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Ladies and Gentlemen.....The new Champ Pizzeria Libretto

Was at Libretto pizzeria a couple of Saturdays ago. Have to agree with Sylvrgirl about this place. Absolutely incredible. Can honestly say it was the best pizza I ever tasted.

We got there about 9:45pm Saturday night, and the line was out the door. We waited about 45 mins before being seated. Had a few Pints while waiting. I was described the customers at this time as 20ish/trendy/hip, with a few "old school players" mixed in here and there.

We shared the Bruschette for 3 - amazing and just the start of things to come.

I had the Salami Pizza, wife had Margherita. Couldn't decide which one was better, there were both so good. The fresh basil on the pizza was outstanding. Thin, thin crust. This is not your Americanized/Canadianized pizza, but pizza truly made how it was intended to be eaten from the “old country”.

We had to try the deserts. Wife had the lemon gelati, which she reluctantly shared me with as it was so delicious. I had the cannloi, which, although small, was also good.

IMO, the thing that makes this place stand out is the quality ingredients and unique "old world” Neapolitan pizza, apparently the only restaurant to be authorized to make this type of pizza.

Furthermore, the service we received was excellent. Not only from the waitress, who was timely, knowledgeable and pleasant, but not pushy and did not try to unsell us anything on the menu, but also the bartender who served us, who was exceptionally busy but still had some time to chat with us briefly while we were waiting. I really liked the decor and atmosphere of this place.

Can't wait to go back.

best patio dining in the GTA

thank you all. some excellent suggestions. Of course, next week the weather is turning cold again so it looks like the patio season will be dealyed at least a few weeks

best patio dining in the GTA

now that th nice weather is here (or at least on its way) , i'm wanting to get a head-start on the best patio dining in t.o.

any suggestions? The beach and leslieville area is preferred but I will travel anywhere.