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Nice but less expensive wedding locations?

How about La Terrazza?

Savary Island Pie flooded?

They are closed for at least a month, according to their site :(

Purebread 'n the Hood-It's Open!!!

went by today - closed due to flood!

Arms Reach? Best view/meal dinner (again)

As mentioned in the link posted by LR - Salmon House On The Hill has a good view and decent food. I had a nice dinner there with clients about a month back.

new to north shore

I enjoy Mythos and Pasparos in North Van. Mythos is a bit more casual.

new to north shore

I also enjoy Mangia e Bevi in West Vancouver. In North Van I like Cazba as noted by waylman, as well as Finch and Barley for middle eastern fusion pub food, Tamarind Hill for Malaysian, District for a beer and a snack, Pier 7 for a drink on the patio (food is only so-so). Thomas Haas down by the auto mall makes good pastries (closed Sunday Monday).

Coloured Bread?

The Bakehouse in Edgemont Village does rainbow bread. They might be able to do individual colours.

BC grown dried shitake mushrooms

There is also a vendor at Lonsdale Quay market in North Vancouver - West Coast Wild Foods, I think.

Breakfast in Vancouver 2014

I like to peruse this blog when I'm looking for new places to go... http://breakfastinvancouver.blogspot.ca/

Good to excellent Greek restaurants in Vancouver city limits ?

Pasparos in North Vancouver. http://www.pasparos.com/

Best Local Type Chains in Greater Vancouver Area?

The one at Park Royal is closing soon (relocating down the parking lot). The one at Park and Tilford still does car service.

The Current State of Persian food in Vancouver? Who's on top?

Cazba on 16th!


my favourite is Nicli. Yum!

Restaurant Recs For A Girls Weekend in San Diego

Thanks for all the recs... looks like we'll have a good list to start exploring. Local input is much appreciated - I know the 'where should we eat' posts are kind of annoying, and I'm happy to reciprocate if need be :)

Jul 18, 2013
amelieducroix in San Diego

Restaurant Recs For A Girls Weekend in San Diego

Thanks, this is what I was going for! Sounds like a good list. Time to google!

Jul 18, 2013
amelieducroix in San Diego

Restaurant Recs For A Girls Weekend in San Diego

Hi San Diego Chowhounders,

A girlfriend and I are taking a long weekend and visiting San Diego. We are from Vancouver, so we eat a lot of seafood and Cantonese / Thai / Indian / Vietnamese / Sushi day to day, and are looking for whatever's great in San Diego. We are looking for 2 nice dinners and some casual lunch spots. Our hotel is near the Midway, and we won't have a car, but are willing to walk/cab/transit, and intend to be out and about exploring your fine city, so we're not restricted to that area.

Thanks in advance!

Jul 17, 2013
amelieducroix in San Diego

Sushi Bella on Davie in Vancouver

The original Sushi Bella is in North Van, across from my office, so a number of us go there a lot. I haven't been to the one on 4th in Kits, so I can't comment on it, and the one on Davie is in my neighbourhood - I have tried it a couple of times. I find the one in North Van to be better. The Davie location is hit or miss. I enjoy the specialty rolls and agedashi tofu trio. http://www.sushibella.com/

Wedding cake recommendations

I have used Cake Conspiracy on several occasions. Can't speak to the gf cakes, but the other cakes are delish! http://www.cakeconspiracy.ca/

In search of ramps

Acorn on Main has them on the menu right now.

Where to Locate Mexican Ingredients

Los Guerreros on Kingsway may have what you need

Kits Happenings

I stumbled across that one (5th and Quebec) last weekend! Seems they're popping up everywhere!

Recommendations needed for a wine group dinner

Brix might be an option... they might negotiate their corkage fees. http://brixvancouver.com/


I will throw Raincity Grill into the mix. http://www.raincitygrill.com/index.ph...

FWIW they refer to themselves as pacific north west :)

Boneless chicken breasts

yup... you get the whole sitting on the floor, drapey fabric, pillows and candles experience.

Boneless chicken breasts

Paryatan street near Mandala...I've heard that it recently moved, but ask around, it's popular. It's a veg/middle eastern type of place. Fantastic hummus, falaffel, salads, breads

Boneless chicken breasts

I always get mine at Costco. Side note, Or2K in Thamel is yummy and a nice change from Dal Bhat!

What Are You Enjoying From President's Choice Blue Menu (or Organics) Products ?

frozen greek yoghurt smoothie bars! and the peanut sauce.

Nontraditional wedding cake

I've had good luck (and yummy cake) at Cake Conspiracy http://www.cakeconspiracy.ca/

Looking for a venue in Vancouver for cocktails and appetizers for 50, financial crowd

the penthouse at the Loden hotel can be rented if you're looking for something different...

Kits Happenings

from kitsilano.ca

"Located in Kitsilano, the classic-style bar with laid-back charm, opens with the commitment to give Kits locals a true neighbourhood spot to call their own.

Bill Keriasotis, co-owner of Colony shares, “The vision for Colony is a welcoming, carefree place to kick back and relax with friends any day of the week; hear some good music, eat some good food and maybe take in a game.”

“We’ve held this locale within my family for years as the old billiards hall – I grew up here with family and friends. So with the transformation into Colony, it’s a dream come true to make this my own with those same sentiments rooted at the core”, he adds.

The 100-seat watering hole will offer a stocked bar, along with ten beers on rotating taps, $4 dollar daily beers, a full menu with $10-dollar lunch items from Monday to Friday, and DJs spinning on Friday and Saturday nights.

Additionally, sun-loving Kits locals will be happy to know Colony will open a patio in the Spring, with sliding garage doors to welcome the warmer weather."