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Ducasse bistro Ave de Terrnes??

There's also a BE on the 3rd floor of Printemps de la maison/Haussmann.
I won't be surprised if by next year we see BE all around Paris. About a year ago Marc Veyrat said he wanted to open a chain similar to these, that'll be interesting...

Jun 13, 2007
visconti in France

surprising twisted unique restaurants in Paris

Pierre Gagnaire is probably the most modern of parisian restaurants but you can find that in Tokyo so...Les Magnolias is maybe what you are looking for. It's not totally "astonishing" but I think its the closest you'll get in Paris.
I suggest if you haven't already, if you want molecular gastronomy - take the eurostar to London and go to the Fatduck.

Jun 05, 2007
visconti in France

2 days in Paris - Montreal foodie with NO CLUE!

For 70 euro you may consider going to a michelin 3 star for lunch. It'll be more memorable and the food plus service will be outstanding.

May 25, 2007
visconti in France

paris 1er arrondissement

Agree 100%. This is my favorite restaurant in Paris for price/quality. Last valentines day we ordered 2 apreritifs, 25cl bottle white wine, 25cl bttle red wine, 2 appetizers 2 fish dishes and 2 meats plus desserts came to 130 euros. Michelin level ingredients and preparations. This chef is truely talented and you can tell by his dishes he has a lot of pride in what he does.

May 12, 2007
visconti in France

Japanese "Gurume Doramas" (gourmet TV dramas) - what others are out there? bad. Gambino is the another big time italian business, i must have been watching sopranos or something

May 05, 2007
visconti in Food Media & News

Paris 5/12-5/18 recommendations?

gaya by pierre gagnaire or atelier JR are nearby.

May 04, 2007
visconti in France

Japanese "Gurume Doramas" (gourmet TV dramas) - what others are out there?

gambino is the newest series of gurume dorama. comes out this week.
its about a japanese chef making italian food

Apr 20, 2007
visconti in Food Media & News

A place like Batifole, but not Batifole!

jov bistro is ok

Special birthday dinner in Paris

Senderens @ the lucas carton.

Apr 06, 2007
visconti in France

Recent Paris Restaurant Notes

Nice review. I agree Le comptoir does not live up to its hype and La Baratin is a boring choice. Le Petit Martin sounds interesting, thanks for the info.

Apr 01, 2007
visconti in France

Brussels, Antwerp, & Bruges

I went to De Karmeliet last year and was not too impressed. The quality of food was good but not worth the 500 euros I paid. Its probably a 2 star michelin overall in France.
Its in Bruges btw.

Best Sushi in Paris

Thats the one I was thinking of actually, Isami not Inaki. I was watching the sushi chef prepare meals while my table was being cleared. He basically makes the sushi and makimono before-hand and cuts them to order. I could understand if the place was bigger but its a really tiny place, it should be made to order. I don't recommend this place, there should be no short-cuts when it comes to sushi.

Mar 30, 2007
visconti in France

Best Sushi in Paris

I gave up looking for good sushi in Paris. Japanese restaurants here are a joke "gastronomie japonais" serving yakitori and sushi. Bizan in the 1st and Inaki on ille st.louis are the most over-rated of all, $tay away.
For a veggie menu, go to Les Allobroges. Its pretty good.

Mar 27, 2007
visconti in France

Cafe Michi - Change of ownership!!

I guess Kaji's project didn't work. I wonder if its because the price was too low and didn't cover the costs of the fish? Tough loss but I'm glad we still have Zen for good sushi.

Paris Roast Chicken - Trying to overcome two failures

For bistro fare I like Le Relais Plaza at the Plaza Athenee. The prices are reasonabe for a hotel location. They have a poulet de bresse for about 40 euro and frites will cost an additional 10.

Mar 19, 2007
visconti in France

One day in Paris

Hi mnitchals,
since time is an issue, i recommend going to La Terrase on the top floor of Printemps department store. Its nice for having a light lunch while enjoying the view and its very cheap!
As for a bistro, I think a very convinient and good place is Bistro St. Honore on Rue Gomboust. Its a short walk from Opera and you can stroll through the marche in front before eating. Finally for take-out, i would go to Gallarie Lafayette 'gourmet'. 2nd floor homme building. You can buy good sandwiches or quiches at Eric Kayser. Here you can see an assortment of cheeses, desserts, boucherie, foie gras retailer and wine store or buy small gifts within 30min. All are about five minutes walk from Opera, enjoy!

