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SHORT ORDER opens Nov 18 at Farmers Market.

and Golden State just up the street- still top contender for #1

The Golden State
426 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036

Nov 16, 2011
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Hostaria del Piccolo Opened - unfortunately for me

it is not the "more available" casual alternative that i was lead to believe / was hoping for. Very good- but i am not in the position to elaborate- as i, for one, can not afford it. I was so looking forward to being a regular as it is just down the street from my office and home. Guess we are not "in the same neighborhood."

Dec 11, 2010
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

New Menu at Jitlada - 2010

OH Jazz- i so look forward to seeing what you are up to- frank

Dec 11, 2010
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Explorations on Brookhurst: Xanh, Fountain Valley

i'm thrilled to hear it has been crowded, as on my two trips down there have never been more than 3 tables occupied which is a major shame, and causes me worry, as i definitely need to go back

Sep 18, 2010
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Trucks That Suck

i'd rather throw myself _under_ a (moving) truck than stand in line for 2 hours for ANYTHING- but that's just me. i admire those with such a sense of "calm," be they
not sheep.

Sep 12, 2010
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Explorations on Brookhurst: Xanh, Fountain Valley

i realize it has been a while since das ubergeek enlightened us on this one, and with the blessing of exilekiss and servong- i am on my second trip down from santa monica in the last couple of weeks.

in my world, well worth the trip

Sep 12, 2010
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

best authentic indian food in the bay area?

thank you everyone (above and below) for all your kind suggestions.

actually made it to Shalimar in Freemont (which was what the relative's cabbie recommended.) my brother, clearly not a "foodie," was pretty amused that we drove all that way for lunch- and then ended up in a branch of the same restaurant near his office (Shalimar)

in any case- it was fine- although i would not say more than that, and not imho the equivalent of Hyderbad House (except for that last trip to H.H.) better than many, not a place i would have to rush back to (or plan by flight schedule around as we used to w/HH) unique way of doing garlic naan. still going to be looking next trip to the area, and will try some of the others from this thread.

although certainly if i was in the area, Shalimar would be a fine place for lunch.

best authentic indian food in the bay area?

we visit family in PA, from socal, and are big indian/pakistani fans. we picked Hyderabad off the street, years ago, and have always been thrilled (we plan our flights, like most things, around eating ) BUT last visit were very Disappointed. was this a fluke?

here we are silicone valley adjacent- THERE HAS TO BE a better place. please come out from hiding. a family member's regular cabbie recommended Scheherazade (not an encouraging name) We a'int looking for no stinkin table cloths

Good News for Food Truck Lovers in Santa Monica

I wish i could share servorgs enthusiam over a potential s.m. regulation, but having lived, worked, and been further involved with s.m. politics, burocracy, and regulations, there is nothing encouraging in this to me, as a supporter of food trucks. If i was a restauranteur i might feel differently. I see this as a "driving" of the trucks off the streets, perhpas even a herding of them into a corral to then "pick them off." For sure once they are "invited" them into commercial parking lots, they will become illegal on the streets. As pointed out above 'those" commercial parking lots will be limited and far between?

One question for the "planners" of s.m:. what then happens to the long history of "construction" lunch trucks? It will only be fair that they then go too.

Having the trucks in the parking lots that do exist along truck alley sounds like a resonable compromise, as there are fewer brick-mortar restaurants nearby, and alot of customers. Elswhere in sm there is not alot of street parking anyhow, and there are alot of restaurants that take issue with the trucks. (but with so little street parking- whats the threat?)

But there isn't that much space available in those lots, and then we will have the obvious escalating "rent" for those limited private spaces, all of which will eat away at the whole truck dynamic.It reminds me of when the sm city council was so "surprised" that amping up the development of the third street promenade resulted in the loss of local business and the influx of mall stores.

The truck owners need a coalition and a planning lawyer

Good luck

Aug 15, 2010
gore_mutt in Food Media & News

Reading Tapas menus

am thinking about heading that way ourselves, and was just saying: reading those tapas menus in catalan sure is difficult, also being over 60 and having enough trouble holding on to my english. looks like there is an iPhone catalan / english phrase book

Aug 08, 2010
gore_mutt in Spain/Portugal


a bit late but thanks, feed_me. yes you read me right. actually am finally going to get back to chego (for my birthday) but not for lunch, and
never on sunday .. monday

Aug 08, 2010
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Trucks That Suck

(always an honor to follow das ubergeek )
i too have definitely cooled off on the truck scene.
it just seems to me that they cost a little more than they should, and so often "ladle the food out" like they are giving away dollar bills. India Jones being particularly so inclined. and in generally to most, too much meat.

