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2012 Santa Fe, NM Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM

Wonderful reviews.

We visited Santa Fe last week and ate at Luminaria for dinner (well-executed dishes with delicious sauces), Vinaigrette (the salads are a nice relief from rich restaurant meals, but still very filling and inventive in composition), Joseph's (menu changes nightly but everything was delicious and a good value--heavily farm to table menu), The Shed (fairly pedestrian southwest food heavy on the cheese and chile sauce), and Raaga for lunch.

We have eaten Indian all over the US and in India and thought it was one of the best Indian restaurants we have ever eaten in. The sauces were complex in flavor and well balanced. We ordered from the "tapas" menu so we could get small portions of lots of things and would have returned for dinner too if it had not been our last day in Santa Fe. We also met and had a nice conversation with the owner who was quite charming. I would highly recommend Raaga. And if you like your food highly spiced--ask for spicy. Medium spice was actually pretty mild.

Jan 22, 2014
tinybaubles in Southwest

Easy Beef Stew

I love the potatoes after they are cooked in the broth--so much more flavorful than cooking them separately. So flavorful that we eat them up, and they do not end up in the leftover stew. The meat cooks for 2 hours, so if it's cut into small pieces it may be fork tender by that time. Have not made this exact recipe so my rating is just for similar stews.

Mar 13, 2012
tinybaubles in Recipes

(SEA) Balaton cherries?

I have used them frozen and they are about halfway between a traditional sour cherry such as Montmorency and a sweet cherry like a Bing in terms of sweetness. They have the flavor of a sour cherry but aren't so "puckery" that you can't enjoy them without sugar. When cooking with them, you would probably need to use half the amount of sugar called for in a sour cherry recipe. I ordered about 20 pounds (frozen) from a farm in Michigan 2 years ago and they lasted about a year. Darker red and a little bigger than Montmorency.

Mar 30, 2009
tinybaubles in Pacific Northwest