Mar 16, 2007
visconti in France

Pastry Pilgrimage in Paris - suggestions?

Hi vonmoishe,

Without the glitter of fancy boxes and high prices, try artisanale pâtisserie Stéphane Secco @ 20 rue Jean Nicot in the 7th arrondissement. He may be a "no- name" to some but in parisian culinary circles he is recognised as one of the best.

Mar 07, 2007
visconti in France

Paris Wine Bars

Hi jbw, I'd like to 2nd the recommendation to Le Baron Bouge. I've seen Pierre Gagnaire there on two occasions so it must be good right??
If you find yourself in the 1st, try Vino's. Very unpretentious and knowledgable staff, I think the sommelier is ex. taillevent.

Mar 06, 2007
visconti in France

Yuji Wakiya

Japans neo-chinese cuisine coming to NYC!!!

Mar 02, 2007
visconti in Manhattan

Most Expensive Desserts in France?

I think Pierre Hermé would be the most expensive pâtisserie in Paris, Sadaharu Aoki is better in my opinion though. Hope this helps!

Feb 28, 2007
visconti in France

Safe to eat rare ground beef assuming I grind and cook immediately myself?

If you grind the meat yourself its safer than the butcher. They usually dont sanitize inside the machine after each use so theres a possibility of ground meats (pork/chicken/beef) from earlier in the day. Eating rare meat is safe, beef tartare is one of my favorites!

Feb 22, 2007
visconti in General Topics

Boqueria in Barcelona

Bar Pinotxo is definitely a must. It was by far the most satisfying meal I had in Barcelona. I find the book shop over- priced but have a nice selection of books which are hard to find...

Feb 22, 2007
visconti in Spain/Portugal

Steak Frites *other than* Relais de L'Entrecote?

Hi, i suggest Le Relais Plaza of the Plaza Athenee. Its a deluxe bistro overseen by Alain Ducasse, each month he selects a young chef from the regions of france to make a special menu called "fou de france" 45 euro. As for steaks, they serve a Faux-filet de boeuf a la braise with fries for 48 euro and a Filet de Boeuf Rossini at the same price. I'm not sure if they share the cave with ADPA but possible.

Feb 21, 2007
visconti in France

Chef Patrick Lin back working in Toronto?

Good post estufarian, spot on about Aprile. Do you find Patrick Lims cuisine similar to Susur?

Restaurants in 19th?

Hi Tracey, one of my favorite restaurants is in the 19th. Its called Les Camelots, 115 rue de Belleville. For 30 euros, the Menu is one of the best deals in Paris. The vietnamese food in that area is good too.

Jan 22, 2007
visconti in France

Colmar Restaurants

In Colmar there's a nice restaurant called Au Fer Rouge. I had dinner here and was very happy with the overall experience of the tasting menu(regional gastro). They have michelin star I believe.
52 Grand'rue 6800 Colmar

The owner is Patrick Fulgraff, enjoy!

Jan 20, 2007
visconti in France

Scaccia in Manulife

I went there a few weeks ago and I agree with Orange their bruschetta is one of the best around. The dishes seemed to be a little smaller but other than that, its a good place to chow.

Reasonably-Priced Sushi Made by Japanese-speaking Chef?

Sushi Kaji Queensway, Hiro and Toshi Sushi King st W.
Ematei, Japango downtown
Mikado Leaside
Zen, Le cafe Michi Scarborough
Hama, Miyabi Markham

I suggest Mikado or Michi.

Suggestions for a culinary Student tour.

For a great experience why not take them to Perigee or JK wine bar. They're bth open kitchens and it'll certainly be educational in a fun atmosphere. Sakura kaiseki is a unique restaurant and should be considered for culinary students. Great technique and skill go into Izutsu's seasonal japanese menu.

Omakase at Le Cafe Michi?

I went to Le cafe Michi 2 weeks ago. Kaji-san was there but eating lunch with the sous chef at Sushi KAJI. I asked them about the idea behind LCM and was told that he gets requests for catering and large party orders often. With LCM he can order more reducing the cost of his oversea suppliers and cater to these high volume party trays serving the best quality fish.
Needless to say I had a superb lunch and made reservations to sushi kaji for next week.