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Coconut fan seeking 'Coconut Spread'

i think u are refering to 'kaya' jam which is made from cocunut. look in the asian supermarkets

Found - Kawartha Ice Cream in TO

i go to a mom and pop ice cream shop in markham for kawartha. they carry a decent selection of flavours. i usually stick w a double scoop of the moose tracks though. they are near corner of highway 7 and ninth line.

Indian Sweets. What's the inside scoop? There's like 50 and I have no idea what to get.

its very hard finding a sweets place in scarborough or t.o that sells kheer. either the rice or vermicelli version. i only find it at buffet restos dessert section. guy at a sweets shop told me that its doesnt last very long before it goes bad and demand isnt there to make big enuff batch. he did say he can make me a special order but i want to find a place where i can just walk in.

iso of good shabu-shabu in the gta...

search under hot pot. its the same thing i think.

where is chicago deep dish pizza in TO?

i will try to make my way down to Maple than. i tried the 'deep dish' from Dominos a couple of days ago. what crap. just extra thick crust. they say there was extra cheese but it didnt look like it.

Help Me Ethnic Food Guru's

its beside the japanese food stall at the back of the food court. try the laksa. its very good and uses two different types of noodles like they do in singapore.

Help Me Ethnic Food Guru's

i agree. Gourmet Garden is way better than Restoran. and way cheaper too!

where is chicago deep dish pizza in TO?

only place i know of is in Hamilton.

Jamaican Food

best jamaican restaurant is Diners Corner on Gloucester/Yonge. They have the best fried chicken and curry goat there. I always get them in a combo w rice and peas. the festivals are best in town as well. oddly enuff, they have some of the best wings in town. i think thier better than duffs. jerk chicken is so-so

for take-out, i love going to Mr Jerk's on Wellesly. great jerk chicken and jerk pork.

Curry Chicken with Potatoes

i find the sauce i little too thin and oily at Lemongrass for my liking for curry chicken. although their curry beef brisket is to die for.

Curry Chicken with Potatoes

i second Gourmet Garden!

Best Curry Chicken

best malay/singaporean curry chicken i have had is from this food court stall near sheppard/brimley. name of the place is Gourmet garden. also they have fantastic laksa as well.

Best Jerk Chicken?

diner's corner on yonge/gloucester has hands down the best fried chicken and curry goat in town. get it as a combo w rice and peas and festivals. i always go there for my carribean meals if i am in the mood for site down. jerk chicken there is decent but i prefer mr.jerk on wellesley better.

Warden & Steeles For Dinner???

i agree. this place has the best malaysian style curry beef brisket in town. i always have it w rice. a tad oily though but still amazing.

Warden & Steeles For Dinner???

their japanese curry chicken w rice is very nice.