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Ode to Turnips

We grew our own this year and they're fabulous raw. They got a bit large, so I used thin slices like crackers (low carb diet) with Hungarian salami. Also makes a great salad with grated apple and lots of fresh mint, a bit of french tarragon and lemon juice and sugar for dressing.

Sep 02, 2009
Erdorou in Home Cooking

Cook's Illustrated Irish Soda Bread or your favorite recipe?

My first Irish Soda bread and still my favourite is from Recipes for a Small Planet. I've found that using plain yogourt instead of buttermilk makes a more easily worked dough. I keep it plain (no raisins) and serve toasted with butter and honey. My Irish grandmother said it brought back memories.

May 12, 2009
Erdorou in Home Cooking

Easy Berry Butter Cake

I think it's really important to beat the egg/butter mixture very very well with the addition of each egg, like you'd do for a Dundee cake.

May 11, 2009
Erdorou in Recipes

Barley salad ideas

Simple works well, and colour too. Try chopped celery, red onion and dried cranberries and a simple EVOO dressing with a hint of heat (I like Green Tabasco). The heat and onion are needed to liven up the otherwise sweet and bland barley.

Apr 28, 2009
Erdorou in Home Cooking

Sick of the restaurant bottled water ripoff. Finally, someone is doing something about it

While I agree that Belleville, Ontario municipal water isn't always the greatest tasting, I wonder on what you're basing your diagnosis of "toxic" ?

Apr 01, 2009
Erdorou in Food Media & News