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Lasagna alla Bolognese

Amazing!!! I used 1/3 ground beef, veal, and pork. Grated my own cheese, provolone, fontina, mozzarella, and parmasean. I also replaced the milk with heavy cream. The family gave me grief for making lasagna for Christmas dinner, but are already planning the next Italian feast!

Dec 27, 2012
lindagreer in Recipes

The Sandwich Hall of Shame

Vending machine egg salad??? Why, yes, I think I will have the Kavorkian special.

Sep 08, 2011
lindagreer in Features

Why Do Subway Restaurants Smell Awful?

Every chain strives to be consistant. I have to say Subway is successful in acheiving that goal. I thought I was the only person that did not take pleasure in eating "fresh", and could not bear the aroma.

Jul 23, 2011
lindagreer in Features

I fed a vegetarian lard by mistake. Do I tell her?

I am absolutely with Veggo. It was an honest mistake.

Oct 24, 2009
lindagreer in Not About Food