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Dinner near Franklin, MA

It's been a while since I have been in this area and I am clueless about what's still open or what's new.

The MIL will be in town during August and I need to find two nice places to take her for dinner. Since Belle's Bistro in Westford has closed (which makes me very sad), dinner 1 is slated to be at Lucia's Tavola ( in Ayer, so that is taken care of.

Dinner 2 is later in the month and needs be be further south, in the Franklin area. Asian, Italian, seafood, steak are all good options, just no Indian. Quaint, cozy and non-chain would be ideal.

Thanks in advance,

Salumeria in/near Worcester?

I am looking for a salumeria in the greater Worcester area. Something like Salumeria Italiana ( Does such a place of meaty deliciousness exist in the hinterlands?

cake, cake, cake!

I have had really good luck with Cake ( in Lexington. The product is fresh and delicious and Michele's designs are fabulous.

Looking fo Taiwanese ice "Snow"

Try Snowdaes (, 1075 Westford Street in Lowell.

Pie for Pi Day (Route 3 from Burlington to Nashua)

Thank you.

Petsi's was my plan B since it means a drive to Somerville or Cambridge. Since I have never been, which has a better parking situation?

Pie for Pi Day (Route 3 from Burlington to Nashua)

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday. It's Pi Day and since it's 2015 it's even better (3/14/15).

Does anyone have any recommendations for a place to find a great pie or two (savory or sweet, quiches and whoopie pies also are ok) between Burlington and the NH border?

Seoul Kitchen in Westford-Anyone Been?

I went back again last week. The avocado salad was fresh and perfect. the dumplings were delicious. The bibimbap was flavorful and warm, perfect for the last few (hopefully) cold days of winter. The spicy pork bulgogi was also excellent

We also tried the pear tart which was tasty but obviously came direct from the refrigerator. It was served far too cold.

Diners at the table next to us ordered the firecracker roll, which is wrapped in foil and set alight tableside. Kitchy, but it looked fun and I may try it next time.

Blood Farm is back!

This is great news! I am planning a shopping trip now.

Seoul Kitchen in Westford-Anyone Been?

I went with some friends to Seoul Kitchen right after the soft open. The owners completely renovated the space and it is dark and sleek.

To start, the person who answered the phone when making the reservation was just so lovely. It made a great first impression.

I loved the complimentary kimchi that was brought to the table.

We started with the southeast Asian wings, which came out quite under cooked. The server handled it well and the properly cooked wings were brought out by the manager who was very apologetic.

We also ordered the Wagyu beef croquettes (crispy and delicious), the Korean dumplings (excellent) and the avocado ball with tuna and tobiko (I didn't taste it).

I did order the $22.00 bulgogi and it was worth the price for me. With all the apps we ordered, I had enough of it to bring home for lunch the next day. The beef and cabbage worked so well together.

Friends ordered sushi and said they enjoyed it very much.

Bundt pans?

What is your favorite bundt pan?

I am in love with the Nordic Ware Heritage (

May 08, 2014
garnetmemory in Cookware

Sushi Yanagi at Drum Hill

I went to Sushi Yanagi for the first time back in February. I had been to the location once before when it was a Greek restaurant named Evzon.

The interior has been completely redone and is now dark and sleek. Booths line the exterior walls and the bar and sushi bar are raised up.

We had made a 6:30 reservation and were seated immediately.

The menu is extensive, with a wide variety of sushi, sashimi and cooked items.

The wait staff was very attentive and took drink orders immediately.

We started with the steamed shrimp shumai and the pan fried pork gyoza. Both were delicious.

We ordered the spicy tuna sushi and the salmon sushi, the salmon sashimi and the tuna sashimi. The presentation was gorgeous and the fish was very fresh.

We also ordered two shrimp tempura rolls (with spicy mayo on the side). The spicy mayo had a real kick and the extra flavor of sesame oil, which I have not tasted at other restaurants. The shrimp tempura rolls were amazing. I think the best I have ever had.

One member of our groups is a former chef so he has very high standards for restaurants. He said this was his new favorite sushi place.

Since that first visit we have been back several times. Each time the quality of the food and service has been wonderful.

Boston Chinatown

I've always liked Jumbo Seafood on Hudson Street. the food is good and not expensive.

Ben's Kosher Deli from NYC coming to Boston

I remember going to their LI locations. Can't wait for this to happen. I wonder where they would open.

Foodie stops between Nashua and Sugarbush

Driving from Nashua to Sugarbush (Warren, VT) on Wednesday for Thanksgiving.

Are there any nice stops for lunch on the way or little shops to pick up a perfect hostess gift? I am planning on Route 3 to Route 89.


Not in the area you asked about but I want to plug a local business.

Christine's Bakery on Route 4 in Billerica (in the strip of stores just south of Treble Cove Road) makes amazing donuts.

I love their vanilla cream filled and the caramel drizzled.

Dinner for six in Burlington/Bedford

Some friends are coming in from out of town for the weekend. They are staying in Bedford. I am looking for recommendations for dinner for six on Friday night nearby. I'd like delicious food and great service and also to avoid the touristy-ness of Legal Seafood and the price of L'Andana.

Any Chowhound suggestions?

Early Sunday dinner in Providence

I am looking for recommendations for an early Sunday dinner in/near Providence. We will need to be at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in LaSalle Square for a 7:00 PM show.

