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Goldin's Smoked Meat no longer available

I just tried to contact Goldin's to order some smoked meat and was informed that they are no longer making it. Does anyone know why and if they will be making again in the future?

Help! Repatriated Torontonian baffled by the Chinese food!

One place that might fit the criteria is Bamboo Garden at Victoria Park just north of Eglington. They have been around for over 30 years and serve the Canadian version of Chinese food that you desire. I used to work in the area a few years ago and our office would order from there several times a week and the food was always good.

The Burger's Priest - Queen and Coxwell

You can't order a burger unless it is a cheese burger. The owner believes burgers should come with cheese. They only make an exception if you are allergic to cheese. Which is fine for me I love cheese on my burger.

Where to buy a flavor injector in GTA

Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking of using it for a roast beef or roast pork loin. Would this method work for those cuts of meat or is it just for poultry?

Where to buy a flavor injector in GTA

Hi, all I was just wondering where I could find a flavor injector in the GTA. I have always wanted one but have never come across one in the stores. Any suggestions?

So like these


Shawarmas in Toronto

I have been to Sultan and the food there is good but, not exceptional the garlic sauce is flavourful but runny, the hot sauce not hot at all. Having said that they have a nice selection of fresh toppings including pickled beets, the falafal seems to be quite popular (I'm not a fan) and the chicken shawarmas plate is plentiful and satifying in a pinch.

Your top cheap eats

Mainsha at Donmills and Overlea has a great toonie special your choice of jerk, bbq or fried chicken 2pcs with rice of your choice plus your choice of coleslaw or macaroni salad for $2.50 great food at a great price

Correction: Haagen-Dazs is not being discontinued in Canada

That is correct and the flavour that has been discontinued is Chocolate Chip
I just got off the phone with them.

Stockyards BBQ

I called and spoke to Charlie he said the place will be up and running in about 10-14 days..and yes it will be open to the public for individual take out.