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chicago - where to refill my grill's liquid propane tank?

exactly! i had a nice tank with a gauge that showed when it was running low, and where i used to live, filling my tank was cheaper than exchanging. thanks for everyone's help.

Aug 14, 2010
chicagopaint in Chicago Area

Pescetarian at TAC Quick

I am a pescetarian (vegetarian, but i eat seafood including fish, shrimp, mussels, etc). What should I order at TAC Quick tonight? I need to make sure that dishes do not have any meat other than seafood - so no chicken/beef/pork or chicken broth, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Aug 05, 2010
chicagopaint in Chicago Area

Spring Restaurant . . . Yelp Eats 2010 FAIL!

I WAS really torn on how to review this restaurant - pretty good food but horrible Yelp Eats experience and horrible Yelp experience. (Also, Yelp moved my review from Spring to Yelp Eats 2010 even though my negative review was not just for my Yelp Eats experience, but for Spring itself. Tacky.)

I made a reservation for 2 for Yelp Eats 2010. We were all set to order the tuna tartare, farm egg ravioli, barramundi, and sea scallops. However, when we showed up the menu was different than I remembered. I thought that I had made the mistake and looked at another restaurant's menu, but no. I came home and checked the menu posted on Yelp Eats 2010 and it was different. Our server never even mentioned it. I read on another yelp reviewer's post that the change was because they misread the promotion and thought it was for $35. Well, we weren't even offered the option to upgrade any of our dishes.

So we ended up ordering a bottle of champagne, 2 coconut lemongrass soups, 1 eggplant, 1 skate, 1 panna cotta, and one chocolate dome. Then, we each paid $5 extra to get 2 oysters each.

Overall, the food was good. The coconut lemongrass soup was so tasty, the skate was really great. However, the eggplant dish was a disappointment. It was nothing special, muddy flavors, and there was a lot of fried food on my plate, which I really didn't like, at all. It said it was supposed to come with grilled garlic scapes, but I never saw any. All I saw were big clumps of green been and other unidentified tempura. And, I could hardly taste the eggplant. Also, the oysters were a waste of $10 (2 orders). They were the tiniest oysters I've ever seen in my life. They were about the size of a sour patch kid. And one of my oysters was unbelievably tiny even in relation to the three other oysters. It was a little bit of a let down. They tasted great, but were underwhelming because you hardly had an opportunity to taste them.

Our server was very nice and informative. But, upon learning that he never even mentioned or explained the menu change, I am pissed! When I read the menu, I was really disappointed but thought it was my mistake. No, it was Spring's mistake. You are a business, try reading and confirming details before you participate in a promotion! No one mentioned the change when they called to confirm my reservation (even though I mentioned that we would be participating in the Yelp Eats promotion), when we showed up, or when they gave us the changed menu.

How disappointing from what would otherwise be a great place to eat.. And, it is only a couple blocks from where I live. I think the restaurant should have conducted themselves in a more professional manner, maybe told me about the menu change and explained themselves for the dramatic changes to their Yelp Eats menu. I don't think I will be going back to Spring based on how they handled this.

Jun 28, 2010
chicagopaint in Chicago Area

Where can I buy tamarind paste in Chicago?

I bought a small jar of tamarind paste from Patel Bros. on Devon.

Jun 11, 2010
chicagopaint in Chicago Area

chicago - where to refill my grill's liquid propane tank?

Hi - I live in Bucktown in Chicago and I want to refill my grill's liquid propane tank, not exchange it for a full tank at a gas station. Does anyone know where I can take my tank to have it filled? Thanks!

