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Toronto's Best Mac and Cheese?

I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the mac 'n cheese was at Rhum Corner. I'm veggie/mostly vegan and had a taste of it and still think about it. And I've eaten a LOT of mac 'n cheese in my day.

Mengrai Thai vs. Sukhothai (on Wellington)


Food Events - 2013 - (Toronto and rest of Ontario)

The Henhouse has started bi-weekly pop-ups with Julian Mark who used to own Naco Gallery. He'll be "serving up a different Mexican based, world inspired cuisine". I can only find details on Facebook so apologies if it's annoying.

First one is tonight so it'll be every other Wednesday after that.

Green Goddess Dressing

I have been searching for Annie's Goddess dressing for years. It was harder to get now I haven't seen it in ages. If you ever see it in a specific location please let me know!

good sushi place with decent veg options?

I'm veggie and I like Kokyo at Yonge & Alexander. The have a couple of veggie special rolls that have avocado on top.

Mazz Sushi on Bloor near Dovercourt has a tempura shiitake roll I enjoy:

I've really like the things I've gotten at To-ne Sushi on Queen near Spadina (and they're beautifully presented):

The Dumpling House on Gerrard


The Dumpling House on Gerrard

Been awhile now, can anyone report on vegetarian options? Even though there's only a couple of options at Mother's Dumplings I really enjoy them, so I don't need a ton of choices. Couldn't find a menu online.

The Best Vegetarian Sandwiches in Toronto

There aren't a lot of options at Delux on Ossington but I crave their avocado sandwich often, it's so good. All the sides options are veggie including fried plantains & rice & beans which I love.

Foodstock - October 16th near Shelburne

Going! Could be a huge mess but I'm heading into it with an open mind and the hope that it helps make a difference.

The County General - simple food, prepared beautifully

Seems very meat heavy. Besides the tomato sandwich does anyone remember other good veggie options?

New in Parkdale - The Boreal Gelato Company

Just had it for the first time today! I live around the corner and hadn't even given it a second thought. Went to Mangez once & wasn't impressed. Thank Jeebus I finally gave it a try.

Had pumpkin & salted caramel. SO GOOD. Considering going there on the way home from work too. I also work down the street so this new discovery may be very dangerous.

I'm also interest in trying their baked goods (they even had a gluten free brownie and the pumpkin tart looked good) and they're starting BRUNCH this weekend. Didn't find out what they had planned so I'll have to report back on that.

ISO Eggplant Parm tonight!

I get it from Ristorante Roma on Bloor just west of Dufferin.

Thanks to their late hours I've had delicious fresh eggplant parm at 3am. Forget the Lakeview!

Dufferin Cafe
2917 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6B3S7, CA

OM Restaurant in Parkdale

Had it for the first time today. The special was curry chicken, but he was very happy to give me a vegetarian special so it was rice, salad, and 2 curries for $5. He gave us a couple of poppadoms to snack on right away. We also got some veggie dumplings from the Tibetan menu ($5.99). The food was tasty, and had great flavour but wasn't very spicy which was perfect for me.

They've got a projector and big screen so he put on the World Cup game to watch while we dined and hung out.

I took a take-out menu and will definitely try them again.

Should You Tip on Takeout?

As a server in a casual sit down restaurant I'd like to point out that I LOSE money on take-out orders if the person doesn't tip. I pay out the kitchen based on my sales. If someone has a $50 take-out order and doesn't tip I still have to pay the kitchen. Losing money. It sucks. I will never change my level of service and will always be perfectly cheerful to any customer, but when they leave I'll grumble to myself about it.

Duggan's Brewery

Food sounds good , but very meat heavy. Anything for a vegetarian? Anyone know if the curry poutine is veggie? I'll try it out for the beers but would like to eat too. Even if there are an assortment of sides, I'm fine with putting those together to make a meal.

veg poutine in toronto

He didn't say! Once he shook his head and said it's definitely not vegetarian I had no need to inquire further. Maybe it is a mushroom gravy, but has a meat base?

veg poutine in toronto

The gravy at the Lakeview is NOT vegetarian!!!! I was there last night and spoke to the night manager. Blarg. I was really hoping for some 3am veggie poutine. It's unfortunate they don't offer a veggie gravy considering they otherwise seem to be pretty veggie friendly.

veg poutine in toronto

I just had this (again) tonight! Squeaky curds!!!! So good.

