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Whatever happened to Team Flakes?

Team was big in the 1960's, and, when I called to ask why I wasn't finding it in the stores, it was over thirty years later, in the 1990's, a generation-and-a-half later. My kids wouldn't have a clue about it, except that I bought it for breakfast, and for recipes (made a terrific coating for chicken, great topping for casseroles, etc), but there friends didn't know about it. I asked the representative from Nabisco (maker of Team at the time) and was told there were too many new cereals on the market and that kids just didn't care.
Reminded them of the "new" marketing campaign for Corn Flakes, "Try them again for the first time..." and was told to give it up, that it wasn't going to happen. Well Corn Flakes is still on the shelves, due to a wonderful advertising campaign, but they just didn't care enough about Team to even try. How can an item sell if people don't even know about it? Ads, coupons, and commercials all help to sell a product, not just a wish and a prayer. They, Nabisco, let it die because they didn't care. Unfortunately, those of us who remember and loved the cereal, we are the ones to suffer. They moved on to new and ridiculous sugary, colorful cereals that kids love, for which they can demand a 400% mark-up. And the best is gone.

Aug 27, 2011
RosiePosie88 in General Topics

Whatever happened to Team Flakes?

Taylen, we tried Special K Oats & Honey and, though it was very tasty, it doesn't taste like Team. Special K Oats & Honey is much sweeter than Team was, and it doesn't contain that wonderful multi-grain flavor of Rice, Wheat, Corn, and Oats, with a slightly malt-flavored coating, which is what, I think, kept the flakes so crispy to the bottom of the bowl. My husband enjoys Wheaties, and this new version of Special K reminds me of a crispier, sweeter version of that flaked cereal, but definitely not Team. How I truly miss that cereal and wish a duplicate could be found but alas, not yet. Maybe one day...but thanks for trying and alerting us all to the possibility of again enjoying that wonderful Team taste. Meanwhile, we'll just have to keep searching.

Jul 05, 2011
RosiePosie88 in General Topics

Ladybugs on a Raft

Really? I'm 48 years old and have been eating peanut butter on celery, apples, and bananas since I was a little girl in grade school. And my husband cut his teeth on peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (though I admit, I prefer lettuce and tomato on my bacon sandwiches). My husband also eats peanut butter and bananas on his French toast, though during my pregnancies we agreed to forego French toast for pancakes, as I couldn't stomach the aroma of maple syrup on peanut butter... But I say this to remind those nay-sayers: To each his own. I love onions, mushrooms, and salsa in my scrambled eggs, while my husband prefers his plain. Try to keep an open mind to the flavor preferences of others; it's what makes us all so unique!!

Jan 14, 2011
RosiePosie88 in Recipes

Whatever happened to Team Flakes?

Michael, no, you're not alone. I was born in late 1962 and my dad raised my brothers and I on Team Flakes crispy goodness. About 15 years ago, I called Nabisco and asked them why they never advertise this wonderful cereal anymore, to reintroduce it to the children of a new generation, and I was told that there were many new cereals out there and competition was ferocious. I reminded them that Corn Flakes had recently begun a new ad campaign, "Try them again for the first time," to introduce them to our children of the '90's, and the ad was amazingly successful. Why not Team? I was told it wasn't going to happen. I just went to the Kraft website (they now own the rights to Nabisco, the company which made Team Flakes) and there is no where to post a comment or request to reintroduce this wonderful cereal, only a list of frequently asked questions, none related to Team Flakes. I miss that wonderful 4-grain taste. The only flavor I've found that's remotely close is the rare 4-grain Chex cereal, which maintains the flavor of Team, but not the flaky texture. I also LOVED that the cereal stayed crispy to the bottom of the bowl, a huge treat. And their recipe for Team Flakes Chicken (on the side of the box) was our favorite, hands down. I still make it today, but I use Special K, the closest flake cereal to offer an even remotely similar flavor and texture to Team. How I wish there were a way to encourage Kraft Foods to consider reintroducing this wonderful cereal, in light of today's healthier eating goals. Such a wonderful memory.

Mar 28, 2009
RosiePosie88 in General Topics