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Canary Wharf- London - Persian Food

Pretty sure there isn't anything Persian locally. As well as the options already listed, I'd add Amerigo Vespucci for Italian and The Dock for fish. Plus my standby whenever anyone is visiting, The Gun, which is a lovely old historical pub and restaurant.

Nov 03, 2014
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Sunday Dinner rec., near Canary Wharf

I'd have a look at The Gun pub. It's about a 10 minute walk from Canary Wharf station and has a lovely location on the Thames. Does a roast on Sunday as well as its normal menu.

I *think* Tom's Kitchen closes early on a Sunday (tried to head there recently and was disappointed). Otherwise, Boisdale is a solid choice.

Other than that, I'm afraid it's pretty much all chains. Of those (and the ones that stay open on Sunday night), Jamie's Italian is ok, as is Browns.

Jul 10, 2014
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

HELP! Need a thanksgiving turkey in London!

Waitrose usually get fresh ones in for Thanksgiving (and I think they keep frozen ones all year round).

Unfortunately, unless you do "resort" to Tesco, I don't think you'll find a whole bird cheaply.

Nov 27, 2013
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Blackwall, Poplar or Limehouse

Excellent, glad you enjoyed. Forgot to mention the man in the river -- almost worth the trip just to see him!

Sep 24, 2013
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Greenwich, England lunch

The Gipsy Moth, just near the Cutty Sark (boat) does very good pub food. Not sure if the market is fully open on a Tuesday, but worth poking your head in in case the food stalls are there.

Sep 24, 2013
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Blackwall, Poplar or Limehouse

Is a lovely little Italian restaurant near Blackwall DLR. Humungous portions, so you could probably get away with starters just for lunch.

If you're going back to Limehouse, The Grapes (now owned by Ian McKellen) is a nice little pub. I'd avoid Ramsay's The Narrow as I've always found it chilly, both literally and atmospherically.

Also nearish Blackwall is The Gun pub. Bar menu and (more expensive) restaurant option. Lots of history and lovely to sit on the river if the weather's good.

Edit: Just remembered the awfully named but very reasonably priced Scoff and Banter restaurant at the Radisson Blu, which is also v near Blackwall. Menu looks v appealing, but might be a bit corporate/soulless.

Sep 16, 2013
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

casual foodie visits london

I'm hoping and assuming that's tongue in cheek. Or perhaps written in 1954.

Sep 13, 2013
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Upscale creative London - advice needed

Have heard lots of good things about The Dairy in Clapham. Might be worth a look.

Sep 05, 2013
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland


The Gypsy Moth, which is just by the Cutty Sark is also good, although like everywhere else in Greenwich, tends to be rammed at the weekends. Big garden, though, which is lovely if the weather's nice.

Apr 15, 2013
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Two Days in Bath with Kids

Given the OP's request for not too fancy or pricey, I think it is worth recommending the better chains. But then personally, I shudder when terms like "chow-worthy" are bandied around.

Mar 19, 2013
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Two Days in Bath with Kids

I'd second the Hop Pole. Really lovely place and lots of kids running round when I was there last summer.

Not fancy, but I had a very nice dinner at Cote, which is a smallish chain specialising in steak that has a prix-fixe that's very reasonable. It's in the same building as Jamie's Italian, which is undoubtedly child-friendly, but possibly a bit more expensive than you're looking for. That said, it does have a lovely deli attached to it, which might be good for takeaway lunches.

Mar 18, 2013
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

German restaurants in London

I'd avoid the Bavarian Beerhouses (Tower Hill and City Road) at all costs. They're just horrible over-priced City pubs. Food mediocre, beer served in chipped steins, toilets somewhere I'd really rather forget.

Feb 28, 2013
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Brasserie Zedel - London

Agree with most posts here. Went on Saturday night and was hugely disappointed. I very much enjoyed the Delaunay, so was hoping for similar standards of food and service, but it was terrible. Tiny portions of mediocre food and service so chilly it was verging on rude.

In particular, the pate de campagne was unpalatably cold and served without any toast/bread (fortunately there were a couple of slickes left in the bread basket). Confit duck with lentils was fine, if miniscule. Beef bourgignon tasted good but had about three pieces of beef in it. Profiteroles seemed stale.

Saving grace is that it was cheap, but equally, I think there are better meals to be had at that price point in Soho that won't leave you feeling in need of a bag of chips on the way home!

Feb 25, 2013
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

short trip to London - with vegan options

For your husband's solo meals in CW, I'd recommend Goodman, a steak restaurant. Fabulous (if not cheap) meat.
Also in CW are a couple of v good tapas places, which would probably accommodate both of your needs. Iberica and Camino are both lovely, but Camino probably edges it dues to its location on the Thames -- lovely spot to watch the sun go down with a glass of sherry!
The Gun gastropub is worth a visit, again for its stunning location. It has a good restaurant, but I'm not sure what the veg/vegan options are.

