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Poutine in DC Area?

Thanks for the link! But ugh, Herndon...definitely not my favorite area for dining! Especially if they use American Cheese (which I call non-cheese) instead of cheese curds. Might as well get cheese fries at Silver Diner or Outback.

Interesting that poutine seems like a French-Canadian dish...but I guess the French don't do poutine? With all the French restaurants in the area I thought maybe one of them would offer the dish. The fries at Bistro Du Coin are awesome...wish they offered poutine!

Poutine in DC Area?

Does anyone know if Poutine (a dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curds, covered with brown gravy) can be found in the DC area? It is a Canadian comfort food and I would like to know if anyone has had it around here.

Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!


I like the grits at OpenCity in Cleveland Park. They have a great breakfast/brunch menu!

Although, the best grits I've ever had is at a place called 'Egg' in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Yes, Brooklyn...they also have great candied bacon!

Mint Crisp M&Ms -- anyone spotted them yet?

hmmm...i didn't see wild cherry m&ms at the CVS on spout run. where are they? i didn't even know about them! i looked for the mint crisp m&ms at the CVS on Harrison street next to Blockbuster (and i also looked in blockbuster) and they weren't there either! i'm starting to doubt they even exist! : (

Mint Crisp M&Ms -- anyone spotted them yet?

Ooo...let me know if they show up at the Spout Run/Lee Hwy CVS location (Lyon Village)...that's my CVS too! I was there yesterday and didn't see them up front with all the other candy. I want them!!!

Dinner in/near Middleburg, Va

Planning a drive out to some wineries near Middleburg this coming weekend (we'll be coming from NoVa). Are there any good restaurants in or near Middleburg? We will be having dinner after some wine tastings. Looking for something nice-casual...nicer than a sandwich shop but nothing too fancy.

Would love any suggestions...

Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese

sorry to say...but this is basically the recipe on the back of the Mueller's macaroni box...except for the tabasco. although very good...this really isn't original at all. try adding a sprinkle of breadcrumbs on top.

Mar 21, 2008
AlliantK in Recipes

Gifford's Ice Cream at Harris Teeter

Unfortunately I didn't have a similar experience with the Moorenko's ice cream I purchased from Whole Foods. I bought the Pumpkin ice cream and I was really disappointed. It wasn't creamy and was actually more icey and the texture was odd.

On the other hand...I love the Gifford's coffee ice cream with chocolate chips (which are actually more like chocolate shavings!). Very yummy! I'm also a fan of the Whole Foods brand 'Whole Treats', the Triple Swirl is pretty good!

Affogato in NoVa/DC?

Yay! I found a great Affogato at Il Fornaio in Reston Town's just as good as the one I had at inoteca in NYC...and it's served in a bigger glass! Yum! : )

Affogato in NoVa/DC?

I had an AMAZING affogato at 'inoteca in NYC and I can't seem to find anything like it here. 'inoteca serves it in tiny espresso cups...but I swear I could have eaten a huge latte bowl was so smooth and creamy with just the right amount of espresso. One Manhattan Chowhounder said it perfectly "Inoteca's affogato is a can't miss! it's creamy vanilla gelato served in a tall glass with a shot of espresso poured on top. sounds simple, but is oh sooo yummy - frothy, frosty, a perfect blend of decadent deliciousness." I am looking for something as good as this...or at least something similar in the NoVa/DC area...anyone found anything like this?

Best French Toast in DC

If you're willing to venture out of the city...just a short hop over to Clarendon...Boulevard Woodgrill on Wilson has really good french toast (brioche bread with Grand Marnier whipped cream). Artie's in Fairfax (one of the Great American Restaurants) also has a brioche french toast in granola crumbs. I think most of the Great American Restaurants have a french toast on their brunch menus as well. Yum!

Caffrey's Irish Ale in DC/NoVA?

I was afraid of that...oh well, thank you for the info!

Caffrey's Irish Ale in DC/NoVA?

Unfortunately it's not on their online Beer list. : (

Caffrey's Irish Ale in DC/NoVA?

Does anyone know of any places that pour Caffrey's in the DC area?

My boyfriend has looked everywhere for it and can't seem to find anyone who serves it anymore! I would love to be able to find a place for him!

Here is where we've looked with no success:
Murphy's (DC & Old Town)
Ireland's Four Provences (DC & VA)
Ireland's Four Courts
The Dubliner
Bilbo Baggins
Vermilion (someone thought they had it...they didn't!)