Aug 01, 2010
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area


thanks everyone but <sigh>
it still seems that i am out of luck for lunch

(of course i've been- thats why i crave it)
still hoping for that luch alternative

May 31, 2010
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area


Roy is driving me nuts. I crave Chego but its "never open." Not for lunch (when we do most of our eating) never on sunday, nor monday either, and then there's the mob. We really wanted to take a visitor tonight.

Does anyone (exilkiss anyone?) know a reasonable substitute: robust Korean (sic) bowl food, of course it won't be Roys (not so available) interpretation.


3300 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034

May 30, 2010
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area


so "I found my" afghani restaurant- a good one, not necessarily the rancho cucamonga one.
we were on our way to dinner with Sajia Kamrany (she's probably the premier Afghani t.v personality in the world) she took us to

Chopan Kabob House in northridge

it was quite good. my "honey" is anxious to go back

and they have an italian menu as well (but that is another story)

Dec 25, 2009
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Looking for a REALLY GREAT burger place and New York Style pizza place

as Jonathan Gold recently said: if you ask about burgers in l.a. and think i am not going to mention GOLDEN STATE, you are mistaken. probably can't find better, maybe some others (fathers office?) are as good.

re: pizza- i grew up in ny and am very serious about "my" pizza. I'm glad you qualified "N.Y. style" so we don't have to hear all that whinning about new yorkers being ethnocentric about pizza, when we dismiss the rest (exception see below) for decades i have looked for "ny" pizza in L.A, mostly in vain. we now have JOE's which is very respectable ny pizza, although in ny it must be ho hum (eating a slice of joe's right now, and headed to ny tomorrow, maybe i'll check Joe's in Ny out)

what Joe clearly has is a GREAT PUBLICIST.

btw- for italian / gourmet pizza it is hard to beet Mozza

Dec 12, 2009
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Guinea Pig (Cuy Pekingese) now at La Mar, SF

wonderful- that they serve it shredded!

the traditional presentation is a little rough for some of us (squeamish types)

btw- having a reservation today virtually eclipsed thanksgiving for me (and i have thanksgiving with some real foodies)

Restaurant on Fairfax with good beer selection?

how'd you like it?
we have been known to plan the day to get over there and
never disappointed. although only recently returned to carnivorousness i don't know a better burger. what are (better burgers)?

Oct 24, 2009
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area


Can anyone recommend any Afghani restaurants anywhere in the greater L.A. area ?
Is anyone familar with one in Rancho Cucumonga which we have heard mention of (although otherwise we are not primarily interested in that area)

Thanks everyone, looking forward to replies

Oct 21, 2009
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Alhamdani -- fantastic Pakistani in Lomita

finally found an excuse to get down there.
very good- certainly better than most any westside pakistani / indian. the naan was as good as any i have ever had. the dahl was nice, i ordered bhindi masala, which was not worth the trip. now the meat- i had lamb tikka, very good, but i am waiting for my next visit to be blown away. perhaps i ordered the wrong thing as i am not a big fan of the "kabab" style (by which i mean small pieces on skewers.)

Oct 19, 2009
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Peruvian Food: Los Balcones del Peru, Mamita's and Mario's


as i posted before- I returned from Gaston's new restaurant in Cuzco and went to Mo Chica three times in the next week. Mo-chica was every bit as good, if not imho better (but no need to split hairs)

as said above: the food is the highest, the ambiance is: what can you say- it is definately L.A. where you can't discount food in strip malls and other "unlikely" places. its "urban" fun and they are very nice, AND it is probably one of the best bargains in town (certainly better than any LA Week- or whatever they called that)

When Mario gets a new restaurant the prices will at least double

Don't miss it-

Oct 19, 2009
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Restaurant Week Recommendation

as it so happens we just came back from a special olympics fundraiser on the sm pier where truelly many of the big name bests were there (jiraffe, drago, grace, providence, water grill, etc- and my apologies to the great ones i left out)

and Fig (on the dineLA list) put in a very respectable showing although i'm not sure the special price is such a great deal

I'd love to hear from more knowledgable than me, what some of the great deals would be- if any, particularly in the 1-$ class