Jun 11, 2010
chicagopaint in Chicago Area

Sex in the City weekend

if you end up not being able to get into topolobampo or frontera, you could always go to Xoco ( for lunch before your architectural boat tour. that way you could try some more casual rick bayless food. they have really good tortas and caldos.
Tuesday–Thursday: 7am–9pm
Friday: 7am–10pm
Saturday: 8am–10pm
Sunday–Monday: Closed

May 07, 2010
chicagopaint in Chicago Area

Out-of-Towners looking for good vegetarian food

i love amitabuls on north milwaukee. it's a little bit of a hike, but it's worth it. really good soup (the cure-all soup), korean vegetable pancakes, kimchi noodles, stir fry, etc.

i like hai yen for vietnamese food up on argyle because i find them to be the most considerate and helpful when tailoring dishes to be vegetarian and vegan. i really do like tank, but depending on my waiter/waitress, they are not very helpful with ensuring that dishes are vegetarian.

i love coco pazzo and have had some really great veggie dishes there. good wine, yummy beet salad, i had a gnocchi dish that they modified to be vegetarian.

i haven't tried double li restaurant in chinatown, but i hear great things. it is a sichuan restaurant. i'm hoping that it will be easy to ask questions about the food to ensure that it is vegetarian.

i love going up to devon for indian food. i love the floating idli at udupi palace. but, there are so many other great vegetarian places up there.

bleeding heart bakery (belmont/damen) has really good vegan bakery items (cupcakes, scones, cake balls, etc etc).

i had an amazing all vegetarian dinner at topolo. really really really good.

for brunch, i enjoy the black bean cakes at wishbone restaurant up in lakeview. it has a lot of southern style food. i usually get black bean cakes, grits, corn muffin.

good luck! i've had a really easy time finding great vegetarian food in chicago.

May 01, 2010
chicagopaint in Chicago Area

Carmel Bakery Pretzel Recipe?

I am trying to recreate the pretzels at the Carmel Bakery in Carmel, CA for my Dad's birthday. Has anyone had these or have any ideas?

Mar 16, 2010
chicagopaint in Home Cooking

Addison Brownline Recs?

I recently moved from River North to Lakeview, right off the Addison Brownline stop. Does anyone have any good food recommendations for the area? It would be great if it is within walking distance, and I don't mind a bit of a walk, but I also often take buses and the el. I've explored the area a little bit with the dog on walks, but would love some suggestions of places with good food. I love any cuisine of food (Mexican, Ethiopian, Indian, Japanese, Indian etc etc). I especially love finding good neighborhood places with reasonable prices. I also love bars that actually have good food (like Hopleaf). Thanks in advance!

Oct 08, 2009
chicagopaint in Chicago Area

Help with fun and yummy yet inexpensive dining for a group of around 20...

while i don't know of any close to the loop, i would do ethiopian for dinner. it is always great for groups and always cheap. many places are also byob. otherwise, greektown is also reasonably priced and close to the loop.

Sep 17, 2009
chicagopaint in Chicago Area

ethiopian restaurant?

hi- my friend wants to go to an ethiopian restaurant in chicago for her birthday on friday. does anyone know of any good places? i've heard of ethiopian diamond and ras dashen, but i've never been to either. we've all eaten ethiopian food before, just not in chicago. most of us are vegetarian so if you have any dish recommendations for the restaurants, let me know. thanks in advance.

Jul 13, 2009
chicagopaint in Chicago Area

Need Recommendation: Sat Night

i would try going to FRONTERA ( (apparently they take a limited number of reservations, but i've never managed to work that out). regardless, you can always get some margaritas and ceviche while you are waiting for a table to open up. i know it's not wine, but they do have great margaritas. and it is in river north.
there is a tapas place called CAFE IBERICO( in river north, but i really don't like it, at all.
another option that i lot of people enjoy is QUARTINO ( it can be a fun atmosphere with italian small plates, wine, etc.
BRASSERIE JO ( is in river north, and i have always had a great time there with friends - good food, wine, atmosphere.
i also really like going to HUB 51 ( with friends. it is a good place to sit and talk over appetizers and wine and the hub tea for a couple hours.
my last suggestion would be NACIONAL 27 ( they have yuumy small plates and drinks. again, not an extensive wine list, but . . . very good.

May 29, 2009
chicagopaint in Chicago Area

Graduation dinner with younger siblings

i think coco pazzo is a great place for your dinner. the food is great, the service is wonderful, and the atmosphere is nice but not too fancy.

May 29, 2009
chicagopaint in Chicago Area