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Ethiopian in Washington DC

You can find the Ethiopian coffee ceremony at Sidamo Coffee on H St NE every sunday at 2:00p. The coffee company also was present at the last two World of Montgomery events (in fall) and had the Coffee Ceremony there.

Alphonso mangoes?

I just got a call from Patel Bros. earlier today and they got their shipment of Indian Mangoes, but NO ALPHONSOS; they got Kesars, though.

Alphonso mangoes?

I just talked to Patel Bros. where I bought Alphonsos a few years ago, and they said they won't get their shipment til next month.

New Taco In Town - Taco Bamba (Falls Church)

I've had better luck than you since I didn't order the same things. Next time try the sweetbreads, birria and tripa tacos. Also, there was posole last weekend that was good. If not offered, ask for the habanero sauce behind the counter to go with the posole. The sope I had wasn't bad, but the fried tortilla on the bottom was so hard I couldn't cut it with the plastic knife.

Portuguese Natas (custard tarts?)

Bread Corner in Rockville has them.

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

Our group tried to order this dish last month based on your earlier review (March 16). Mei said they did not have any oysters and that they had only served that dish ONCE before. So I guess you were the lucky ones. Please post if you can get this dish again. thanks..

Water Spinach

I have not seen it in Chinese grocery store, but it must be around somewhere because I had it at a local restaurant last week.

Halal Indian in DC?

Kabob 'n Karahi in Cloverly, MD

Restaurants near Metro Stations on Rt. 355?

Mykonos Grill (greek), just outside of Congressional Plaza on Congressional Lane, has very good food. It's practically across the street from Kabobi and is the same distance from the Twinbrook metro. Closed on Mondays.

Italian Hot beef Sandwich?

Are you thinking of the Greatest American Hot Dogs food truck in Montgomery County? Many styles of hot dog using Vienna Beef and they also have Italian Beef sandwiches. New brick and mortar store in Gaithersburg. Recently reviewed in WaPo.

How to procure fresh Uni and not-overpriced Lobster?

H Mart has live lobster on sale THIS weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) for $5.99 per pound.

Dawson's arrives in Rockville

No. It is down the road aways opposite La Canela.

El Patio in Rockville - Report

I've been to the old location a handful of times. I've had one of their steak platters, quiche, empanadas, 'something' con leche, and tastes off of other people's plates. They were OK; not great, but not bad either. The place has been around for a long time and I think it's generally a hangout for the Argentine community. It also has a bakery and a small grocery area with Argentine specialties.

You should see the place come World Cup time and Argentina is playing. A sea of blue and white striped shirts around the TVs - the place is packed inside and out; the crowd spilling out onto the sidewalk.

Pepe (J. Andres food truck); Jaleo D.C.; Banh Mi D.C.

Banh Mi D.C is not a truck. It is a stationary building at the intersection of Rt 50 and Graham Rd.

Moa in Rockville?

I've been a few times. Had some soups, noodles and a lunch special. I really like their mandu noodle soup with two sauces; one for the mandu and one for the soup. Their mandu is unlike any I've ever seen, easily 3-4 times the size of the usual mandu. It is so large, it is crescent-shaped; and the meat filling is not just the usual pork mixture; it has kimchi and other ingredients in it and loosely packed. They have some interesting sounding Hot Pot Casseroles. There are about 10 handwritten items on a chalkboard (written in Korean) that is for dinner only. Service is very congenial. Well worth checking out, esp. with a few friends.

DD Barbecue - Sterling, VA

Thanks for all the information. I'll probably check this place out after my class at Tysons this Saturday.

DD Barbecue - Sterling, VA

What time do you think they run out of food? I can't get there before 2:00-2:30p.

Staying in Vienna, visiting DC, where to get healthy cheap eats?

Plaka Grill is very good, esp. their signature Plaka Gyro and the Loukaniko.

Wat Thai Songkran Festival

Yes, they have things that vegetarians can eat. Mango w/sticky rice; taro, plantain and other vegetable fritters; some kind of steamed rice cakes - come to mind.

College Park area food?

You beat me to it. I've been once. Loved what I had. Great, quality fish sandwiches. If I lived nearby, I'd be there once a week.

Pho around Landmark & Edsall Road

Just a couple of miles down from Landmark on Little River Turnpike is Pho Hot. They serve pretty good pho.

Wat Thai Songkran Festival

Actually, the food and ceremonies start at 9 am. The parking lots around the temple are full by 8:30a.

Where to get FRESH sweetbreads?

You might try the Organic Butcher of McLean. If they don't have it, they may be able to get it for you.

Kabobs in NOVA

Thanks. I'm gonna check it out.

Kabobs in NOVA

When was the last time you were at Kabob Tavern? Their website does not list the 'half white rice and half rice sautéed with onion' option; only white or brown rice. Also, haleem is not listed at all.


Burma Road is just up the street.

Need varied place within walking distance of the Smithsonian, 1-2 April. Early Dinner.

They are not open at all on Sunday.


The Grill from Ipanema in Adams Morgan.

Dim Sum

It depends on which restaurant you choose. New Fortune is huge (seating 400) and getting there at 11:30a would not be too late. Oriental East - you should get there around 10:30 ish if you want to be part of the first group. Silver Fountain - 11:00a. Both OE and SF are small places.

MetroRail-Friendly Ethnic Eats in the DC 'Burbs

Does the lamb curry food truck have a name? Do you know the hours of operation and is it Indian? If I could know the name of the truck, I can look up particulars under Food Truck Fiesta. thanks . . .