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Shiraz - Persian restaurant in Elmsford, NY

Does anyone know the hours for Shiraz ? I'm looking to go tonight and I don't know if they're open. Please let me know ASAP

I can't even find the hours online.

X2O more like X2 no

Glad you weren't rushed and that you found some things you liked.

And as for the setting, I guess I am bias, as I live really close to X2O (within walking distance) so I get to see the river and boats everyday. It is really beautiful, but it's also like being at home for me since I grew up here.

X2O more like X2 no

Oh quit it already with the too much soup. When I was there, it was ridiculous how much they gave and how fast it was brought out.

And "how cares about presentation?" Are you kidding me? You eat with your eyes first. It's like they just threw it on the plate with some strawberries. No effort at all.

Excellent New Greek Restaurant In Westchester

In response to some of the bad noise about Santorini.

I don't feel it is worth saying that the service is horrible at the restaurant. I have been there many of times with my girlfriend since its opening and the staff (including the older Greek Gentleman) have always been hospitable, friendly and generous. I have to say that I naturally trusted their character enough that I brought my own mother and father with me because I recommended the restaurant on several occasions. The "older gentleman" in question, was actually very candid and quite honestly, very entertaining. He went as far to tell us stories about himself when he was younger. Maybe he was a little self-deprecating, but certainly not rude or anything of the sort. He actually danced a little and sang which I thought was comedic, but most of the time he was trying to keep conversation flowing will all of us and others in the restaurant. He reminded me of that classic (obviously foreign) uncle type that pats you on the back and makes interesting quips about things.

Most of everything is great at Santorini, I have had no complaints about the food. I like my Skordalia prepared a different way, but that's the least of their worries. They have a great salad, spankopita and their Kalamarkia platter is even better than most Italian restaurants.

As far as the food is concerned, I feel that outside of other boroughs, Santorini has always been the best in Westchester compared to some others like Mykonos, Nikos, or Lefteris Gyro. Unfortunately, I have eaten at Nikos and Lefteris. Nikos wasn't absolutely terrible, but I wouldn't go back there because the Spanakopita was like having hortas greens stuffed into a paper bag and then roasted through. Their horatiki (country) salad was just too much. The vegetables were proportionately too large, under-ripe, and were bombarded with unmalleable triangles of feta cheese; for some reason, it would not crumble or separate without use of a knife. Their saganaki was wet and rubbery. My branzino-style entree was the only thing that I ate with a smile.

Mykonos so I have heard, isn't much better.

In terms of service ??? Lefteris IS THE WORST. I remember going there last year and the owner (without making any eye contact) practically dealt us a table like he was playing a card game. I pretty much had the menu in my hand before I sat down. like he just wanted to seat people to keep anyone/everyone out of the way. The waitress was short in tone and was almost exactly like the owner. When I ordered my salad, it must have flown out the door the minute it was tossed. It was dropped down so fast, that the damn bowl spun 360* as the waitress walked away from the table. Did I mention the salad was served in an old metal bowl ? Come on, I am not going to eat out of a salad prep bowl ! Other than that, the salad was ironically limp and freezing cold. The dressing just added to my confusion. The classic Greek honey and oregano vinaigrette was like. . . .(and I am not mincing words !!!!) VOMIT ! I don't mean to be graphic, but it seriously tasted, looked and smelled like it. I guess that's what happens when you mix too much honey with too much oregano and some olive oil ! To shorten things up, this is what I thought of the rest:

Hummus: Too grainy and wet, felt like eating mashed chickpeas with salt and vinegar.

Falafel: Like biting into a crispy air pocket with an overabundant second wave of clove and parsley.

Swordfish: Again, light as air, but with absolutely no seasoning or an attempt to flavor. All I tasted was wooden skewer.

Tzatziki: Strained cucumbers. It's like baby food.

All-in-all, I went down to the Pizza place just south of the restaurant and got something more satiating.

Honestly, I could walk to Santorini from Lefteris . . .I recommend doing the same if you like Greek Cuisine.

X2O more like X2 no

I have to agree. The chicken looked so uninspired and the idea of coconut rice (especially white rice) just seems awful.

The waitstaff was beyond annoying with a "How is everything?" about every 5 minutes.

I think everyone just goes there so they can say "Ohhhhhhh I went to X20 last night....Yes, THE X20." I'm sure they serve better food without it being restaurant week. At least I hope that's the case.