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Bahn Mi, South Jersey? Anyone?

Looking for Banh mi in the South Jersey area.

Jul 02, 2013
sabhoy in New Jersey

Vietnamese comes to Turnersville, NJ

Taste of Saigon just opened at 279-!, Egg Harbor Road. We had the appetizer sampler (2 Spring rolls, 2 Crazy Chicken, 2 Nam Nuong, and 2 Pumpkin turnovers). The husband had Basil Chicken, while I had the Pho Saigon. Finally Pho in South Jersey! They have Chicken Pad Thai on the lunch menu, which also includes Saigon style hot sour soup. The two desserts are Flan, and Red Rice with coconut milk. Drinks include Rainbow Ice, French hot or iced coffee, Fresh Coconut, Thai iced tea. We sampled the Lime Iced tea and it alone was worth the trip! Welcome to the neighborhood!

Jul 10, 2007
sabhoy in Mid-Atlantic

Best diners in NJ

Peter's Diner by far the BEST in South Jersey. Love the entire menu, especially the creamed chip beef on toast. The saute dishes are always great. Usually have enough food left over for 1 to 2 additional meals!! Soups are fresh. Sandwiches and salads are fab. You cannot go wrong.

Jul 10, 2007
sabhoy in New Jersey

Good Vietnamese in Philly burbs?

The brand new Taste of Saigon opened at 249-A, Egg Harbor Road in Turnersville, NJ on 7/9/2007! We had the appetizer sampler (2 spring rolls, 2 crazy chicken, 2 pumpkin turnovers, and 2 Nam Nuong, $9.95). The husband had the Basil chicken($12.95). I had the Pho Saigon ($5.95)that had thinly slicke flank steak and beef balls in a delightful beef broth and rice noodles. The bean sprouts, line wedges, and basil leaves were served on the side. Red rice in coconut milk was a chewy, liquidy, not overly sweet dessert. The Lime iced tea alone was worth the trip. The restaurant features cloth table coverings and napkins, and fresh flowers.

Jul 10, 2007
sabhoy in Pennsylvania

sticky buns

Born in Williamsport, raised in Wellsboro, and now live in SJ. I too fondly remember the Tea Room. After I met my (to be) husband, I took him there once for lunch, and soon after they closed. Also used to go to Stearns or Woolworths for lunch when we were in town shopping.

Aug 22, 2006
sabhoy in Pennsylvania