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TU Y Yo and Pomodoro now OPEN in Needham

Tu Y Yo opened early last week and Pomodoro is open for the first night tonight.

Tu Y Yo has some serious service issues to work in their first months but I think it will be a welcomed addition to Needham...

Pomodoro Is not, I repeat is not related to the restaurants in Boston and Brookline. Beats me why the Pomodoro in Needham chose the same name. Their management team is already off to a bad start for that curious decision.

Share your thoughts on any experiences at these two new Needham restaruants!!!

Aug 18, 2009
burntoast in Greater Boston Area

Needham's Dining Scene

Ok People, It is time to set the record straight with Needham and their plethora of dining options. I want the low down on all the latest news/rumblings

Spiga- Weird location. New chef? reopening? is it even good?

Petit Robert- First month's grades? I was greatly let down

Pho Pasteur/New mexican restaurant. How long has Pho even been closed? Rumor has it that a mexican second location place is opening there soon..

Flour bakery???? Major rumor they are coming? that would be awesome

Quince Bistro space.. what is going in there?

Fava for sale! are they still open??

How are the new dessert options.. The custard place vs. the Gelato place. Who's been, like/dislikes?

Village fish- fairly new.. does that place fill up??

The old stand by's Masala Art, Sweet Basil, not your average joes...

Any others Im forgetting?

Apr 08, 2009
burntoast in Greater Boston Area

51 Lincoln in Newton Highlands

I also have found 51 Lincoln to be a scam frankly... For the quality of the food and the prices they charge. I also thought the service was pretty horrid, even rude at times. I was there recently with a big group and they were not very accommodating to say the least. The owner comes off as very arrogant in my opinion

Apr 08, 2009
burntoast in Greater Boston Area

Spring 2009 Openings and Closings

I believe Coriander Bistro in Sharon, MA has closed. Can anyone confirm that? The Restaurant is listed as for sale on Atlantic Restaurant Group Site, and they no longer have a website. I knew Kevin Crowley left months ago, but I am assuming this has more to do with the economy.

Also I gave a call over to Bread and Lily (formally Citrio) They told me that New owners bought the restaurant from the previous owners (Jeffery Fourneir and co) but that the staff remained? It sounded like they are still offering the same services, as far as having a cafe, catering, bulk ice cream. I think the new owners have some connection to bakers best, and I hope they do a better job then the last owners. I wasnt a fan..

Mar 25, 2009
burntoast in Greater Boston Area