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Try the Pomme D'Amour Pastry from Knead Patisserie, SF Mission (PICS)

Nope. It's in the same family but a completely different pastry.

Sun. Lunch for 12 Mission St. Yerba Buena area.

Worse comes to worse there is Tropisueno - which isn't a favorite of the board - but isn't bad. There's not many options in the area for Sunday lunch, unfortunately.

Grocery stores, Sunnyvale area (moved from San Diego)

Welcome! We are rich in restaurants but premium grocery stores are few and far between. You can use Instacart - if you don't go by one on your everday commute.

There is a farmer's market Saturday morning where Dish Dash etc. are. in Sunnyvale it's a decent one - has good produce but doesn't have all the rarer varieties available at say the Ferry Building Farmer's market.

In the Pf Changs/Trader Joes complex there's a produce stand, they have some interesting produce on occasion, but I don't stop by very often.

Madras Groceries cycles out their produce often and has high quality for an Indian grocery store. They also have a great selection of Indian goods.

Nijiya (technically mountain view) has a good selection of fish and japanese goods. (Though the Mitsuwa in west san jose is double the size).

I don't shop at Hankook (Korean grocery store) but people rave about it.

Felipe's is OK - produce is cheap but not always the highest quality.

Help me formulate a plan for TONIGHT: SPQR, Progress, State Bird [San Francisco]

fair enough. I just meant that when you walk outside State Bird there's not much right around on that block or so.

Help me formulate a plan for TONIGHT: SPQR, Progress, State Bird [San Francisco]

There's nothing much around State Bird whereas there's a fair amount of restaurants around SPQR.

Best croissant on the SF Peninsula?

Voyager du temps in Los altos and Alexander patisserie in mountain view do OK ones for $$$$.

One evening in San Fran / 5 nights in Napa

Also Burmese! I don't know if there is board consensus on a Burmese favorite. Yank Sing is the most convenient for dim sum and is very good if a bit corporate.

One evening in San Fran / 5 nights in Napa

Kim Khao for unique Thai, Dosa on Fillmore for South Indian. Both are exploring outside the standards and doing a great job at it.

Benu if you like the $$$$ dining. Look into Californios for something creative and different.

Hispanic cuisine I would look at Lolinda, nopalito, and taqueria cancun or la taqueria.

Don't forget the ferry building! The farmers market is great but even when the farmers market isn't on there's lots of great local purveyors.

Dirty Water - SF

The space is like a restoration hardware catalogue with lots of casual lounging spaces (if you get there at non peak times)
Liked the cocktails and beer list. Wine list isn't bad either.
Food isn't a standout but I had a better experience than the previous poster. Cocktails were balanced. Some interesting bites of food we liked the octopus, the peppers and the salmon. Flavored were fresh and balanced - did not rise to outstanding or must try.
Service was friendly but spotty. They were out of at least 2-3 food items but didn't realize it. Our server disappeared and the wine person and bussers had to help us.
Also coffee/tea/espresso was not available to end the meal.
No pastry chef.

Dairy free in SF

Most Asian restaurants are very dairy free and most restaurants in SF are dietary restriction friendly if you call ahead.
Kin Khao, Dosa, Yank Sing, the any number of Burmese, etc and many others
Check out the ferry building farmers market.
Eat your dinners as early as possible to avoid the crowds.
My mindis blanking on casual cal/American places but a search for burgers should bring them up.

San Francisco Dinning

Well as you may know in the summer there's a good chance views will be fogged over.

El Techo de Lolinda is a rooftop with nice views of the city serving Argentinian food. It's more of a casual patio than a sit down restaurant. Good is good - there can be a wait.

Waterbar, la mer are right by the water with solid food.

Sunnyvale or within a 15 minute drive // Best restaurants

Manresa would work. If this is during the weekdays, prepare for a 30 min drive during rush hour. Also a 2.5 hr + meal.

Sunnyvale or within a 15 minute drive // Best restaurants

As you may know, Sunnyvale has very little of what you are looking for.

I am not a fan of the food at Scratch (way worse New American than you can get in SF), but the setting is fun and they have good cocktails. Same for Cascal across the way on Castro St. Same for Xanh down the way. All have good setting and cocktails, food is fine.

Dishdash may not be high end enough for you but it's good food and sitting outside or inside it just feels like a cool space. The fact that the food is actually really good also helps!

A little further on in Palo Alto there is Tamarine or Reposado. Evvia has good food though I don't know about 'cool.' If you want to break the bank there's always Baume. The Sea by Alexander is a cool space but the food is decidedly mediocre. Joya is also a cool space but again the food is decidedly mediocre.

Adventurous not cool space? There's tons. Lots of Korean, Indian, Vietnamese and a decent amount of good Chinese and Thai.

Help with 25 person wedding reception restaurant ideas?

I haven't eaten there yet, but Dirty Water just opened and has event spaces.

Three days in SF

If you want a seafood place with a view Waterbar (more formal) or Hog Oyster (more casual).

Help with 25 person wedding reception restaurant ideas?

I know Beretta rents out their downstairs. I know it's not $$$$$, but it's not cheap either. Worth a look.

