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Pop Up Café: The Coffee Shop in Sebastopol’s Saint Rose

Thanks for the tip on this new spot. Great idea to share the space and lovely to have a good coffee place. I must try....

CSA's Any Thoughts or Opinions?

I'm in my third year of doing CSA with Full Belly Farms and cannot see myself ever not doing it. I pick up my weekly box ($17) where they have set up a single-farm farmers market. I love the freshness and variety of veggies. Full Belly has a turn-back policy for any items a subscriber doesn't want. You get a credit on an item you do want. Additionally, the often have other no-veg things to buy, like beans, flour or eggs.

It is working really well for me but I like the challenge of figuring out how to use veggies I am not familiar with. There is a weekly newsletter that has offered some great recipes

Swing State Menu for Election Day

Been noodling on a swing state menu for election day and I'm looking for some help. So far I have hurricanes (FL), 3 or 5 way chile (OH) and ham (VA). Anyone have other suggestions, esp if you are in a swing state?

Oct 14, 2008
chowetta in Home Cooking

Outdoor (or at least light-filled) brunch/lunch spot for Sunday in Graton, Freestone, Sebastopol area?

A month or so ago we did brunch at St Rose on Bodega Rd. Lovely back patio. Check out the potato chip omelet and Satan's breakfast.

Pampero Ranch- PA farmer's market

I've been making a fool of myself with Pampero products. The gr beef is really good as is the ribeye. I also tried the chuck steak for a braise which turned out well- very, well, beefy.

I currently have a skirt steak in the freezer, but have been a little shy about getting to it cuz the last one I way overcooked. I am hoping to get a bit more practice on mastering their lean meat.

Didn't Severino's have a relationship with TLC? Geeze, I miss Severino's....

Pommegrantes galore - lucky me!

For the past few years a friend and I have been makiing massive amounts of pom jelly. We finally found that using a 'press' style citrus juicer (like a mighty oj) was the most time saving way of juicing them. There is waste, but we are talking about juicing 15 grocery bags full of fruit.... One tree- an obscene bounty!

Dec 07, 2007
chowetta in Home Cooking

Severino's Community Butcher-SERIOUSLY GOOD- Mt View Farmer's Mkt.

Anyway a fan of Severino's products can give input to the PA market's committee? My understanding from the 'pork lady' is that the new farm is very similiar to TLC in their raising/sustainablity princples.

Student Eats by Stanford

Rudy's pub shares a kitchen with Elbe and offers up a darn good $5 lunch complete with a soft drink....

Cheese Tasting in Marin or Sonoma Co.?

Spring Hill has a very generous tasting at the farm. Don't know if there is a tour. Check out their butter if they have it.

Dal in a clay baker?

I have recently been reminded how much I like dal and since I have a great split pea soup recipe using a clay baker I was wondering if anyone had used one to make dal..... Thanks.

Mar 27, 2007
chowetta in Home Cooking

Char Siu (Chinese bbq pork) recipes?

I know this thread is a tad old, but here's a recent article from the Honolulu Star Bulletin where a chef reveals his recipe for char sui.

Feb 14, 2007
chowetta in Home Cooking

Pimientos de padrone

Yeah, well, there is that....

Recommendation for small group dining in Palo Alto?

Shaking beef!

Pimientos de padrone

Just a second to the great pimientos de padron that Happy Quail Farm produces and the easy of their preparation. I made a fool of myself at a tapas bar in Barcelona and was thrilled to find them at the local farmers market. Wrecked a few other lives by introducing them to friends......

Strictly local cooking

Ya know the first time I read about the 100 mile diet I thought how ridiculous! But in thinking a bit more about it, it's about moderation. You do what you can do to eat locally.

At this point I am eating about 80% locally, including oil. sugar and salt. But that's living in the SF Bay Area for you....

To your point, Karl, 80% is a whole lot better than the roughly 20% I was doing.

Now, if someone can find a local source of bananas I'd eat them again. Oh those lucky folks in Hawaii....

Nov 15, 2006
chowetta in General Topics

How to eat a pomegranate? Or how else to use?

I've been ding a PomFest with a friend for a few years now where we make jelly for gifts. This means that we are juicing many many pounds of the fruit (she has a very lovely producing tree) and it was only this year that we discovered that the easiest way to juice them is to cut in half and use a press-style citrus juicer.

We had been carefully peeling, picking, boiling and food milling the seeds....

Feeling a little foolish....

Nov 03, 2006
chowetta in General Topics

Anyone made grenadine?

The yearly pomegranate fest is nearly underway and this year my friend and I have decided to expand the Holiday gifts we make beyond the usual jelly.

Anyone out there made grenadine syrup?

Oct 20, 2006
chowetta in Home Cooking

Homemade puff pastry! You can too!

Ok, you got me. Can you point me to the recipe you used?

Oct 18, 2006
chowetta in Home Cooking

What's the Most Time Consuming Thing You Have Ever Cooked?

I was inspired by both the movie and a book titled Bread and Chocolate by Fran Gage (might be wrong on the name) She deconstructed the recipe from the movie by watching it in slow motion since no recipe could be found.

I tried one made with pasta and one made with puff pastry, both in stainless steel bowls. Puff pastry won. I haven't made one in many years, but now that you remind me.....

Sep 26, 2006
chowetta in Home Cooking

Tips & Recipes for brewing your own Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Sarsaparilla?

Don't use honey as a sweetener! I blew up a couple of six-packs doing that. Added yeast, I think...

Sep 22, 2006
chowetta in Home Cooking

Hokey Poke

Just FYI, there was an article in the Honolulu Star Bulletin yesterday about a fellow who catches his own fish, dries it and makes poke. There's a recipe.

Sep 21, 2006
chowetta in Home Cooking

New to dowtown PA

Rudy's pub has (or had) one of the better deals in downtown PA- a $5.00 lunch, entree (fish & chips, sausage sammie, burger, etc) and a drink. It made have crept up in price. I was last there six months ago or so.

It is a dive on University by Alma across from Blockbuster.

What is your favorite Cooking Magazine

I look forward to getting my Art of Eating, too. Really interesting articles. And occasionally I have cooked out if it.

Sep 20, 2006
chowetta in Food Media & News

What is your favorite Cooking Magazine

Gastronomica for me, too. Can't say that I have cooked much out of it, but I certainly have learned at lot. And the cover of the very first issue let you know that the publication was into serious food porn...

Sep 20, 2006
chowetta in Food Media & News

Skirt steak??

So, one question I have is; is skirt steak the same as hanger steak?

Sep 19, 2006
chowetta in Home Cooking

best "vintage" restaurants on the Peninsula

Not the place you are referring to, but there's Mountain House on Skyline, too. No view....

Hawaiian fish (I think)


Sep 08, 2006
chowetta in Home Cooking

Hawaiian fish (I think)

Here's a link to an image;

Sep 08, 2006
chowetta in Home Cooking

Cooking Through a Book

I agree. I haven't 'cooked through' it yet but I think it would be a great choice based on what I have cooked from it.

Sep 08, 2006
chowetta in Home Cooking

Hawaiian fish (I think)

Could it be waloo?

Sep 08, 2006
chowetta in Home Cooking