Oct 18, 2012
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Restaurant recommendations for near Canary Wharf or ExCel conference venue

As well as seconding a recommendation for The Gun (not least because it's a bit more interesting for tourists, given its location and history), there are a couple of very good tapas restaurants in Canary Wharf. Iberica is in the more central part of the Wharf and is great, while Camino is on the river and as well as good food, is a lovely place to sit and watch the sun set on the river.

Apr 18, 2012
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Brik pastry (London) Where can I get it?

Pretty sure I've seen it in Asda (the large one in E14 -- carries a lot of "ethnic" food).

Apr 05, 2012
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

[London] What are your favourite places to eat and drink in Soho or Mayfair?

The Windmill is a great pub, down the bottom of Maddox St. It specialises in pies, but also does some fabulous bar nibbles. It's lovely and cosy and definitely a pub to sit down and chat in.

And if you're on Maddox St, I really like Goodman for steak. They used to do a set lunch, which was be £18 for two courses and good value (not sure if it's still on).

Feb 15, 2012
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

9" pie dishes - where to buy in UK?

Have you tried Lakeland or John Lewis? They're the usual places I'd try for that kind of thing.

Nov 21, 2011
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

late dinner near wilton's music hall

Pretty sure there's another recent thread about this -- probably worth doing a quick search.

Nov 18, 2011
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Breakfast and Lunch in London

You might also want to consider breakfast at Hawksmoor Guildhall. Newly opened and getting some excellent reviews. But really does depend whereabouts you're aiming to sightsee.

Edit -- not sure how the automatic links work, but this has linked to their Shoreditch restaurant, rather than the new one.

157 Commercial Street, London E1 6BJ, GB

Nov 17, 2011
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Best choices in/near Canary Wharf? [London]

I'd second the recommendation for The Gun, which is a 10 minute walk away but worth the trip -- lots of history. If you've walked that way, there's also a very nice little Italian place -- Il Bianco. Huge pizzas and pastas and usually a couple of good fish specials (it's v close to London's fish market, Billingsgate).
Camino down at Westferry Circus for tapas and nice views of the Thames.
Browns if you're near West India Quay and just want something quick and reliable.

Depending on when you're visiting, Goodman are opening a new steakhouse this week and Iberica are also opening next Monday (tapas and sherry). Gastronomically speaking, the area is definitely looking up!

Nov 14, 2011
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

24-hour restaurants in Central London?

I think Balans in Soho is open 24 hrs.

Nov 14, 2011
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Suggestions for Cambridge?

Alimentum has been highly recommended to me, although haven't managed to get down there yet.

152 - 154 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 8PB, GB

Nov 11, 2011
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

What to eat with bangers/ bramley apple bangers? [moved from UK/Ireland]

It would have to be sausages with mash and gravy for me. Pork and apple is a lovely combo, although I've not tried the Tesco one. Personally, I wouldn't add anything sweet to them as they caramelise quite a bit when you cook them. Just lots of lovely onion gravy.

Nov 09, 2011
juniper77 in General Topics

London's best steak?

Yes, I've ordered from them and was really pleased both with the service and the product. Lovely meat - beautifully aged and marbled, and like you say, relatively speaking, reasonably priced.

Sep 27, 2011
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

The "other" Jose, Bermondsey Street, Bermondsey/Southwark, London

I think it's going to be called Pizarro...

Aug 17, 2011
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Exiled to Canary Wharf

Really? That's both fabulous and terrible (for my wallet) news. It also reminds me that Iberica are opening up in the autumn -- both tapas restaurant and a takeaway.

Aug 15, 2011
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Exiled to Canary Wharf

There's a definite lack of places for a good coffee at the moment, although good news that a new one's opening. Waitrose should be great once it's finished -- the hot food counters it used to have were good value and I think they're expanding on what they used to offer.

I've been a bit wary of Chop'd ever since I saw their staff buying up huge quantities of bagged lettuce from Waitrose. I can open a bag of lettuce myself if that's all they're doing.

Would second Birley's for sandwiches (albeit not particularly cheap). Their little baguette stall in the mall does a good hot chorizo option.

Otherwise, I like Byron and Boisdale for burgers (not much of a price differential). M&S for their regular sandwiches and their hot food counter (quite a good toastie). Wahaca has also recently opened up a burrito truck in Canada Square.

Watch out for the last Tuesday in the month, too, when there's a lunch market on in Canada Square Park.

66 Chandos Pl, London, Greater London WC2E 7, GB

Aug 15, 2011
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Christmas shopping - top tips please

The M&S salted caramel bites are also heavenly. Quite difficult to track down as they've been so popular, but if you spot them, snap them up -- dangerously edible!!

Dec 08, 2010
juniper77 in U.K./Ireland

Grated cheese

It has its place. But I don't think it's nirvana -- it would be slightly odd to order a cheeseboard and have all the offerings grated....

Oct 12, 2010
juniper77 in General Topics