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Unfortunate birthday; need fun place

Any cuisine, and I think we are bowling at Bowlmor, so probably mid-town and below.

Dec 17, 2007
almondjoy66 in Manhattan

Unfortunate birthday; need fun place

I have the unfortunate birthday (day after Christmas), and the double whammy of it being my 30th. Um, and I'm new to New York.

Most are burnt out after the holiday and revving up for New Year's. Any ideas for a fun, not too expensive place?

Dinner will be followed by bowling, just to give an idea of how casual.

Thanks for suggestions.

Dec 17, 2007
almondjoy66 in Manhattan

Chaat near Columbia/Baltimore Area

I recently heard about a place that serves chaat, the Indian snacks, near Columbia near Rolling Road and Security. Unfortunately, the person who told me about it gave me vague directions and didn't know the name.

Anyone know or been?


COCO 500 or TRES AGAVES or LULU of the things to consider is that coco500 and lulu tend to be shared plates, not necessarily the best thing for a business lunch, unless you know the person well.

Hayward Lunch

Mmmm...Curry Corner. Fijian-Indian restaurant. Everything made on the spot, including the roti. Doesn't deliver, but most people do carryout.

Best Burger in Bay Area?

omigod, totally agree on Rosamunde. Plus, the onion-y bun is tops. Huge, though, can eat half and be full.

Goat Hill Pizza?

In the front page section.

Goat Hill Pizza?

Correction in today's paper: The address of the new location of Goat Hill Pizza is 525 Howard St., San Francisco.