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Northwest Phoenix

Wow thanks! Arrowhead Grill and Tutti Santi looks great! Thanks for the suggestions!

Oct 03, 2009
petee330 in Phoenix

Northwest Phoenix

My family resides in Northwest Phoenix and is looking for new great restaurants in the area. Their typical night out would be at Firebird's in Peoria (to get a sense of their dining). But my father has tired of the same and wants some change. Is there any reliable, good restaurants in the Northwest area? Looking for steak houses/American, Italian, or Chinese. My family is unfortunately not too adventurous. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!

Oct 02, 2009
petee330 in Phoenix

Michelin Star Restaurant Phx

I'm a foodie who is going to be visiting my hometown Phoenix in October. As a bonding experience, my father has agreed to take me to ANY restaurant in the city. I have never been to a Michelin starred restaurant, so since I won't be paying (thank goodness!) I thought this would be my one and only opportunity (at least for now). Are there any three or two Michelin starred restaurants in Phx? If not, what would be the BEST restaurant to go to for an adventurous food lover? Anywhere in the Phoenix area. Thanks!!

Aug 05, 2009
petee330 in Phoenix

NoVa Pizza inside the beltway?

The pizza at Rustico in Alexandria is pretty good. I think it's a bit overpriced (especially for the portions), but good pizza and awesome beer! What's not to love!

Bastille, Alexandria VA

I driven by Bastille near Old Town and wondered what other people thought about it? Would it be a good quiet romantic place for dinner? Thanks!

Best Date options in Annapolis

Next week I plan on going on a date into Annapolis. I'm not vary familiar with the area and was wondering what would be the best date options. Not too expensive (around $15-$25 a plate) and I'm open to various cuisines. Anything near the water any good? Thanks!