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Need affordable dinner spot - SOMA/Downtown Thursday night

-Dinner spot this Thursday night
-Around $20-25/pp
-Location in/around/near/walkable to Mont. St. BART
-Good food
-Space for about 7 people (minimal wait time, or takes a late reservation)

-No 'chain' places
-A real SF experience (half are from NYC)
-Preferably has table service (we want to visit together - not at a grab & go place.)
-Good food

Our crowd of seven is pretty open to all cuisines. We have one picky eater, but so long as we don't do sushi - she's OK.

Got ideas?

Sep 01, 2009
jdem in San Francisco Bay Area

New England Style Hot Dog Buns


After doing a board search, I couldn't find much on finding a place to buy NE style hot dog buns. I'm specifically looking to satisfy an urge to make lobster rolls at home - and would prefer to do it the "real" way.

Does anyone have an idea of where to buy NE style rolls in the Bay Area? I live in SF, do have a car, and will travel to get them if necessary. Not willing to do mail order - would rather supplement with a "close enough" version.

I'm wondering if places in the area that serve lobster rolls would have a distributor rec or would sell direct to me. I'm new to the area - so any/all advice is appreciated .


May 28, 2009
jdem in San Francisco Bay Area

Mission Street Food

Has anyone been to MSF as a single diner? I just moved to town with S.O. who is away for work & was thinking of treating myself to an evening out.

May 28, 2009
jdem in San Francisco Bay Area