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Any good eats near the SeaTac airport?

I'll be visiting Seattle on business next week and am looking for a few more than just decent eateries around the airport area.

Last year I was lucky enough to be staying just two blocks away from the BlueAcre and even luckier to have had a very, very memorable dinner at that restaurant. Now, because of destiny, budget and, I'm staying at the Red Lion near the airport.

Could any kind soul please point me out to a couple of places to have a quite enjoyable dinner at, around that area? Granted, they don't have to be of the BlueAcre level, just offer honest, delicious, outstanding food.

I'll be more than happy to offer the same advice in return for anybody who happens to be traveling to my hometown, Toronto.


Aug 17, 2012
RegioCanuck in Greater Seattle

Best burgers

I have to agree with CityMatt's and Negaduck's assessment of DD's.

Furthermore, I would add a VERY BIG caveat against trying the "Bull's Balls Burger" : three bland humongous globs of overworked ground meat, full of binders and cooked to a very unappetizing shade of brownish light grey, in a process that I still have not completely figured out, but that most lkely should include a combination of boiling, nuking in a microwave and God knows what else. Oh, and a quick pass on the grill to try to infuse (quite unsuccessfully, I must say) some "flame-broiled" flavor into those big lawn-bowling balls of non-descript meat.

Having said that, their regular-menu 8 oz. burgers are good and tasty. A little lean for my taste, but uqite good nonetheless. Feel free to add patties to your heart and stomach's desire (not too shabby, at $ 3.00 a pop). But if you want to get the best feel for what each variant of burger is really about, flavour and texture-wise, I would recommend to keep it simple and just order them as they are.

Fries are completely ho-hum: mmmhhh... I'm torn between McCain and Cavendish. but definitely NOT cut in-house. Milkshakes: now, that's another story....