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NJ byob across Ben Franklin bridge?

Looking for a pleasant byob close to downtown (like just across one of the bridges) where I can bring my own wine and have a pleasant, but not hideously expensive meal.

Jun 19, 2010
mplsbruin in New Jersey

Has anyone tried the new Loring Kitchen in the Eitel? (msp)

Wife and I walked over for an early dinner last night (Saturday, 5pm). Without a reservation, we were seated in the bar area (despite a lot of room in the main dining area. Service was eager to please. Wife's walleye was very good, as was my lemon chicken - very tasty, large 1/2 bird and huge serving of sweet potato fries (excellent). Her salad was fine. I chose to start with scallops from the bar menu. Uh, I should have written scallop, singular. One plus a couple of slices of beets for 8 dollars. Bread serving was also kind of meager. Mixed experience, but we would return for the mains and hope they improve portion sizes on the starters - and we'd also ask for the main dining room (by the time we left, there were still plenty of unused tables).

OM Restaurnt in Minneapolis - any impressions?

Wife and I had a "happy hour" dinner at a relatvely new restaurant named OM, on 1st Ave North, about a block from the Central Library. We ordered 4 small plates and loved them all: Fenu Greek lamb, Mumbai crackers, ocra & tomatoes and tandoor chicken kabobs.
We'll be back. The food is a kind of modern Indian cuisine - I think
Anyone else care to share their impressions - particularly from the full dinner menu downstairs?

Restaurant Alma [MSP]

My wife and I dined at Alma about 1 month ago. The meal was superb. Service was spot on. My white wine by the glass was very good and what I noticed was the very generous pour - a large glass gave you plenty of room to swirl even with the generous amount. It really caught my attention vs what I'm used to getting at most places. I wonder if others experience the same.

Best chow near Hilton in Financial District?

My wife and I will be in town and looking for walking distance restaurants near the Hilton in the Financial district.
We'd be very grateful for recommendations. I expect we'll splurge at least one time, but would definitely need good, affordable chow as well. We like all types of cuisine.
We go in September.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Best dessert in Princeton

Noted that a recent topic with 64 replies, "Chow-worthy near Princeton", actually missed the best dessert place in Princeton: The Little Pastry Shop", 8 S Tulane St, a small alley off of Nassau St in the heart of downtown Princeton.
This small shop is run by Edwige Fils-Aimé, who made pastries for the original Alice of the original Chez Alice - the very best version of that shop which has a run in Princeton under several owners since.
Go there and support the earnest, talented Mr Fils-Aime! You won't regret the trip.

Jun 19, 2009
mplsbruin in Mid-Atlantic


Well, not so unusual for that to happen. But to me, business at Spoonriver will always be fine due to its proximity to the Guthrie.
But the lady should consider Cafe Brenda as her signature restaurant and service standards should be top notch.
Read somewhere that her son-in-law runs CB. Hmmn - family affairs!


Since moving to Mpls a couple of years ago, wife and I have been there twice, inspired by their reputation. The first visit went fine; we liked the food and service was reasonable. However, the second visit did not go to well mainly because of the very amateurish service we got. I can't remember the details, but it was like our server had no clue about her job.
So as much as we admire Brenda, we would concurr with your experience and wonder if still others have found the same.

Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza: MSP

Want to step up to the plate for our fav pizza place. Since opening, we've had their pizza maybe half doz times. About a month ago, I took an out of town visitor on an extremely busy night to pick up a take out, and after waiting a while, talked to the cash register lady and we all realized a mistake had somehow been made and our's wasn't ready. They immediately prioritized our order AND gave me and my friend each a Surly's on the house! Well, that made for a very easy wait for the order. Of course, ultimately the pizza was excellent. Wife and I have been to Pepe's in New Haven, CT - considered I think to be one of gold standards there and we give the nod to Black Sheep.

More help for jfood from MSP Hounds

How about Chambers Kitchen? Like to get your opinion on this one.
There's lots of cool art work hanging around, and you can check out the small art exhibition area at the same time.
This is part of the Jean-Georges Vonreightxxxx? empire of restaurants.

