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I need DOUGHNUTS in SF!!

Without a doubt, you want doughnuts from Dream Fluff Doughnuts on Ashby Ave (cross street College Ave) in Berkeley, 20 minutes across the bay.
DREAM FLUFF Doughnuts in Berkeley, for decades, remains the top true doughnut shop that never fails to impress, (although most Berkeley epicureans would like to deny they'd ever eat a doughnut- they buy theirs at Dream Fluff.)
I would recommend a personal visit - I promise -- you will be so happy you drove across the bay. It's your wedding - your idea is brave and fun- and every time I take Dream Fluff doughnuts to work in SF- they never fail to impress. Enjoy!

Dream Fluff Donuts
2637 Ashby Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

Friday foodie tour in Berkeley

Don't miss Crixa Cakes when making "foodie" trip to Berkeley!