And there may have been a few others...but this is all I can remember. Please help!

Fro-Yo in NoVa/DC?

Has anyone tried the Sweetflow yogurt at SweetGreen in G-town? I think they just opened a couple days ago but I am looking forward to trying their salads and the fro-yo there. From their description it sounds very similar to Pinkberry fro-yo...minus the Green Tea flavor option.

Fro-Yo in NoVa/DC?

Oooo yay! I hope so! That's funny that they mentioned Jamba Juice (another L.A. company)...I was really bummed when it left Whole Foods...there was always a line for the smoothies when I was there. Also interesting about the "frozen yogurt"'s all so silly and political to me...I mean what else would it be! Maybe Pinkberry is to frozen yogurt what Tasti-D-Lite is to ice cream!? But much, MUCH better tasting! Ha!

Fro-Yo in NoVa/DC?

Yogurt at Bloomingdales? What's with that? Is it anything like Pinkberry?

Fro-Yo in NoVa/DC?

Sooo when are we going to get a Pinkberry or /eks/ (pronounced "X") Frozen Yogurt shop in this area? For those of you who don't know...the above mentioned places are frozen yogurt shops VERY unlike TCBY! I call these "true" frozen yogurt shops...meaning the yogurt actually tastes like yogurt...sweet, tart and sour (accent on the tart & sour)! It is much better for you than TCBY and still contains the active yogurt cultures (acidophilus...etc.) that fresh yogurt contains. Plus there are fresh fruit well as the crushed oreo and cereal toppings! Yum!

Does anyone know what I'm talking about...and does anyone have any information about a possible "true" Fro-Yo place opening around the DC area? I have experienced Pinkberry and /eks/ in NYC...but I know that Pinkberry first got it's start in L.A. Why can't we convince them to open one around here? Since Jamba Juice is no longer in Whole Foods Clarendon (sad)...I would love to see a Pinkberry open in that area (selfish wishes)! : )

Help! B-day Dinner Recs for 2 in NoVA

My boyfriend just decided he wants to do a quiet b-day dinner just the two of us...his b-day is tomorrow! I'm looking for recommendations for a place that is not too big and crowded...where we can have good food and good conversation. I'm not looking for anywhere too fancy or expensive...we don't want to get dressed up. Also, he has requested that we don't go anywhere Mexican/Latin or anywhere that is mostly seafood. We can go anywhere from Fairfax to Arlington to NW (but not too far into DC please!).

A couple places I have already thought of but was hoping for something a little less trendy....Sette Bello and Tallula/EAT.

Any recs would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! : )

BBQ in Arlington or Falls Church - NOT Red, Hot & Blue

I've posted this before but...the best bbq I've found in the area hasn't been at bbq restaurants. The best bbq ribs I've ever had are at Boulevard Woodgrill in Clarendon on Wilson Blvd. The ribs are woodgrilled with molasses and rum brushed...the meat is so tender it practically falls off the bone! I went to school in Alabama and these ribs are far better than Dreamlands or Johnny Ray's! And the best bbq pulled pork sandwich is at Sweet Water Tavern...while it lasts!
Seriously...stop looking for the bbq joints that you're used to in the won't find them here. But there are several restaurants in the area that do great bbq...minus the greasy/dingy atmosphere (which I think is a positive!). Give my recommendations a try...I promise you won't be disappointed!

What do Chowhounds do for a living (besides eat of course)? [old]

Graphic Designer for a small design firm outside of DC. I've been in the field for 5 years now. My focus is on print design but I enjoy having input on web design...just don't like the technical execution process of it!

Let's see...I do ok with income...probably closer to the lower end of the average pay for designers my age...but I love the small firm I'm the people and clients!

My appreciation for good food comes from living so close to some great restaurants! I was a very picky eater as a youngster...I didn't start eating pasta, salad, eggs, fish and lots of vegetables until after I graduated from high school. All of a sudden I started craving food that used to make me gag! With the expansion of my food palate...also came a discerning palate! Woo hoo!

So now I'm always looking for great food finds...I'm over the "hip" new restaurants...looking for truly enjoyable food no matter the atmosphere! And I'm lucky to have my bestest friends living in I get to experience the great food up there a few times a year!

