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Mixed Company - 2 Omnivores, a pescatarian and a vegan walk into a...Suggestions? :)

Hi there!

The dilemma: my wife's birthday dinner Monday night. We eat any and all and we will be joined by a lovely couple, 1 vegan, 1 pescetarian. Looking for a place with great food, in the moderate expensive range (entrees in teens to $20's), that will have options for all. pretty open with regards to type of food, new american, european, asian. want the vibe to be comfortable, not sceney but care given to the service and design. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!!!

May 22, 2010
leesca in Manhattan

11 Mad Pk? Daniel?

thanks!! that is great feedback! Question for you - have you been to Daniel since the recent renovation?

Mar 06, 2009
leesca in Manhattan

11 Mad Pk? Daniel?

Have not eaten at either and have a single opportunity to go relatively no holds barred (no limit on food, probably a self imposed $250 or so limit on wine) one evening next week. I have winnowed down my thoughts to these 2, by all accounts, spectacular choices. Dinner will simply be myself and my wife (in our mid 30's) with the intention of having a quietly celebratory and romantic (but not in an over the top way:)) evening. Any thoughts out there on preferences? A 3rd option that i have overlooked? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

Mar 06, 2009
leesca in Manhattan

Fried Insects...mmmmmm...but where??

ooohhh...good one!! much appreciated!!

Jan 22, 2009
leesca in Manhattan

Fried Insects...mmmmmm...but where??

We have a friend in town who is determined (and we are totally game) to find a place to eat a fried insect, preferably of the cricket/grasshopper :) variety. we are thinking of checking out chinatown...does anyone have any idea about where (chinatown or not) we could run across such delicacies in the city? is there, perchance, a place that does such a thing particularly well?

Jan 22, 2009
leesca in Manhattan

Driving myself a wee bit nuts...recommendations for casual yet high-quality biz lunch


The specs, yes the specs...I am hoping that the proven sharp minds and palates that frequent this site can provide some much needed insight into my little quandry...Thanks in advance!!!!

Background: taking my staff, a couple colleagues and my boss to dinner for our annual outing...Myself and my staff (who this really is for) is in their 20's and 30's. Colleages and boss in 40's and 50's

Back to the ole specs:

1/ Fabuloso food (preferably New American, Italian, possibly French, open to other ideas)
2/ Casual, fun yet very well informed (meaning the servers) vibe
3/ Price Range: Entrees in upper teens to low 20's
4/ Can seat a party up to 9 people together at...
5/ 4PM on a Monday
6/ Do not want to be limited to a prix fixe menu
7/ Wine list with some great less expensive offerings

Here are some initial thoughts...none are perfect though...

1/ Gramercy Tavern - Tavern room (no reservations and largest table is 7 people)

2/ Blue Ribbon - a teensy bit more expensive than i was hoping and largest table for 8

3/ Artisanal - again, a bit more expensive and not convinced that this would be the place for folks who are not neccesarily cheese afficiando's

4/ Lupa - my original choice, but it seems (frustratingly so) that they require a prix fixe menu (at 4 pm mind you!) if your party is larger than 6

Thanks again!

Aug 29, 2007
leesca in Manhattan

Great sushi around 42nd & 9th?

hmmm...a bit pricey, but maybe you could go the Esca route...Absolutely famous (and rightfully so) for their Crudo (raw fish selections in the Italian style - sorry if that's obvious) plus your wife could have an excellent cooked meal...Great service, refined but not hushed atmosphere and wonderful food and it is at 43rd and 9th avenue...

Mar 01, 2007
leesca in Manhattan

Saturday Anniversary Lunch

aureole - have not been but it might very well fit the criteria mentioned?

chanterelle - beautiful, understated room with lots of notch food and service...

Aug 30, 2006
leesca in Manhattan

Last night out in Manhattan, need help choosing restaurant!

I would suggest that, of the 3, GT might be the way to go...the food is spectacular (we could go on and on debating which of the 3 has the bestest food and GT would likely lose in the end of the 3 mentioned but we would be splitting hairs a bit, I think) and the service is unbeatable (unless you are looking for old school formal formal formal service)...Simply put, Of the 3 restaurants, I think you have the best chance of feeling euphorically happy and sated when you leave GT...and I think that is a great catalyst/indicator of it being a romantic night...also, given this person is leaving the country, it might be great to go out on some dang fine New American food...

Aug 30, 2006
leesca in Manhattan

Delivery in the West 50's

I am on 9th avenue, so i am partial to the following:

2 fantastic picks for Thai:

Wondee Siam
792 Ninth Ave.
(bet. 52nd & 53rd Sts.)
Manhattan, NY 10019

Pam Real Thai
404 W. 49th St.
(bet. 9th & 10th Aves.)
Manhattan, NY 10019

Chinese (for 2 people, try an order of the house special sesame chicken combined with tofu with garlic with "hot oil" on the side):

Mee Noodle House
922 Second Ave.
(49th St.)
Manhattan, NY 10017

Pizza (dive joint with excellent, authentic NYC style slices):

Sacco Pizza
819 9th Ave
(54th St.)
New York 10019


La Paloma (highly recommend - cheap and superior to Ta Cocina and the others around)
359 W 45th St.
(@ 9th Ave)

Aug 30, 2006
leesca in Manhattan

A Voce? Lupa?? or Gramercy Tavern???

thanks to all! Lupa it is - though I am quite sure I will be giving a Voce a try very soon as well for another occasion...

Aug 30, 2006
leesca in Manhattan

Quiet, original, lengthy, not too-too pricey birthday dinner

how's about...

out of the way...alphabet city...pretty close to perfect on price point...can attest to the food being very, very good...nice wine list...feels like an excellent neighborhood italian bistro (i know i am mixing countries here, but nonetheless


maybe one of the reportedly excellent brooklyn digs:

saul (carroll gardens)
the grocery (caroll gardens)
al di la (park slope)
garden cafe (prospect heights)

annisa? (might be a bit over the ole budget)

Aug 29, 2006
leesca in Manhattan

A Voce? Lupa?? or Gramercy Tavern???

4 guys going (1 in 20's, 2 in early 30's, 1 late 40's)...I am taking out 3 work colleagues for lunch to thank them for a job well done over the past few months...Want it to be honkin' excellent and tasty, have excellent service but can not have it be the stuffy kind of excellent service...Wondering if anyone had any strong feelings regarding the above choices? Gramercy area is about as far north as I am willing to go...Probably won't be drinking wine (sigh) during the lunch...don't know if that makes any difference in opinions...

Any thoughts?

Aug 29, 2006
leesca in Manhattan