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Who Has Boston's Best Bagels?

Bagel World in Peabody if you are on the north shore

May 02, 2012
munchandcrunch in Features

Dinner in Littleton NH

Or drive fifteen minutes south. Sugar Hill inn for fine dining. Franconia Inn for just below fine dinning, or above the notch for higher end pub food.

Sugar Hill in is very good, prix fixe, small but reasonable wine list.

Franconia Inn
Easton Rd, Franconia, NH 03580

The New Del Frisco's

I would have to say steak houses are not fine dining. In the end you are getting meat, seared on the outside with lavish piles of carbs on the side.

The culinary expertise and creativity required from a steak house is nearly nil, beyond the ability to accurately judge the meat's cooked level.

Can it be an expensive and somewhat refined experience, yes. I would not call it fine dining however. Steak houses have their own classification.

Del's still has the best room I have been in, in Boston. Although I hear the new fine dining room next door at Legal's is spectacular.

The New Del Frisco's

I am not a PR flack, I am a sales manager at a tech company.

Generally, I am not big on steakhouses as I am a pretty good cook and always felt I could cook a steak as well as an overpriced chophouse for a fraction of the cost. Spend the big bucks on the food that would take me more time to cook than I have.

That being said, I have 20 years on the road on an expense account, and have some perspective on restaurants.

We were there for a celebration, so we needed a restaurant that would please diverse palates. The room is fabulous and the steak was too. There was energy and motion in the room.. L'espallier may be the best dinner in town, but better suited for an anniversary with your spouse than a group. I stand by my reviews, but of course, if you are a vegan, it is not the place for you.

The New Del Frisco's

There is a new contender in Boston for Best Steak in town, and a clear cut winner for the best overall steak house.

The experience of Del Frisco's is unmatched in Boston.

We dined with a party of ten on opening night, and the service and food was nearly flawless. One diner chose the lobster, and they did not bring out the drawn butter to accompany it, however it was quickly rectified. Other than that the service was fast, efficient, fun and friendly. They are seeming always there when you need them. Ant there is a lot of them. No trays and tray stands at this restaurant, an entire platoon of staff hand delivered everything at once.

The steaks are unnecessarily served with knives which resemble Excalibur. A butter knife would more than sufficient for thier tender cuts. The bone in rib eye was tremendously flavorful, but in my opinion the 12 oz filet mignon was the star of the show. Juicy and tender, may be the best steak I ever had.

The Chateau potatoes are the best starch side. The potatoes au grotton were only ok. For apps the oysters on the half shell were up to par, the fried oysters excellent, and a few people on the table said the crab cakes were the best they ever had.

Although every chop house in Boston has refined decor, Del Frisco's has an element no other can match. The entire back wall is floor to ceiling windows providing an unobstructed vista of Boston Harbor across to the airport.

It combines a sleek, rich and refined decor with and ocean side location, including an outdoor balcony with table dining.

Joined by Remmy's, Temazcal Mexican Restaurant, and the new flagship Legal Seafood. The entire Liberty Warf complex is the new destination in Boston.

If you have a big event or celebration, Del Frisco's is the place to go.

250 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

Tico - did tasting menu with friends last night

Sorry to hurt your feelings, I should not have been age specific, but I was trying to be helpful. It was not the food that was the issue, but the noise. It detracted from the dining experience. And yes, I am sure there are some seventy year youngs out there that would thrive on dining among the din, but I think that most would not. I stand corrected and embarrassed if I offended your youthfulness. Perhaps it is that I am too cranky too early in my life.

Tico - did tasting menu with friends last night

We went on their second night open, and they have to get the kinks out. Server was friendly and unpretentious, however it was busy and it was slow. The music is way too loud, in fact it was the second loudest resturant I have eaten in, beaten only by a late night dinner rececently at TAO in NYC. I don't mind it on the bar side, which is big, but they need to turn it down a couple clicks on the dining room side. It feels like they are piping in fake energy, and they don't need to.

The food is very good. Most of the Tapas are fish/veggie so unless you are ordering an entree, you will be in jepordy of leaving a bit on the hungry side. Everything was fresh, and there was a nice mix of spice texture. I did not see all the beef options the first review had on the menu. The wine list (I only look at the reds) was California, Spain, Chile and Argentina. I ordered an Argentinian that I am familiar with, and let me tell you they have a very healthy markup on their wines.

I would have to guess that I don't have a VIP next to my name, as I saw the chef in the dining room a couple of times, but he certainly did not come to my table to guide my dinner choices, which I should add I did not expect nor should I.

Over all, a good experience accounting for the recent opening, a good place if you dine with people you are comfortable sharing plates with. Not a romantic dinner out, not really for parents over the age of sixty.

Our check for two, with tip was $140 with 2 drinks and a $34 bottle of wine so the prices are not unreasonable.

Go ahead, give it a try.

Marliave-RW- anyone go yet?

We ate upstairs about a month ago. The food was very good. I must say that my beef wellington was cooked perfectly, but I would agree that it was light on the fois gras. I also got the truffel version, but I could not even detect a hint of their flavor. Service was good, but there were only six people in the room so it should have been. Very pricey for the space, a bit pricey for the food. I think it would be nice in the spring when they can open the wrap around window.