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What to order at Heyday?

We're going there for date night on Sunday. What should we get? I saw a post that said things can be hit or miss. So far I was thinking Black Cod and Chicken Liver Tart? We always share so please recommend more apps and main courses. (Or point out things to stay away from... ;)) And desserts! My husband always needs to get dessert. :)

Cafe 99?

BUMPING - Has anyone been and can report?

First time to San Pancho (Riviera Nayarit) - recommendations?

My mom, my daughter and I will spend three weeks in San Pancho in February. It's our first time there and only my second time to Mexico (my mom's first). We love to try out local food. So here is what we're looking for:

- great local hole in the wall spots

- anywhere with great food that is OK to go with an 8 month old (I remember Mexico as very child-friendly? (We didn't have a baby when we went for the first time.) When do places open for dinner (She goes to bed at 7-8 PM, 5.30/6 PM would be a good dinner time for us... early, I know))

Thanks for your help! I'm so looking forward. I have great memories of the food. :)

Jan 20, 2013
BlauerPlanet in Mexico

What to order at Saffron?

We haven't been yet, ended up going to Piccolo instead that day, but I'm hoping we can go for my birthday that's coming up soon. My mouth is watering from reading your posts. :)

What to order at Saffron?

We're having a staycation and plan on hitting some of the restaurants we've always wanted to go to.

So the first on the list for tomorrow is Saffron. A lot of the posts I found where from before the menu revamp. I found one recent post and it recommended the octopus, green beans and croquettes. Another post recommended the truffle gnocci. Seconds for those? Or other suggestions?

Thanks so much!

The Bachelor Farmer - who has been and can comment

It just got a four star review in the Star Tribune, so I'm curious to hear what people think...

Where can I find fresh yeast?

Thanks for the good info. Cub in St. Paul had it. Whole Foods carries it, but they were out of stock.

I was appalled that a lilttle cube costs $2.30, though! In Germany the same thing is about 50 cents. Plus when I opened it, it was very dry and looked nothing like the fresh yeast I'm used to. Hmh... Maybe I will bite the bullet and bake with dry yeast after all...

Where can I find fresh yeast?

I want to bake my own bread again. In Germany you can find fresh yeast (these little moist cubes wrapped in foil or waxed paper) in every supermarket in the cool section. Not so much here. The Coop I go to only carries dry yeast. I called around (Kowalski's, Lund's,...) and if at all they only have it during the holiday season.

Please help! I find it makes quite a difference.

Moving to the Twin Cities - where to buy affordable organic produce and meat?

Thanks for all the great advice. We've been busy settling in, but we're already members of a coop and made the Saturday Farmers' Market a routine for Saturday mornings (one time we were lazy and didn't go until 10.30, bad mistake...). I've been freezing like a crazy woman to take advantage of all the cheap fresh produce that's stil out there. Because 8*&#@$!, organic IS expensive here. There's a mark-up in Germany as well, but not as much. At least not for veggies. I do sometimes wonder whether when I ask the vendors at the FM if they produce chemical free, if I'm getting a polite Asian yes, because it's rude to say no, or if it's a "true" yes (happened to me quite bit when I was traveling and it took a while to be able to distinguish the two). Anyway, it's local, so that at least is something.
Anyways, I just wanted to say: Thank you. It's been a great help.

I do have one more question, I'll also post a separate post about it: Where can I get fresh yeast? I've called a few places (Kowalski's, Lund's, ...) and if at all they only carry it for the holidays. Any ideas?

Moving to the Twin Cities - where to buy affordable organic produce and meat?

Thanks everyone for the great advice! We are looking forward to exploring all the different possibilities. It's such a nice feeling to know we're moving somewhere where quite a few people care about their foods.

One more week... :)

Moving to the Twin Cities - where to buy affordable organic produce and meat?

Oh, and I forgot: I'm also looking for bulk flour as I plan to home bake our bread. Wheat, whole wheat, rye and spelt.

And bulk brown rice.

Thanks so much already for the answers.

Moving to the Twin Cities - where to buy affordable organic produce and meat?

My husband and I are moving from Europe to the Twin Cities and are very much looking forward. We will likely settle in St. Paul. It is very important to us to eat organic food. So I'm hoping to get some good advice where to buy organic without breaking the bank. We'll be on a single income and not a large one...

I'm specifically interested if it's possible to buy bulk produce directly from the producer? Also organic chickens, half pigs/cows/sheep/goat etc directly from the farmer? Other advice?

Thanks so much for your help!
Blauer Planet