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Your favorite Barbecue Places and the best places in TC

Some things about Scott's I like but it's not BBQ. Not at all.

The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of Shit

Just keep in mind that there are many 'qualified' scientists who are in fact "professional doubters" hired by chemical companies, food giants, oil companies, etc., to cast doubt on criticism, no matter how accurate it might be.

Midtown Global Market....Great..but could be Amazing.

This is a reply to everyone I guess. MGM is doing the best they can considering they don't have a huge budget.

Closing at 9 is fine. It's a market place not an entertainment complex.

The majority of customers are Hispanic which is why there are a larger number of Latino restaurants.

As far as the neighborhood goes, it is lower income than say, most suburbs, but it's not sleazy, and anyone who is apprehensive about coming should just stay away. I know that what you mean is there aren't enough White People around to keep you comfortable.

I've eaten at just about every place there and most of them are quite good, with just a couple of exceptions. Yes, Holy Land isn't all that great. A bit bland if you ask me. Pham's is adequate but it's not much different than your MN chow mein house. Stick to Eat Street for the better Vietnamese.

Overall it's great to have the market there. It fits well in the neighborhood and I'm glad it has survived, even though management is now having more serious financial problems.


Fifillah is good layered meat, not the loaf from Chicago. The place in Dinkytown, on 14th near House of Hanson has some fresh layered meats too. I can't remember their name though. Marina is good at both locations. There are enough places serving it around here you'd think the loaves could be made here.

Donnay Dairy

Their products are at The Wedge and (usually) the Eastside Co-ops.

New York pizza?

Definitely Joey Nova's (if you live that far west) or, Broder's Deli on 50th at Penn.

Joey Nova's
5655 Manitou Rd, Excelsior, MN 55331

Soul Daddy

I sure won't be going there. For one, it's at the MOA!! That's the last place a real soul food joint would open. I don't know anything about the background, but if the 'owner' was bought out by a corporation, they certainly would be changing recipes and making it bland, worrying about what the next fad will be.

RAKU japanese restaurant/ 50th street/ downtown edina

This is kind of my opinion too. The sashimi is good, service so-so. I still prefer other places. The decor is good, for its genre, but not to my tastes. I feel a bit uncomfortable there. They don't have Katsudon, which is my benchmark dish. It seems well suited for Edina people. I've been twice but it's not my first choice.

Name of Japanese store.

Hello. I was in town a few months back and walked by a storefront that wasn't open yet. In the front window they had a display of chopsticks of various types with carrying cases. It was just off of Chestnut, if memory serves, maybe around 11th. Do any of you know the name of this shop? Thanks.

Mar 15, 2011
JulianPantangeli in Philadelphia

anyone been to Chindian?

Yes, it's very good. Spring rolls are made fresh. Even their sweet and sour is good, a variation of applesauce/pineapple.

Chindian Cafe
1500 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Fun, cheap birthday dinner

Please define fun.

West Indies Soul is closing (sound: wailing and moaning)

What I was told was that business wasn't good enough to justify keeping it because it was interfering with the catering. They will remain at the state fair.

Best challah (kosher or not) in the area?

Yes, the Wedge is my current favorite. I haven't tried Fishman's, and they're closing soon. Breadsmith I find very bland.

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

" was visually like eating a diaper." Ha! Love it. I do like the original Keys. I usually get the turkey dinner. Few places roast it themselves. I did eat at the Larpenteur location once and did not like it.

Whole Foods Makes Us Lazy Cooks

Really now, it takes so little time to prepare vegetables, having kids is no excuse.

Jan 16, 2011
JulianPantangeli in Features

Marrakech Moroccan Cafe & Grill 1839 Central Ave NE. Mpls.

I visited here last week and had a very good chicken couscous and tea. Other than maybe needing a bit more spice, which was taken care of with the dipping sauce that came with the bread, it was good.

Where Does Trader Joe's Food Come From?

Aldi's label soup is from Campbell's, and since they share the same owners as TJ's, I would expect the same with their soups too.

Dec 07, 2010
JulianPantangeli in Features

BBQ, Minnesota Monthly, Q Fanatic

I tried C & G today for lunch after reading the Onion review. I skipped the fries, having a half-rack, beans & cole slaw. The wonder bread I tossed.

