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Swatow: Are you kidding???



Classic Cantonese fare frequented by Chinese and white folks alike.. Why?? because they offer the classic Chi-merican chicken balls, along side treasures like bass meat and tofu in hot pot, or THE BEST HOT AND SOUR SOUP IN THE CITY (please please please find a better place!) Oh and don't forget.... The barbeque pork (char sui)... and if you really want to get wet try the duck, the same duck that the restaurants in the area serve (literally the same ducks, I have on multiple occasions seen uniformed waiters from various restaurants purchasing whole roast ducks... why? because Kom Jug has been a staple in the community for more than 30 years, perfecting recipes and making some new ones...
On a budget?
BBQ pork on rice is $4.75 I think
BBQ pork fried rice is $3.75
and the list goes on..

more dough than a 5 spot? try the:
shrimp and egg on rice
Cantonese chow mien
Singapore style vermicelli
crispy spicy beef
deep fried squid in salty spice
fried stuffed tofu (with fish)

Good eats in Toronto, Chinatown

Kom Jug Yuen at Spadina and st. Andrew, Best Chinese in the city hands down (cantonese). Not the cleanest, but most certainly the best tasting. For those that don't agree, go back, there are different chefs and sometimes isn't as good as others.
For veggies:
Crispy tofu, mixed vegetables on fried noodles....Vegetarian singapore noodles... omg so many options... Been eating there for 27 years and I would go everyday if I could!

Dry Cure for Pork Belly?

old post but... salt amounts do matter... it's as easy as typing cured pork belly in a search engine to find out the right amounts... Ruhlman also suggests putting it in a big ziplock, and turning (and re rubbing) it everyday until it feels evenly firm (about a week), there will be alot of moisture but this step but don't drain it out, as you will lost the salt and spices. Rinse, pat dry, apply spices and hang in cheesecloth for the required time ( a few weeks prolly).

May 31, 2009
KomJugFan in Home Cooking

best brunch places in Toronto?

sounds better then the previous title, olive oil bernaise...