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Toronto Vacation Recommendations Needed

Thanks redearth. You are definitely correct. Slip of the tongue/fingers. whoops! :)

should not write responses while running out the door! proofreading is essential!

Toronto Vacation Recommendations Needed

In the Distillery District the kids (and you) might find School fun to visit. Upscale comfort food in a sort of neat environment (and yummy cupcakes).

Some Queen West lunch suggestions would be the fantastic wood-oven pizza from Terroni (there are 2 more locations in the city as well) or a picnic fish and chip's lunch from Chippy's (also a location on Bloor).

Budget Friendly, Quiet Dinner Suggestions

I wanted to stop in again and thank everyone for their suggestions. We ended up going with Sidecar, and when we got there my fella allowed me to throw our original budget to the wind! :) :) :)

It was a lovely suggestion. The staff were incredibly personable and professional and treated us wonderfully. The cocktails were amazing (we had a Spicy Ginger Lemonade and a Badass Mojito). The food was solid (starter: lobster bisque, sidecar salad, mains: 8 oz steak frites, Tiger Shrimp Pasta, enders: cheese plate, creme brulle). The only issues I took with the experience were that I wasn't too keen on the glass of red I ended up choosing to go with my steak (perhaps my fault, but it didn't seem that exciting/complex) and the cheese plate seemed to be comprised of whatever cheeses they used on the menu for other dishes (i.e. both parm-reg and peccorino were present in a selection of 4). The cheese plate did make up for in quanitity what it lacked in quality and imagination...and the creme brulee was was better than we expected, so that was great!

Anyways, I would definitely recommend trying this place out, but make a reservation and maybe go a bit earlier if you'd like a quieter atmosphere (the place was bumping on Saturday night, but we lucked out and got the quietest table).

Hidden gems on St. Clair W?

Pain Perdu is delicious for croissants and brunch-y goodness. I just reviewed it here:

1st Birthday Party Cupcakes

Martha has a lot of great ideas on this site, and you can mix and match the flavours. I made the brown sugar pound cake/browned butter glaze ones recently and they were AWESOME. But there are lots of other ideas here too. Particularly good for impressing adults and still catering to children's tastes!

I also made the boston cream cupcakes and they were pretty good, but really messy.


Apr 02, 2009
dish_and_rag in Home Cooking

NEED Orange Cake Mix in Calgary

Why don't you just get a plain cake mix and some orange flavouring? or better yet replace some of the liquid in the recipe with orange juice and some zest!

harder to cheat a red velvet cake from a mix, as the chocolate varieties are always darker and harder to tint. If you can find a light coloured/milk chocolate cake mix, you can just dye it red. It may be slightly different in taste, but perhaps a more reasonable substitute than shipping a case.

Or, as sweeterpea suggested, perhaps try from scratch! Its not as hard as you might think!

Budget Friendly, Quiet Dinner Suggestions

That does sound lovely to me! But alas, my picky boyfriend will not eat Indian food. He is clearly insane, but I like him anyway! Also, it is a bit far for us to travel this time around! I'll keep it in mind for other company!

Has anyone tried Delux? It sort of popped into my head yesterday. Do you think that's doable for $100? And is it a loud spot?

Restaurants with bar area for dining

Bif's I feel is pretty under-rated. Haven't been for awhile but they do have an oyster special in the bar area earlier in the evening. $1 an oyster!

Fresh yeast?

Benna's Bakery on Roncessvales usually has some stocked in the fridge, next to the dairy.

Budget Friendly, Quiet Dinner Suggestions

Thanks you everyone for the input! Lots of great suggestions here, but I've narrowed it down to Alice's, Sidecar, and Le Paradis. I'm going to pass these on to my dining companion and I'll keep you all posted on the results!

Budget Friendly, Quiet Dinner Suggestions

Also, agreed that Everest is terrible. I used to work around the corner from both Everest and East and have been to both. Its fine for a quick work lunch (I guess) but not what I'm looking for this time around!

Budget Friendly, Quiet Dinner Suggestions

I will definitely be checking out Weezie's at somepoint, and my baby sister's bf works the line there. But I think we might wait for a fam-jam for that one, and not a party of two! :)

The Dishwasher

GTown/Caledon/Brampton restaurant for shower?

I grew up in Georgetown but am not that familiar with the newer developments over the past 2 years.

Canneberges is lovely (it may have changed names, but it is on Main Street in an Inn like house...actually in might be called The Main Street Inn now, or something like that). They are especially good for ladies lunches, and you could probably call in advanced to arrange an afternoon tea or something.

One of my favourite spots in the area is The Terra Cotta Inn. Beautiful surroundings and great food. A bit higher end upstairs but they also have a pub in the lower level that is more casual/fun. Both have great food!

Have fun, wherever you choose!

The Dishwasher

Budget Friendly, Quiet Dinner Suggestions

Hi There!

I'm looking for some suggestions for a nice place to celebrate a special occasion for two, where a lovely meal & some wine would come to no more than $100 max (less if possible). My preference is somewhere quiet, but not boring. For us it is most convenient to stay south-westish in the City, and not hard to get to by TTC...but if something is really amazing I'd make an exception.

Thanks in advance!

The Dishwasher