ISO: White Cheese Curds

Leslieville Cheese Shop's Queen West location.

El Almacen - new yerba mate cafe (West Queen West)

Just noticed it for the first time last night. BlogTO posted a profile of it today:

TV dinners at Grace

Black Dice on Dundas West proudly serves Swanson dinners! They're definitely a bar and not a restaurant though.

What's good in Parkdale?

On Queen I prefer Pho Mi Thuan Lo, which is beside the Ethiopian place just east of Elm Grove Avenue.

The Cadillac Lounge has decent bar food if people are looking for that.


I have only ever seen this once and stocked up to surprise my Newfie gf. There is a store in Port Credit that is a Newfoundland/British import store (don't know the name but there are only a few blocks of stores on the main drag). They carry it in their fridge. As far as I know you can only find it in Newfoundland stores.

HOT PLATE? (Parliament & Shuter)

Though I haven't tried this place I just wanted to let you (and others) know that there is a Muslim temple right there, which is why there is a large number of cabs parked outside. I spend a fair amount of time in this hood.

I have heard from a friend that this place was pretty good actually. There is a new place (not Middle Eastern) just south of there that I've been curious to try.

Soft drinks with balls

Just found "Dry Soda" at The Big Carrot on the Danforth in the following flavors: kumquat, lavender, rhubarb, lemongrass, and juniper berry. I think they were about $2.39 a bottle.

Going to the EX!!

Favourite foods of the CNE

This is the review I've read of it:

"They microwave 3 pieces of bacon, drizzle cheap chocolate over it on a plate and that is it. No stick, no special presentation, no special chocolate."

For $5.

Veggie Burgers

I totally agree this topic depends on personal taste. The bottom line whether you prefer a soy based fake "meat" burger, or one that is grain/vegetable/other food based.

I prefer the fake meat ones and therefore don't enjoy the ones at the Gladstone Hotel, Stampede Grill, or Fresh.

One of my favorite's has been at Milestones. Surprisingly really good. They have a couple different ones, my favorite being the one with four cheeses and roasted garlic on it. I definitely enjoy the Lick's burger. Disgraceland will make any of their burgers veggie and they use the Lick's patties. That gives you lots of topping options and a few different sides to choose from other than just fries or greens.

I feel like I recall the Boca burgers being served somewhere. Maybe at the Cadillac Lounge? Those patties are good though.

For home I prefer the LIck's patty, both President's choice ones ("world's best meatless and portabello swiss) or the Boca burger.

Yves ones make me cringe just looking at them, and I don't want anything with old frozen peas or corn in them.

A vegetarian at the Black Hoof? Am I crazy?

So I'm a vegetarian who doesn't care about other people's eating habits and isn't particularly grossed out by meaty things. I've heard so many great things about the Black Hoof besides just their meat options. Cheese, bread, olives, interesting cocktails and a chill atmosphere all sound good to me! Do you think it's worth it to go there and not have any meat? Will they look at me like I'm completely whack? I live in Parkdale so it's nice and close. I've never been to Cafe Taste either. Opinions of that?

Any other downtown suggestions for a cheese lover? I don't drink wine so that isn't a factor. Other interesting veggie sides would be nice too. I want some love put into options that aren't meat based.


Mitzi's - the second location

I love the pancake, and used to go to the Sorauren location quite often. The prices have gone up so much though, that I certainly can't do it regularly. $13.95 for their meals? And I don't like the potatoes at all and need more to fill up so I get a couple eggs on the side. SO expensive!

The Queen location (Mitzi's Sister) is totally different from the Sorauren one, and the new College one is set up to also be more like the original cafe. The Sister is more of a bar with dinner and brunch.