Hakkasan, Spruce, Perbacco, Boulevard, La Mar, Le Colonial . . .also look into Press Club SF.

Sunday South Bay breakfast

I'm putting this here, even though it's not what you want (sorry) just because there's so few South Bay inquiries:

Lou's in Los Gatos is great for Breakfast in the South Bay esp. if you're heading down to Santa Cruz after. It is diner food, but the quality and care is high. It does tend to have a wait.

Chromatic and Philz are both somewhat-ish close to the area.

Rich Table. Ala carte or chefs tasting? [San Francisco]

I really love the lime avocado popsicles from fat face, BUT they taste more like lime + creamy than an intense taste of avocado. I think avocado + kale would be too green a taste for me as dessert.

It comes from not having proper pastry chefs. Everything is ice creams/granita/sorbets/custards - I imagine they wanted to create something interesting without pastry and so decided on 'unexpected' ingredients. Or maybe they just bought too much avocado and kale that week!

Special Occasion Dinner for 4 in November?

Boulevard doesn't have too much of a din and is near downtown. Very solid renditions of New American food.

Waterbar could work if everyone likes seafood.

Rich Table. Ala carte or chefs tasting? [San Francisco]

The failure of dessert at so many of the high end places in SF is a constant disappointment to me. Thanks for the report! It's nice to get updates on Rich Table.

Trip report 6/26-6/30 [San Francisco]

Thank you for reporting back! The octopus dish at Kin Khao is one of my favorites. I wonder if you got a dud (e.g. more charred than normal) or if we have different standards for char.

Are you from South East Asia? You seem to have a good read on the cuisine and would love to know where you've found places that are up to snuff (either in the SF Bay Area previously or anywhere in the USA as I'm also someone who loves good representations from Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia and feel constantly burned) . I'm sorry your visit here was a string of disappointments!

New Yorkers Seeking the Good Stuff

In this era of globalization, you can find a basic, good enough version of practically anything in any major city. What's the point of food exploration at all?

There is more to South Indian cuisine than one dish - dosa (just like there's more to Italian cuisine than one dish - pizza).

I just find it insulting to break down Italian cuisine into its particulars and regions and have a genuine interesting chow-ish conversation about where there could be differences between NYC and SF. The discussion is educational and informative. There is genuine joy about trying different variations and different takes of similar dishes.

And then turn to the rest of the world and make sweeping generalizations. Burmese? (meh a whole rich country's cuisine, not worth trying). South Indian? (meh you can readily get this one dish in NYC so I'd pass). Empanadas? (meh there's a suitable version all over the place in NYC - what's the point of trying variations or different producers?)

What's the point? That's what chowhounders are supposed to be doing! Trying different versions and variations of foods and ranking them, and dissecting them, and debating them. Not being satisfied with this good enough version you can get down the street at home.

What's the point of going to the ferry building farmers market? You can get fruit and vegetables in NYC.

New Yorkers Seeking the Good Stuff

It's much more than the name they have a lot of interesting South Indian curries and seafood dishes that are hard to find. They also unearthed a lot of interesting meat dishes that are not available at the typical South Indian Veg places. That's on top of using a much more interesting array of herbs and vegetables than other places.

It's frankly insulting to insinuate that all South Indian cuisine is dosas and curries using cheap vegetables and that you are puzzled why anyone would want to try the rest.

New Yorkers Seeking the Good Stuff

We've had this disagreement before I will just say there is no high end Sourh Indian in NYC

New Yorkers Seeking the Good Stuff

Kin Khao for an interesting take on Thai and Dosa on Fillmore for South Indian.

Aziza or Mourad for Cal-Mediterranean

Nopa, Frances, Zuni, Rich Table, Stones Throw, State Bird Provisions are among the most cal cal.

Make sure to stop by the Ferry Building!

Best Chinese available for takeout in the Menlo Park area

Second Da Sichuan. Emphasize that you want it Sichuan spicy. They do tasty, satisfying renditions - not particularly complex in the layering of flavors.

Guest from Hong Kong recommendation?

Second Flea Street Cafe.

Also Village Pub (though my last visit wasn't as on point as previous) or Donato Enoteca. The Restaurant at Rosewood isn't bad if they are more atmosphere people.

old-school high-end for celebratory dinner

I find Jardinière lackluster for the $$$$ but other people love it and it meets your other requirements. Same for Spruce.

Two Best AVAs for Napa/Sonoma Trip (Group with Varied Palates)

Sparkling Wine around Napa:

Schramsberg is the wine lovers favorite, followed by either Domaine Carneros or Mumm


If you want a smaller winery experience in Napa you'll have to make appointments. I would check out either the Spring Mountain AVA or the Howell Mountain AVA. There's lots of threads on both of these AVAs.

Also, Trespass is great small (doesn't have a bathroom I believe) with excellent reds.

White wines will be an issue - they are often considered throw aways in Napa. Many only make one good Chard and that's it. Darioush for all its flamboyance makes a good varied set of whites. Chateau Montelena is another.

Top 5 restaurants in San Francisco...?

I enjoy Quince as well for a slightly more traditional tasting menu with an excellent wine list.