Oct 04, 2009
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Eating in Peru, Recent Adventures

got back myself this week- did spend much time in sacred valley, certainly did M.P. and cusco (and yes the 8 sole small bottles of water @mp were a necessary BIG mistake)

Heidi's was excellent. (posted elsewhere on chowhound) she and her husband were excellent hosts

wasted some meals and then made it to

Gaston's new (sic) restaurant in Cusco- Chi Cha. ( is it really new- and am i really the first person to post it ? wow)

certainly the best we had on the trip

"three trouts"- 3 trout treatments rolled with papas, etc
lomo saltado- had to try it
ceviche- of course
chicarrones (these sure aren't the stuff in a bag) succulent pork ribs

delightful gracioius place stylish and first world hygiene

unfortunately did not do the street food that beckond to me (having spent much time in the markets and on the streets which cautioned us)

did eat well however in the sacred valley- and would recommend some of the guest houses and hosterias. we stayed with Hosteria Rummichaca (recommended by an anthropologist family member) the food was quite good- definately Peruvian- just not the usual, and street dishes.

Back From Peru a Week Ago - Already been to MO CHICA three times

Imho this guy - Ricardo- is world class. Get there soon before you can't get in or someone bankrolls Ricardo and he opens on the westside (please someone- do it) Went to a tasting menu last Thurs, and meant to post it before hand- sorry. Six dishes, all delivered, how often does that happen? Had been to Gaston's new restaurant in Cuzco the week before and as far as i was concerned Mo Chica was better. Ricardo says Gaston wanted him to run his place in San Francisco.

the tasting menu:
Causa: red beets, blue fin tuna, avocado
Ceviche: cucumber, mentaiko, yuyo, sea bass
Cau Cau: Kamasu, chickpea, panamitoo, oyster-mushrooms
Chanfainit: oxtail, maiz mote, confit, potatoes, pickled carrots
Suspiro ala Limena: yuzo, merengue, custard

previously had:
lomo saltado
quinoa risotto with wild mushrooms

all excellent

very casual, in an enclosed food mall / market just across the fwy from usc. secure parking

bon appetit

Aug 29, 2009
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Help - Casual sushi on the West Side

looks like you have more replies than you could ever deal with. in addition to the usual favorites on this board (Zo, Urasawa,K-Zo,Mori) permit me to add a less known, neighborhood place, which this request seems to speak directly to:

Ninjin- 607 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica. Reliable, good, pleasant, neighborhhod. I've had some better sushi there than some I have had at more "prestigious" sushi bars, and in downtown santa monica, with street parking.

Aug 29, 2009
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Eating in Peru, Recent Adventures

excellent- i'm counting on you sam

What's w/Beacon these days

Used to love this place- last time we went it all seemed to fall flat, even the same dishes. maybe that was the problem- it was the same dishes. in any case that was a while ago, what's it been like recently

Aug 09, 2009
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

Eating in Peru, Recent Adventures

macchu picchu is clearly the new disneyland. i TOO will be travelling cuzco-sacred valley - M.P. next week (i look forward to meeting more chowheads than in santa monica)

thank you. although generally a food adventurer and big on street food i am a little concerned about ruining my trip, and that of others, looking for a toilet. however i am encouraged. i would certainly think the anticuchos "safe"

any and all other suggestions are most welcome. i just learned that Escoffier considered Peruvian food to be "second" only to France (no surprise from him) and Chifa.

Cocktails in Santa Monica or Venice

just circle the block broadway-ocean-santa monica-second street
there are a ton of places, but none of them very beachy or "shack like"
all pretty "trendy." pinotxo is casual, fun, and pretty good (tapas and
spanish wine)
oh right-
chez jay and
the galley
are about the most "old beach" places left - both steak
houses, with bars of course, interestingly

chez jay ocean just south of the pier
the galley main, and hollister i think (north of ocean park blvd)

almost all these places now have happy hours, but less so on
sat. chaya venice is an excellent happy hour all evening sunday
and for that matter a good choice for you for tomorrow, not funky
but very hip

have fun- maybe we'll look for you

Jul 31, 2009
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area

The Birth of a New Era? Delicious and Healthy California-style Ramen using Seasonal, Local Vegetables at Ramen California [Review] w/ Pics!

read the above and am _heading directly to the car_ and on to RC
btw- thanks exile- i just forwarded some of your posts to my son who
is visiting tokyo and hopefully can afford ramen- 'cause he sure can't
afford sushi in Japan (i would think)

Jun 25, 2009
gore_mutt in Los Angeles Area