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Dry malt extract / local homebrew supply shop

Wow, I'm a little late to this party, but I'm looking for same as you, Professor Salt. I made bagels today for the very first time thanks to the encouragement and suggestions found here on Chow. The recipe called for DME. I couldn't get any fast enough before my impulse to do this passed. So I used some Hawaiian Honey instead...something's better than nothing. The result was not disappointing, especially compared to the "white bread" things sitting on my counter being sold as bagels. I can't wait to make the next batch with DME. So, how did your bread turn out?

May 25, 2009
Chickpea218 in Los Angeles Area

CHOW Bagel

Thanks for all the great advice. I'm in bagel hell here in SW Florida. I just bought some hi gluten flour and am going to give it a try . I'm ISO that bagel smell that wafts up your nose as you get near the bagel place (NY MANY years ago...not even good bagels in NY anymore). So it might be the Malt (DME) or Malt Syrup and brown sugar in the boiling water I'm looking for. Wish me luck!

May 23, 2009
Chickpea218 in Recipes

Vinegar and Citrus Primer

I don't use much bottled dressing, but a few years ago Hellman's came ot with a line that included a citrus dressing that I loved. I bought it several times until it disappeared. Anyone familiar with this? I'm looking for a nice orangy citrus dressing. Any suggestions?

May 23, 2009
Chickpea218 in Features

Kosher Style restaurants, Butcher, Deli and real Bagels and Bialy's?

Hi Don,
I frequently have bagel withdrawal symptoms and just found your post from 2007. I've been in Sarasota since 1978. The last time I had a REAL bagel was in Bayside NY at the Ramada Inn Adria . Don't ask what I was doing there. The room was dumpy, but breakfast was included. You could smell them as you entered the room. Real bialys, too, good quality cc, real butter, If there was lox, I don't recall because I was intoxicated by the bagels. That was in 2006 and I can't let it go. I get bagels from TooJays from time to time. They bake them off there. I hate when they put them in a plastic bag. I don't know what anyone likes about H & H...I clearly remember my disappointment the first time I bit into one. A little sweet, doughy...I don't get it. Good luck...please let me know when you find REAL bagels in SW FL

Mar 26, 2009
Chickpea218 in Florida