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Best Takeout in Markham Richmond Hill

When we want take out we go to All Star wings on Woodbine in Markham. We dined in once and quickly decided it was a much better take-out experience. Their wings are some of the best in the entire GTA.

Dec 14, 2009
dnadog in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Detroit & Royal Oak area, Michigan, this weekend - help with foodie finds, esp. Mexican

Thanks, everyone, for your great recommendations and for saving me the post. I, too, am from Toronto and will be in Birmingham/Royal Oak this weekend. We were looking for something different, and I think Howe's fits the bill. Fly Trap perhaps for Brunch.

My husband loves Rochester Chophouse so there is no avoiding going there on one night. Last year we went to the Town Tavern on the recommendation of someone on this Board and really enjoyed it.

Watch out for us Toronto people (and for the hundreds of Basset Hounds celebrating this weekend in the area and at the Birmingham Parade!)

Chiado- Still a winner

I couldn't agree more, and had equally fabulous food last I was there. Thanks for the review!

May 07, 2009
dnadog in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Restaurant in Cairo

Lucky you! We just got back for Cairo two weeks ago and had some great meals. We ate at a Lebanese/Egyptian restaurant called Taboulah and although there were tourists there were also locals. It was not overly expensive, but was really nice and the food was just amazing.

A restaurant called Felfela was also highly recommended to us by two friends who are from Cairo, but we were unable to make it, although it sounded great.

We also went to a restaurant in Zamelak, but I only have the name in Arabic, so can't tell you. Taboulah was our favourite though.

Have an awesome time, take a nice walk along the Nile!

Mar 27, 2009
dnadog in Middle East & Africa