Jfood to Brasa Rotisserie (MSP) - Excellent

As promised, wife and I split a pulled chicken sandwich and we both loved it. Awesome! Thanks for the tip.
We couldn't get into Alma's for Valentine's Day, so we're due for a visit there as well.
Can't wait.

Jfood to Brasa Rotisserie (MSP) - Excellent

Awesome write-up!
When my wife and I first moved to Mpls a about 2 years ago, we just happened upon Brasa on a weekday at early dinner time. After we ordered, a very congenial young man introduced himself as Alex Roberts, the owner. Very friendly, he talked about working in NYC early in his career at the Danny Meyer restaurants, Union Square Cafe/Gramercy Tavern/Eleven Madison Park. We were lucky enough to try all three before moving from NJ to MN. Chef Roberts told us about Restaurant Alma, his other restaurant. We've learned to love both places. My mouth is watering for that pulled chicked sandwich!
There was some very recent recognition of Alma, 112 Eatery and La Belle Vie for restaurant awards. Can't think of what that was.
Anyways, thanks JFood - I think I know what's for lunch tomorrow!

summer trip to Minneapolis

Also, Nyes for a throwback Minneapolis downtown experience.

summer trip to Minneapolis

Hey, we live right there and didn't know that - thanks for the heads up!
NOW, something you should not miss is the colored lighting of the new I35W bridge at night, which is readily viewed from a lot of spots along the river in the Mill District (Guthrie, etc). Fairly awesome!
And just to be accurate, the Hennepin bridge is "a bridge too far". The closer bridge to get back from Alma after 10 is the 3rd Ave bridge.
And just to make my post legit, there's a great Greek restaurant, there's Brasa (roast meats - run by Alma owner) and there's a Polish deli (think it's Polish) all on the Alma side of the river, but north of Central (which is 3rd Ave on the other side of the bridge.

summer trip to Minneapolis

My wife (born in MN, educated at the U) returned to Mpls 2 years ago to retire. You have made a great choice, especially in the summer. If you can walk pretty well, you are even better off. If you are good bicyclists, the bike trails here are awesome.
Anyways, some food recommendations:
- La Belle Crepe (on Nicollet Mall): awesome crepes in a cramped space!
- Max's at Hotel Minneapolis: happy hour and flatbread pizza
- Chambers Kitchen: very cool, celebrity chef, neat artwork (see the small exhibit area too)
- Cafe Brenda: famous chef, vegetarian
- Dakota Club: cool jazz scene, dinner menu
- Basil in IDS tower: get the Mary Tyler Moore table if you can
- Manny's bar: awesome chopped salad, you could probably split it!
- Joe's Garage: Loring Park, eat on the roof, get a view of downtown skyscrapers

Slightly away from downtown:
- Jasmine 26: awesome Vietnamese (Jasmine Deli for lunch)
- La Belle Vie: pricey, but apparently worth it!
- Lucia: this place is great, research it!

summer trip to Minneapolis

If you are near the Guthrie, Alma is just across the Stone Arch Bridge followed by an easy walk, very slightly uphill abt 2 blocks (google map it). Worth the trip!

Surly Brewing Company [MSP]

Get Surly's Bender on tap at Sen Yai Sen Lek. This dark ale goes great with Thai flat noodles, tofu, and yellow soy sauce.

Anyone care to update Cafe Brenda? [MPLS, MN]

I wonder what current takes are on this longtime Mpls standout restaurant. I noticed in a post asking about vegetarian restaurants that no one mention it. I thought Cafe Brenda was supposed to be very good for vegetarian food?

Near macys Lunch (Downtown Mpls)

Third the Oak Grill. You should get the traditional popover. Grandma will also love the meatloaf. THis is real traditional Minneapolis going back when the store was Daytons, even back to when the restaurant was "Men Only" or accompanied by.

La Belle Crepe - Minneapolis

Wife and I were downtown yesterday, a Saturday, and she remembered she always wanted to try it. Seating for about 6 or 7 on stools was available and we both had excellent crepes. I had the lox & dill w/asparagus/hollandaise and a bit of cole slaw on the side and she had bananas, nutella, whipped cream. Both were outstanding. Yes, crepes were prepared to order. Two quite pleasant young ladies were working the very, very small location. Definitely recommend.