1905, Century Grill, Hardware Grill, New Asian Village, Characters, Tony's Pizza, Skinny Legs, Delux, Tasty Tomato, Taste of Ukraine, The Hat

Places we have been and are not keen on: Blue Pear, Blue Plate, Lazia, Sabor Divino, Khazana, 100, Creperie, Pazzo Pazzo (love it, but even their marinara and veggie sauces have meat in them so not an option for me), Manor Cafe, Suede

What are we missing!?

Many thanks.

Urban Diner
12427 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5N, CA

Cafe Select
10018 106st, Edmonton, AB T5J 1G1, CA

Blue Pear Restaurant
10643 123 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P3, CA

Culina Millcreek
9914-89 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2S7, CA

Century Grill & Bar
3975 Calgary Trail, Edmonton, AB T6J 6S6, CA

Red Ox Inn
9420 91 Street, Edmonton, AB T6C 3P4, CA

The Creperie
10220 - 103 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 0Y8, CA

Aug 06, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

Rodeo Burgers Edmonton

Beware the veggie burger is horrid--it's mushy and bland. It's made entirely of mushrooms with no grains/legumes/beans so it's basically canned mushrooms on a bun. There are no other veggie options so vegetarians are out of luck. The fries, however, are divine!

Rodeo Burger
8525 112 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G, CA

Jun 02, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

Edmonton Eats?

Edmonton has a huge Ukrainian population and a few great Ukranian/Ukranian fusion restaurants.

Culina Highlands is creative Ukranian fusion food. It also has good ambience, delicious food and everything is locally sourced. It's five minutes from downtown.

Culina Millcreek is also good and on the southside.

They are both very well regarded restaurants in Edmonton. You could also check out Skinny Legs and Cowgirls, but it's pricey.

Culina Millcreek
9914-89 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2S7, CA

Jun 02, 2010
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces

Film Prof Needs Good Solo Dining Places

Thanks so much Maximilen.

I'm open to any kind of cuisine. I am just hoping to avoid the touristy places and enjoy a few delicious dinners out.

I am staying at a hotel on Jeanne-Mance, so close-ish to there would be a bonus, but not necessary.

Film Prof Needs Good Solo Dining Places


I'm off to Montreal to lecture at the Congress of the Humanities and am travelling solo.

I will be dining out solo Thurs, Fri and Sat nights.

I'm a 31 year old fashionista and I lived in NY for a number of years. I'm looking for something more upscale (not brew pubs) and somewhere where solo diners are not i incongruous.

I'm comfortable dining at the bar or at a table by myself.

Thanks so much for any suggestions you have--I'll be in serious need of a glass of bordeaux and good food after a day of lecturing and academic meetings.

EDMONTON Sabor Divino

As someone who dines out 2-5 times a week at various upscale restaurants in Edmonton, I was looking forward to trying Sabor Divino. The experience was a complete disaster.

We arrived for our reservation and were "greeted" by a haughty woman. She didn't smile, she didn't welcome us--she didn't even offer to take our coats. She was incredibly rude and condescending (which was amusing given she was in a long sundress with her black bra straps showing--hardly elegant attired). Our table was not ready, which was fine with us and we sat in the cafe section to enjoy a cocktail before dinner.

Twenty minutes later, we were still waiting for our cocktail. I ordered two Caipirinhas. They arrived looking suspiciously like rum and soda water, and after a sip I could tell they were not caipirnhas. I doublechecked that we had been served the correct cocktails (the restaurant was busy after all) and our waiter checked. Indeed, they were and the bartender was "amazing" so they had to be right. After living by an amazing Brazillian restaruant in NY with the best caipirinhas in the city, I can assure you they weren't only watered down, they weren't mixed correctly at all.

We were seated at our table and perused the menu. The ambience was absolutely, with warm woods and subtle lighting. There was a piano player, albeit playing on an electronic piano with HUGE speakers surrounding it (unnecessary and obnoxious, breaking up the room and blocking views).

We ordered a pitcher of the cava sangria. Twenty five minutes later we were served a pithcher of the red wine sangria. I gently corrected our waiter--who was so nervous and flustered I wanted to give him a glass of the sangria--and ten minutes later we received the correct sangria. It was not worth the wait--it was all juice and soda and barely any cava and certainly not the right liqueurs. My date and I laughed it off and ordered our food.

The mussels were fine, arriving in fifteen minutes or so. Dinner, however, was a disaster! Not only did we wait over an HOUR AND TEN MINUTES for our entrees (this was after our appetizer was cleared), but the food arrived COLD. My lobster pasta was frigid, and the lobster and jumbo prawns hadn't been precut out of the shell. I had to ask for a lobster knife four times before the waiter remembered and then it took me ten minutes to get the frozen lobster out of the shell. The pasta was so overcooked it was one huge lump and I've had better cream sauce in economy class.

My date's tuna was okay, but the vegetalbes/potatoes were cold. We were so frustrated by this point--over $50 on watered down improperly mixed drinks, waiting over an hour for our food, horrible service--that we joked about going to the Old Spaghetti Factory next door where we were pretty sure we could get food that would at least be warm and cocktails with actual alcohol in them.

Our waiter was very nice and apologetic, and informed the manager. He was apologetic but not particularly surprsied that our food took over an hour. They offered to remake it but we didn't want to wait another hour.

The manager removed the entrees from out bill, despite us saying it wasn't necessary. They also insisted we order dessert, which we did reluctantly. The creme brulee arrived ice cold in the middle and very lumpy--obviously it had been in the fridge all day and they simply crisped the sugar on top.

At this point, all we could do was laugh and leave our distressed, poorly trained waiter a generous tip. And go directly to Cafe Select for a late dinner because we were starving.

This place easily impreses with its elegant ambience, but only those without fine dining experience will be impressed with anything else. I don't mind paying for a delicious meal and cocktails, but I do mind paying $38 for pasta that could've been prepared better at the family restaurant next door.

They have nothing to be haughty about. And someone please give our waiter a xanax!

Apr 01, 2009
MsHayworth in Prairie Provinces