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Grocery Shopping in Maui

Better be checking luggage if you want to bring jams and jellies ... when I check luggage I also bring my best chef's knife and a steel, because I hate to cook with lousy knives.

The last issue of Hawaii magazine had a great listing for "foodie" tours of farms in Maui.

Jan 16, 2011
Mo So in Hawaii

The Top Grocery-Store Etiquette Gaffes

I put items on the conveyor in the general order or groupings I want them bagged (we live far from the grocery store and many items have to go in a cooler). Meats go together, dairy/cheese together, veggies together. It's amusing to see how the different checker/cashiers/baggers react. I have a flexible schedule and make sure I'm not shopping at peak hours. I also bring my own bags, and many checkers act as if that's an incredible imposition, to which I say: get over it (and, also, to the store managers: please train your employees in customer service.)

Jun 24, 2010
Mo So in Features

Are there any Klamath Falls Hounds out there?

Just to update - Bel Tramonto closed last year. But some (all?) of the previous owners plus the new owner of Daily Bagel opened an Italian place on Main St called Lello and Beef. Ate there about a month ago and it was so-so (overcooked, greasy veal and brown wilted edges on the salad), nowhere near Bel Tramonto's standards. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was new-restaurant-itis. Will try again later (especially for the pizzas, which were very good at Bel Tramonto). This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner (but I believe closed in the afternoons in between).

Also The Creamery (Klamath Brewing's brew pub in the old dairy) has updated their menu in the last year or so and it's quite a bit better.

Unfortunately I tried the new Blondie's on Washburn (twice) and it was wretched service and food both times - won't be trying that again. This has been such an odd story - they had the burger stand up on Main, closed that, moved down to a new building on S. 6th (still a burger shack, basically) and opened up a full-service at the old Pappy Gander's in the airport - closed both of those plus the Running Y location this last year and are (I think) down to just the Washburn location.

Haven't been to the Basin Martini Bar yet, but I've had it recommended.

Daily Bagel
636 Main St, Klamath Falls, OR 97601

Jun 14, 2010
Mo So in Pacific Northwest

Are there any Klamath Falls Hounds out there?

And, unfortunately, Bel Tramonto was a casualty of the recession, closed by the owners to concentrate on their other two restaurants, including the "only okay" Tobiko.

Dec 13, 2009
Mo So in Pacific Northwest

Are there any Klamath Falls Hounds out there?

... and I'm wrong. They still have the little shack on Austin by Sherm's Thunderbird and the DMV, but they also have a newer, larger sit-down place in 6th (by the Basin Boot Barn, a great boot placed crammed to the rafters with boots).

Jun 16, 2009
Mo So in Pacific Northwest

Are there any Klamath Falls Hounds out there?

That's because they moved. They used to be over by the Thunderbird Market in a little trailer. with 4 plastic chairs out front.

Jun 02, 2009
Mo So in Pacific Northwest

Help me with my Portland choices

The PSU Farmer's Market opened last week (I think). It's a stop on the Trolley, easy to get to from just about anywhere. One quick warning: if you are driving up, don't plan on taking fruits back with you. The California Fruit Police will stop you at the border.

Nearby good restaurants: Higgins on Broadway, South Park on the Park blocks a couple of blocks north of the market, past the Art Museum.

Mar 27, 2009
Mo So in Metro Portland

Are there any Klamath Falls Hounds out there?

I live about 30 miles north of town, up on the north end of Agency Lake. That's my problem with Bel Tramonto - they only open for dinner at 5pm, and I try not to drive Hwy 97 north at night, and especially not after having a few glass of vino.

Later this summer I'm going to start working on an outdoor wood-burning oven so I can get around the terrible (at worst) boring (at best) pizza in KF. Likewise I'm working on my high(er) altitude artisan bread recipes because I can't find any here (and I've tried the Green Whatever bakery on Main and the various grocery store breads.

I haven't tried all of the taco trucks yet - I know of the one by Thunderbird, the one by Diamond Home and the one out where Biehn Street meets Lakeshore Drive. Pretty sure there is one infrequently down Washburn by Wal-Mart, but I try to stay out of that part of strip mall city. I've seen the carniceria and the little Mexican places on East Main, and those may definitely rate a look.

The little place on 6th (by Bread Barn) is called El Cordero (the spouse remembers, even if I don't). It's in a little house next to the faux timber frame structure that Bread Barn is in. Down where the new Sonic is going in, sort of.

Most recommendations I get are for places like RG Buffet, Starvin' Marvins, Black Bear - places that serve HUGE portions of (IMO) mediocre food. That said, I have eaten at Black Bear (a small west coast chain) for lunch a couple of times, and the spouse and I split something like a BLT. Not bad, but even split it's too much food.

My favorite breakfast places are either Nibbley's or Klamath Grill on Main, where everyone has their own cup, it feels like about 1965 again (although I was 4 in 1965), and the buttermilk pancakes are great.

Haven't tried much in Ashland yet, or really in Medford, either. I do like Kaleidoscope Pizza in Medford, and I'd love to find a good Indian food place and a killer seafood place out in the Rogue Valley somewhere.

Since moving here (from the Portland area) not quite a year and a half ago, I've saved an awful lot of money on NOT eating out.....

Mar 27, 2009
Mo So in Pacific Northwest

Are there any Klamath Falls Hounds out there?

I live near there now - Bel Tramonto is good. In summer they have a garden out back that much of their produce comes from. The wine list is good, and not too overpriced (the way of all restaurants). They have a good Happy Hour, with a hand thrown pizza that's the best in KFalls (not much competition for that title, though). The Happy Hour is reasonably priced, the regular dinners are expensive.

Tobiko was just okay - we had a couple types of sushi and tempura. It won't beat any very good big-city Japanese place, but it's a change.

Second the recommendation for Thai Orchid, up the street on Main from Tobiko. If you are in town for lunch, Mermaid Cafe and the bakery next door to Daily Bagel are pretty good.

Nibley's is reasonably good casual dining.

Mr. B's is reasonably good mid-level American steakhouse.

The Creamery is a standard microbrew pub, with fairly good pub grub, on the McMenamin's level (especially compared to Mia and Pia, which has great beer, but their pizza is an insult to the term pizza). Otherwise for good pizza, we go to Kaleidoscope when we happen to be in Medford.

I used to recommend Los Potrillos, but the last two times I've been there, it wasn't very good - very greasy. That may have to do with the construction they are doing, and it might be settling down. I'll try again, though.

I also like the little taco place on S. 6th next to Bread Barn (can't remember the name). Limited menu, but very good basic Mexican food. Jalapeno's is okay, too.

Mar 25, 2009
Mo So in Pacific Northwest