Jun 06, 2007
AlliantK in Not About Food

Moving to Charlottesville VA (moved from DC)

My brother and his family live are some of their favorties (I like them too!):

Christian's Pizza (on the Downtown Mall)
Bizou (across from Christian's on the Downtown Mall) American/Continental
Fuel Co. (901 East Market St.) Nice little bistro/cafe attached to a cool-looking gas station, hence the name.
Thai 99
Blue Light Grill (120 E. Main St - Downtown)
Cassis (214 W. Water St) French-American Bistro
HotCakes (1137 Emmet St) For AWESOME cakes!
Spudnut (309 Avon St) Try a spudnut doughnut.
Shebeen (247 Ridge/McIntire) South African...this is a cool restaurant.
Bodo's Bagels

I've heard OXO is good...chic and expensive though.

Charlottesville is a beautiful town with a lot of history and some great shops and restaurants. Enjoy!

Best authentic eats around Virginia Square Metro

Welcome to the 'hood! Have you heard of The Italian Store? It's a great little authentic deli/shop where you can order great sandwiches, pizza and such. They also have a great selection of Italian wines and frozen homemade pasta. It's in Lyon Village Shopping Center on Lee Hwy & Spout Run (Kirkwood). It's a quick drive from Virginia Square. But it's a deli not a restaurant...great place for carry-out.

There is a carry-out sushi place opening a couple doors down from The Italian Store called Wasabito...same owner as Wasabi in DC. I believe it's a conveyor belt deal. Don't know how good it will be...interested to find out.

Similar to El Pollo Rico is Crisp & Juicy on Lee Hwy off of Lorcam Lane in the Lee Heights Shopping Center. I love their chicken sandwiches and fried plantains...another good place for carry-out.

Coffee shops in NoVA?

I'll third Java Shack...I live in Clarendon and I really enjoy this little coffee cafe. These people recommending places in Old Town don't realize that it isn't that close to the Arlington/Clarendon who wants to hunt for parking or walk 15 blocks from the metro. However, I can't vouch for the soy lattes at Java Shack...I just can't replace my milk/cream for soy. But I'm sure they're good...the people there really take the time to make a good bev...and they're super nice!

I dislike celery!

Oh and btw...for those of you who hate the taste of celery...never use Russian Dressing...celery seeds are part of the ingredients...and therefore adds a fairly strong celery flavor. I myself don't mind the flavor...just hate the texture.

Feb 15, 2007
AlliantK in Home Cooking

I dislike celery!

"Ants on a Log"...that's what it's called. As a kid I never understood how this was considered a snack...veggies were not a snack to me! If I was given this, I would always lick out the peanut butter and raisins. : )

Feb 15, 2007
AlliantK in Home Cooking

Ribster vs. Red Hot & Blue

I think Famous Dave's bbq beats Red, Hot & Blue any day...RH&B has gone down hill in the past couple of years. Ribster's just sounds ridiculous to me so I will probably never take the advice of other's that posted before me. However...if you are truly looking for great ribs then I would say go to Boulevard Wood Grill in Clarendon...they have the BEST woodgrilled molasses & rum brushed baby-back ribs I have ever tasted and I lived in Alabama for 4 years and never had ribs this good (not even at Dreamland BBQ)!

Tipping for Wine? [Moved from General Topics]

I don't subscribe to this thinking...but I have a friend who used to work in the restaurant industry and she told me that you are not supposed to tip on the alcohol on a dinner bill. I was very surprised when she told me doesn't seem right. Maybe because restaurants totally mark-up the price of alcohol? Don't know. Although I have been to several restaurants where the alcohol is separated from the food on the bill...and they show the total food cost and the total alcohol cost. I still tip on the entire cost of the bill.

Jan 25, 2007
AlliantK in Not About Food

Thanks to Chowhound recs

You had my favorite! The Mexican Roll is what made Arigato one of my top sushi places! I think the spicy kick is what gives it it's name. I would tell a newcomer to sushi to try the Mexican Roll...this is one of the first pieces of sushi I had when I started liking sushi. I still don't branch out too far, I usually stick with the California, Spicy Tuna or Dragon roll. Fortunately Arigato on 29 is right down the street from my office...yum!

Where do I find a cup of Illy or Lavazza Coffee in DC

Well it wouldn't be the first in the country...NYC has a few Illy Cafés...although the one's in NYC seem to move to different locations...usually for an art opening or something of the like...but I do believe there is at least one permanent location. Although it would be exciting to get one here...let's get rid of all the bean-burning SBuxs and put Illy Cafés in their place! :)