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Artichoke Recommendations

a couple of things to clear up. rambla is not closed down first of all, second of all bob iacovonne was not the chef there he is an owner and third of all, artichokes are way way out of season right now, if you dont want to get canned chokes then you could try ordering them when they are actually in season

Aug 16, 2011
ironballs in New Orleans

Oyster/Seafood situation in New Orleans affected by oil spill?

i buy large quantities of seafood for my restaurant in new orleans every single day, just yesterday i bought a beautiful box of gulf oysters for 30$ (cheapest i've seen them since katrina) people are spreading all this sensationalist crap about 30$ pounds of shrimp and never seeing another gulf oyster again, letting the fear keep us from buying the seafood that is available, many fishermen have already been screwed over having their grounds closed by damned bp, we should be showing our support and buying their products and if youre not into that line of thinking you are just part of the problem

Jun 03, 2010
ironballs in New Orleans

feeling the effect of the spill

there are alot of oyster beds between lake charles and galveston that will produce, the largest yielding shrimping area in the gulf is area #2 and is unaffected by the spill. the fishermen are suing bp for lost profits and many of them are not currently fishing. i am a professional chef in new orleans and my information came from my fish monger this morning. though this situation is really freakin bad it's not the apocalyptic scenario we've been told it is, most of the price raising is currently out of the fear of a shortage not an actual shortage

May 04, 2010
ironballs in New Orleans

The Best Thing You Ever Ate: New Orleans

two words: bahn mi

Feb 19, 2010
ironballs in New Orleans

Gumbo & Garlic ?

garlic is usually in gumbo and as far as a written gumbo recipe is concerned, there are always steps, procedures and ingredients that are not/can not be conveyed in a written recipe but basically, if da trinity go, da garlic go too

Feb 19, 2010
ironballs in General Topics


has anyone tried out rambla? how was it?

Jan 01, 2010
ironballs in New Orleans

Restaurant Recs for current CIA student. Learning experience preferred.

jazzyb recommended afew chefs but i would say you can take jamie shannon off the list since hes been dead for around 5 years. there are quite afew cia alumni working here, among them is john besh, scott boswell, bob iacovone and several others, frank brigsten would be a good guy to talk to about the next 15 years your son will sweat and struggle and starve as he works his way through addictions and women, and of course, kitchens, just kidding......kinda

Jun 13, 2009
ironballs in New Orleans

Has anyone tried Suave?

you can get better mexican food at the various taco trucks around town than most of the restaurants, the pupuseria on hampson st. is good and taco san miguel is good but for my money i would go to taqueria sanchez on the westbank expy.

May 13, 2009
ironballs in New Orleans

Cochon Award

maybe we should all be happy that new orleans has a restaurant in this category! also, cochon is a place that one can recommend because they are CONSISTENT, nothing is worse than sending a friend to a place on an off night

Apr 18, 2009
ironballs in New Orleans

Stella! or Restaurant August

i think stella does a better job with their food, service may be a bit mechanical but it is timely and professional. not that august doesnt have talented folks, i just think most of them work in PR. there are alot more places in town now where you can have a nice meal without breaking the bank as well

Apr 04, 2009
ironballs in New Orleans

Where do the Tigers fans go? - Detroit

the old shilleleagh, close to comerica, close to the greektown casino, what more could you want?

Bluebird closing May 31

where will we all stand in line now????

Apr 04, 2009
ironballs in New Orleans


the joint in the bywater is probably the best place for bbq in new orleans but that doesn't really mean anything, i would not waste a minute or a bite in new orleans looking for bbq when there is so much else that we can do very well but our bbq does not excel over ANY part of the country, let new orleans be herself and dont try to squeeze things out of her that she doesn't wanna do

Apr 04, 2009
ironballs in New Orleans

cochon's Butcher - take 2

i dont see why people are dogging butcher. i had a good meal there and since im someone who understands the process of curing meats in-house i dont feel it's overpriced. lets all try to remember that they are brand new and taking on what can be a logistical nightmare (charcuterie) try to remember that donald, steve and their hard working crew have brought us many great meals and they will be running at 100% before too long

Mar 28, 2009
ironballs in New Orleans