If the 19th Hole is 10/10 then C&G's is maybe 8/10. It's worth going to once in a while, especially since you can eat there, but with no vestibule it gets cold when people come in. The baked beans are better than the 19th Hole, the cole slaw fine. The ribs are good, the rub gives them a decent flavor but I did not taste much of anything in the way of smoke. (I didn't see any smoke stack billowing as I walked up) The bbq sauce on the table is okay. I'll stick with the 19th Hole, thank you very much.

Quality Minneapolis Chinese Lunch Buffet

I haven't been to NKB for a few years; used to go a lot. It is one of the better ones.
98 Pounds was good during the New Year celebration. The dim sum tasted like they made it fresh. The sushi is decent enough. Otherwise, it's not much better than many others. I was disappointed, especially after hearing through the grapevine this was a favorite of the Chinese community.

I've been to many all over the area. I think it's World Buffet, down in Apple Valley off of Cedar that had some unique choices but overall, they're pretty much all the same. I think they all get their food from the same supplier. With many of the dishes they all have the exact same cuts of meat/seafood and identical sauces. Obviously it's all pre-packaged or else they couldn't stay in business at lower prices. Unfortunately they're all tailored for the dull mid-western palate too, and most of it is too greasy. Really now, what's with the mussels encased with greasy 'cheese' sauce? I'd much rather pay $14 for a good quality buffet with cooking, not heat 'n serve.

World Buffet
15050 Cedar Ave Ste 110, Saint Paul, MN 55124

Is there really GOOD pizza in MSP???

Yeah but, but, the whole point of these boards anywhere on the net is to boast or whatever it takes to sound like you have a better reply than the others. Anyhoo, you're right about taste. Red's is fine for midwest style.

BBQ, Minnesota Monthly, Q Fanatic

I think Ted's has always been the best. Even on their third or fourth owners it's still great. Of all the ribs I've had around the country they're in the top five. I forgot about Mama Lu's. I went a couple of times but being farther away made all the difference for me.

I tried Tonka Grill once. The ribs were like what you'd get at Perkins. Market's chicken is good. Famous Dave's is a wise choice over McDonald's or Old Country Buffet. Dave himself goes to Ted Cook's.

There are two new places very near to me, on Nicollet and on Chicago but I'm not willing to be the first.

All of the others mentioned I don't plan on going to except for Big Daddy's. I can count on Ted's and don't care if it's only take-out. If the weather is good it's great to go the next two miles to sit by the river.

Yonah Schimmel is a disgrace

I usually got the cold borsht w/sour cream at YS. That was always good in the hot summer. As I recall the knishes were okay, at least in the early eighties, but I didn't go there often. Mrs. Stahl's was my favorite, especially the Spanish Rice version. If it weren't for greedy landlords they'd still be there. My subway stop when I come to town now is right by Knish Knosh and I like them fine and it's probably worth the trip. There's a nice triangular park across the blvd. where you can hang out.

Jul 09, 2010
JulianPantangeli in Manhattan

What Makes New York Pizza special? [Split from Minneapolis St. Paul Board]

[This discussion was split by the Chowhound Team from a pizza discussion on the MSP board


Essentially it's the water. NYC tap water is from upstate fresh water reservoirs. That's why the bagels are better there too. You get a slice that you can pick up, fold and it won't fall apart on you. In NYC there are many places with mediocre slices: too much cheese, lower quality cheese, canned mushrooms, etc. So, even the better places such as Ben's really stand out.

Manganaros Foods v Manganaros Hero-Boy...

It's interesting reading these comments. I've never been in the groceria as far as I can recall; didn't know they served food. I went to Hero Boy quite a bit in the 80's. No, the food's not fantastic, but for a steam-table luncheonette it was a great place for lunch and I enjoyed the decor they had. I've always gotten the eggplant parm sandwich with a side of spaghetti ( which is always good and al dente). I used to get the ziti. With a couple of bottles of Manhattan Special it still suits me fine. I just don't care for the new decor at all. It was better with the brighter colors.

Feb 24, 2010
JulianPantangeli in Manhattan

Is there really GOOD pizza in MSP???

Definitely Broder's Deli and Joey Nova (Excelsior). The only thing missing is a bottle of Manhattan Special. Crescent Moon's Afgani pizza is supposed to be very good but I haven't tried it yet.

Otherwise, Pizza Nea on east Hennepin and Psycho Suzies are very good. Reds Savoy and most of the rest I just don't get.

chiapas in northeast minneapolis

It's closed down. Apparently they also own Adelita's which is across the street.