There are four of us (one kid, who is a total foodie).

I am looking for great food and service, but not super expensive. Is there anything in or near the DownCity area that fits the bill?

Lox and nova, north of Boston?

Can anyone make a recommendation for lox or nova along the Rt 3 corridor between Burlington and Nashua?

Easter dinner out or catered

Based on suggestions received here, friends and I went to L'Andana on Saturday evening. Dinner and service were impeccable.

I now come to you, oh wise readers of Chowhound, seeking more wisdom.

On the off chance you could not cook dinner yourself,

- Where would you take a party of ten for Easter dinner?
- Who would you call to have dinner catered?

Location or caterer should be between Nashua and Burlington.

Thank you,

Celebration of major life event (between Boston and Nashua)

A small very foodie group wants to celebrate a friend's upcoming major life event with dinner out this weekend (nothing like last minute plans!)

Any suggestions of some place amazing between Boston and Nashua?

Party includes foodies and a former professional chef who needs to be wowed. Typically, when we go out, his food comes out wrong (ever have a restaurant have to remake a steak _four_ times), and I'd like to avoid that.

Any cuisine is good and price is no object.

Thanks for your help!

- Garnet

Peanut Butter Sauce for Ice Cream Sundaes??


I made this recipe today and I am so glad I doubled the recipe!

I used an organic peanut butter that is almost pourable when not refrigerated, so the sauce was kind of loose. I added an extra 1/3 cup of peanut butter and it did thicken as it cooled.

The sauce was also a bit sweeter than the tasters in my house would like, so I also added a sprinkle of kosher salt.

Excellent recipe.

Apr 23, 2011
garnetmemory in General Topics

Friendly’s Peanut Butter Sauce

Made this today and it is to die for. I am glad I doubled the recipe!

I used an organic peanut butter that is softer than regular (almost pourable when not refrigerated) so it was not very thick. I added about 1/3 cup more peanut butter and it did thicken as it cooled.

It was a tad bit sweeter than the tasters in my house liked, so I also added a sprinkle of salt.

Apr 23, 2011
garnetmemory in Recipes

Sunday BRUNCH?? Nashua NH area

I loved Michael Timothy's for brunch. Just called today to make reservations for Sunday and they no longer do brunch. The restaurant is still open for lunch and dinner.

The website looks like they are going in a new direction, more towards a wine bar.

Michael Timothy's
212 Main St., Nashua, NH 03060

ISO Sunday brunch Westford area

I just tried to call Michael Timothy's in Nashua to make reservations for their Sunday brunch and found out they no longer do brunch.

Friends are coming to town this weekend and have enjoyed MT's before.

Pre-brunch plans include ski lessons at Nashoba Valley.

What would you recommend as an MT alternative?

ISO Sunday brunch Nashua and south

I just tried to call Michael Timothy's in Nashua to make reservations for their Sunday brunch and found out they no longer do brunch.

Friends are coming to town this weekend and have enjoyed MT's before.

Pre-brunch plans include ski lessons at Nashoba Valley.

What would you recommend as an MT alternative?

Michael Timothy's
212 Main St., Nashua, NH 03060

Which Thanksgiving Ham? Help needed

I'd recommend ordering a ham from Blood Farm in Groton. They do not have a website, but are located at 94 W Main St. Groton, MA and can be reached at (978) 448-6669.

Family owned for five generations and everything is fresh and delicious.

Nov 12, 2010
garnetmemory in General Topics

ISO ice cream cake Boston, MA to Nashua, NH

Carvel, the ideal ice cream cake maker of my youth, has closed it's store in Chelmsford. The next closest store in in Connecticut.

Does anyone have recommendations on where to get an ice cream cake for a birthday party on Friday?

If it were summer I'd head to Kimaball's but alas, they are not an option. I found Gary's Ice Cream ( Any reviews?

Gary's Ice Cream
131 Gorham St, Chelmsford, MA 01824

WOW cake

I posted about Cake in Lexington earlier today and I'd have to recommend them to you.

Their website is They have some photos of their cakes, but not a lot. Go to the shop and look at their photo album and have a taste of their cakes.

CAKE! In Lexington

Since seeing this thread and driving by Cake several times, I've stopped in to get cupcakes and have ordered a few birthday cakes there as well.

Michelle is incredibly accommodating. I called the day before a birthday to order a cake and she put together a custom cake in less than 24 hours (vanilla cake with lemon butter cream and raspberry preserves).

I had wanted a lemon cake and she said if I had given her more time she'd have been able to do that for me, so if there is some flavor you don't see on their menu, ask!

The flowers she used to decorate it were spectacular. We brought the cake with us to a local restaurant and people at the tables around us were amazed at how gorgeous the cake was. We shared the cake with other tables and everyone raved at how delicious it was.

I was able to give her more notice for the next birthday cake I ordered (red velvet with cream cheese frosting). We gave her some vague suggestion about a horse theme for the design and what she came up with was stunning.

While there I ordered several dozen cupcakes to bring to work with me. They were quickly scooped up and everyone loved them.

Michelle and Mitch are a pleasure to work with and I'd highly recommend Cake.

Lebanon Bologna around Boston?

I saw it at the Hannaford's on Rogers Street in Lowell last weekend